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  1. They left the brickwork naked, hoping for some chance fight to furnish them with marbles for it, and in 1385 they were able to secure those which had been prepared for the cathedral of Arezzo.

  2. At one time we hear that Lombard workmen were called in to assist in the "very heavy labour," which, perhaps, gives a certain Lombard look to parts of the brickwork round the windows.

  3. After emerging from the church, I looked back with wonder at the stack of shapeless old brickwork that hid the splendid interior.

  4. The vast mounds of brickwork which constitute the remains of the Dagobas at Anarajapoora and Pollanarrua are covered densely with trees, among which the figs are always conspicuous.

  5. The finest specimens of ancient brickwork are to be seen amongst the ruins of the latter city, where the material is compact and smooth, and the edges sharp and unworn.

  6. The brickwork in the Pantheon was formerly thought to belong to the building of Agrippa in 27 B.

  7. This combination of opus reticulatum and brickwork is well illustrated in the palace of Caligula.

  8. The six brass cylinders and their three ∩-contact pieces are usually mounted on a switch cell built entirely of brickwork and stone slabs.

  9. If the opening must be closed, it had better be done with one or more large plates of thick glass set directly into the brickwork of the wall.

  10. The brickwork is English bond, and the windows, before alterations, were leaded casements.

  11. They have no capital, only a projecting course of brickwork from which the arch springs.

  12. Defn: To build stonework or brickwork about, under, in, over, etc.

  13. The act of laying the first coat of plaster on brickwork or stonework.

  14. Defn: An abrupt interruption of level in a piece of brickwork or masonry.

  15. The best method of starting such a process is to block open the boiler damper and the ashpit doors as soon as the brickwork is completed and in this way maintain a free circulation of air through the setting.

  16. The essential features are a large combustion space, large areas of heated brickwork radiating to the fuel bed, and draft sufficient for high combustion rates.

  17. The boiler supported independently of the brickwork so as to allow freedom for expansion and contraction as it is heated or cooled.

  18. If there is any leakage of water of condensation within the setting coming into contact with the boiler tubes, it will tend toward corrosion, or if in contact with the heated brickwork will cause rapid disintegration of the setting.

  19. This allows for expansion and contraction of the pressure parts without straining either the boiler or the brickwork, and also allows of brickwork repair or renewal without in any way disturbing the boiler or its connections.

  20. This method of support is such as to allow for expansion and contraction without straining either the boiler or the brickwork and permits of repair or renewal of the latter without in any way disturbing the boiler or its connections.

  21. Under conditions where the suction is not sufficient to carry off the products of combustion, the action of the heat on the setting brickwork will cause its rapid failure.

  22. Smoke may be diminished by employing a baffle arrangement which gives the gases a fairly long travel under heated brickwork and by introducing air above the fire.

  23. Smoke can be diminished by giving the gases a long travel under the action of heated brickwork before they strike the boiler heating surfaces.

  24. If extension furnaces are used with this dry wood, care must be taken in their design that there is no excessive throttling of the gases in the furnace, or brickwork trouble will result.

  25. They also require additional brickwork or a metal casing, which increases the cost.

  26. If water is allowed to come into contact with brickwork that is heated, rapid disintegration will take place.

  27. The third requirement is provided for by installing a furnace so designed as to give a sufficient area of heated brickwork to radiate the heat required to maintain a proper furnace temperature.

  28. In style they differ much from the Kabul houses; generally, the rooms are square, eight or nine feet high, with a domed brickwork roof.

  29. There were heavy wooden doors studded with iron, and large loopholes in the upper brickwork of the gate which were guarded by brick hoods open below, a species of machicoulis gallery.

  30. An installation upon this principle consists of a number of furnaces or cells, usually arranged in pairs back to back, and enclosed in a rectangular block of brickwork having a flat top, upon which the house refuse is tipped from the carts.

  31. Emperor vaunted; "Marble I thought thee, and brickwork I find thee!

  32. Yet of solidity much, but of splendor little is extant: "Brickwork I found thee, and marble I left thee!

  33. On the roof she found her mistress leaning against the brickwork balustrade and gazing at the valley which spread out into the silence.

  34. Part of it had evidently been in existence before the ingenious Sin Sin Wa had exercised his skill upon it, and was of solid brickwork and stone-paved; palpably a storage vault.

  35. Resting his bag against the end wall, he climbed up by means of holes in the neglected brickwork until he could peer over the top.

  36. The floor, made of refractory bricks or slabs, is laid with a slight slope towards an arched opening in the ring wall, which is stopped with brickwork during the coking but opened for drawing the finished charge.

  37. Both the types intended to be set in brickwork and those working independently are formed on the sectional principle, which has many good points.

  38. Boilers set in brickwork are sometimes used in domestic work, although they are more favoured for horticultural heating.

  39. The old form of open fire is certainly wasteful of fuel, and the loss of heat up the chimney and by conduction into the brickwork backing of the stove is considerable.

  40. Another long low line of brickwork came after, and then another square tower, and then another mass of brickwork, differing from the former in size and shape, but retaining the same style, and displaying the same melancholy aspect.

  41. The brickwork seems to be earlier than that of the New Kingdom.

  42. Fragments of the brickwork rattled on the Tank's armoured snout, clouds of acrid-smelling smoke wafted into the crowded interior of the landship, but the object was achieved.

  43. Peering over the jagged edge of a hole in the brickwork Ralph saw the object of his quest.

  44. Here and there were heaps of brickwork mingled with still smouldering woodwork--all that was left of a dozen villages.

  45. One moment," exclaimed Alderhame, and still leaning against the brickwork he raised his rifle and fired.

  46. Overhead star-shells of varying colours threw a lurid glare upon the mounds of brickwork that at one time formed populous and prosperous villages.

  47. The mixture of glazed tiles with brickwork has here been carried to a very great extent, and the result does not, I think, encourage any one to hope for much from this kind of development.

  48. The face of most of the work is diapered with patterns in brickwork as in the other Zaragozan examples; but the most remarkable feature is, perhaps, the extraordinary extent to which the whole fabric falls out from the perpendicular.

  49. The exterior of the Cimborio, as well as of the church, owes much of the picturesqueness which marks it to the fact that the brickwork is everywhere very roughly and irregularly executed.

  50. The vault he erected here is of brick with stone ribs, and the brickwork is rather rough, with very wide mortar joints, and looks as if from the first it were intended to plaster and paint it.

  51. The masonry and brickwork is the same in all these examples, but their scale differs considerably, the steeple of San Roman being by far the largest and loftiest, that of San Tomé the next, and the others a good deal smaller.

  52. In the Puerta del Sol the intersecting arcades in brickwork over the arch, and the projecting turrets on a level with them, are extremely picturesque.

  53. The whole of the clerestory walls have been raised with a stage of brickwork above the windows, which was added probably in the sixteenth or seventeenth century.

  54. It is only by having the flues sufficiently roomy that proper examination can be made, and that the indications on the brickwork of leaking can be seen and remedied, and corrosion arrested.

  55. Gave way where much corroded by the damp brickwork of the central wall, and the back ring of plates was torn out, and the boiler turned up on end, and much damage was done to the premises.

  56. Small piece was blown out of the bottom, and the issuing contents disturbed the brickwork surrounding the boiler.

  57. This boiler is set in brickwork in such a way that the heat passes through the side tubes and round the exterior shell before going off to the chimney.

  58. The boiler gave way at the second ring of plates from the back end, at the side where externally corroded to a knife edge, by brickwork made damp by being next the side of a hill.

  59. Ruptured near brickwork at the bottom where much corroded externally, and one ring of plates was rent open.

  60. It ruptured at the back where the plates in contact with brickwork were reduced by external corrosion, and the bottom was forced down upon the grate, and the top rolled over on to its side.

  61. Comparatively little damage was done to the furnaces and premises, only the brickwork surrounding the boiler being thrown down.

  62. The difficulty also of seeing or measuring the effect of the hydraulic test upon large boilers set in elaborate brickwork is so great that little practical benefit has resulted in many cases.

  63. The tube collapsed from end to end and ruptured at two seams, and the contents issued so violently as to knock down the brickwork and displace the boiler.

  64. He restored the fortresses of Semneh and Kummeh to the efficiency they possessed in the great days of the XIIth Dynasty, and he built a brickwork citadel to command the Nile on the island of Tombos, near the Third Cataract.

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