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Example sentences for "direction"

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directer; directest; directeth; directeur; directing; directional; directions; directive; directives; directlie
  1. The accounts of the Irish Consolidated Fund shall be audited as appropriation accounts in manner provided by the Exchequer and Audit Departments Act, 1866, by or under the direction of such officer.

  2. Mr. Arthur Balfour has done something in this direction by the encouragement of light railways in remote parts of Ireland, and by the foundation of the 'Congested Districts Board,' an institution that has had excellent results.

  3. There shall be established under the direction of the Treasury an account (in this Act referred to as the Treasury Account (Ireland)).

  4. The accounts of the Irish Consolidated Fund shall be audited as appropriation accounts in manner provided by the Exchequer and Audit Departments Act, 1866, by or under the direction of the holder of such office.

  5. Not indeed that the State has not made large advances to Irish railway companies, some of these on terms very unjust to ratepayers; but the system is faulty and ill-developed; a reform in this direction is greatly wanted.

  6. Well, my dear," said the captain, "it is at all events a piece of good luck that so far you have led me in the very direction I desired to lead you.

  7. As poor Ruth found that it was useless to pursue her investigations in this direction further, she changed the subject to the North Sea fishery, with the details of which her little friend was of course quite conversant.

  8. It bore down in such a direction as to pass close under the stern of the Evening Star.

  9. She had veered from her course and started in the direction of the first thought, but now they were coming from all sides and she had no idea at all which way to go.

  10. Then he resumed his slow march in the direction Scotty had taken.

  11. Rick got to his feet, and staying close to the wall, moved in the same direction Scotty had taken.

  12. Physiologists generally admit water facilitates nutritive exchanges, which is explained by the elimination of a large quantity of urine; the experiments of Genth and Robin in this direction appear conclusive.

  13. Barnaby has published some of the results of experiments made under the direction of Mr. J.

  14. The experiments we have made in this direction were conducted as follows.

  15. The two former curves showed a direction practically parallel to that at the 10 per cent.

  16. Third, marked progress has been made in the direction of dimension, more than twice the power having been put into individual vessels.

  17. How much has medical science gained in this direction during the interval of more than two thousand years?

  18. The pheasants are sometimes accustomed to leave the wood in a certain direction chosen as specially favourable for the sport--some copses at a little distance are used as feeding places, so that the birds naturally work that way.

  19. A development in this direction will do much to end the disasters that attend decent fellows when they go on tramp.

  20. You had best apply in the proper direction for help; the parish must bury her.

  21. In this direction the sea and our colonies are the safeguard of England.

  22. Their talents get no chance, for they are never used, consequently they atrophy, or, worse still, are used in a wrong direction and possibly for evil.

  23. And unless some counterbalancing conditions serve to influence in an opposite direction he may become dangerous.

  24. Doubtless the poor pay highly for it; still it is comforting to know that in this one direction the poor are supplied with good articles.

  25. As eight bells rang out a party of sailors came along to the quarter-deck, bringing with them half a dozen mess tables, which they arranged together, according to the direction of Zaimes.

  26. It is about the direction we might expect the schooner to come from.

  27. An hour later a small boat was seen to put out from the port and to row away in the direction of the mainland.

  28. In a couple of minutes the boat left the side of the schooner and rowed in the direction of the swimmer, the vessel being again thrown up into the wind.

  29. Don't fire in the direction they are shooting from.

  30. A few soldiers, when the fancy took them, worked for an hour or two at the batteries, or fired away their ammunition in the direction of the citadel.

  31. Pass the word round for the men to train their guns as nearly as they can in the direction in which we can hear the oars, and to fire when they get light.

  32. At any rate he is far too young to develop a bent in any direction whatever, and I think therefore that your proposal is a good one.

  33. They passed through the hall and a long passage, from which several rooms opened; and he was sure, by the direction in which he was going, that this must lead to the offices.

  34. The schooner had already been brought round with her head in the direction of the wind, and an extra hand had been placed at the wheel.

  35. About eleven o'clock I heard a rifle shot, in the direction of the city, and shortly afterwards I heard approaching hoof-beats.

  36. We quickly sent an apology in the direction of the dimly seen form, feeling that the ungracious shock was expensive, even to the humblest clerk in the department.

  37. But, that there might be no mistake, their votes predetermining the composition of the coming Parliament were also in the direction of the admission of Royalists and the exclusion of those that could be called Fanatics for the Republic.

  38. The unanimity and rapidity of the House in their votes in this direction must have alarmed the Independents and Sectaries.

  39. What with the vigilance of the Major-Generals in their districts, what with the edicts of the Protector and the Council for the direction of the Major-Generals, the public order now kept over all England and Wales was wonderfully strict.

  40. Then might there not be proposals, in which he and such a Parliament might agree, for constitutional changes in advance of the Articles of the Petition and Advice, though in the same direction of orderliness and settled and stately rule?

  41. He had seen only the old Ravigotes, who were so impolitic as to give him a direction to Uncle Philip's cabin, as soon as he inquired where his rival was to be found.

  42. My eyes now involuntarily followed the direction of Juba's movements, feeling some curiosity to know who "that gentleman" was, as I now recollected having frequently heard the epithet within the last few days.

  43. Presently there was a cry of fire, and the State House bell tolled out north-east, which was exactly the contrary direction from Mr. Heathcote's residence.

  44. It was finally given in charge to the captain of the Voltaire, with injunctions to order a dinner-set exactly according to the pattern--and to prevent the possibility of a mistake, a written direction accompanied it.

  45. One of the Vengeurs cast a look in the direction of the Pont-au-Change and saw that the fédérés were losing ground.

  46. He tied up his bundle of papers in a cloth, and taking his pupil by the arm, urged him in the direction of the Rue Saint-Jacques.

  47. At midday the old dame would don her shawl and set off with the child in the direction of Grenelle.

  48. Guided by it, and by it alone, that man walks under the direction of the Father of lights, with whom is no darkness at all, to that abode where the glory of God is manifested to all, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

  49. Or perhaps his learning takes the direction of tracing the Vestiges of Creation, and he concludes that man can create--generally, that creatures can make each other, and that God is therefore unnecessary.

  50. There is no scriptural anathema against riches--nay, every gift of God is good in itself; but there are countless anathemas against riches acquired by fraud, or spent without seeking the direction or the blessing of God.

  51. Nothing is beneath you, if it is in the direction of your life: nothing is great or desirable, if it is off from that.

  52. The new mode is always only a step onward in the same direction as the last mode; and a cultivated eye is prepared for and predicts the new fashion.

  53. So inveterate is our habit of criticism, that much of our knowledge in this direction belongs to the chapter of pathology.

  54. A breath of will blows eternally through the universe of souls in the direction of the Right and Necessary.

  55. The direction of the whole, and of the parts, is toward benefit, and in proportion to the health.

  56. Such improvements as are in progress take an opposite direction to that which you prescribe.

  57. The tragedy was performed in 1837, at Covent Garden Theatre, under the direction of Macready, by whose desire it had been written, and who sustained the principal part.

  58. It is a first step in the direction of unselfishness, but not yet into it.

  59. Her eyes searched the cottonwood trees along the creek opposite the station, as though she hoped to find him there, searching in the wrong direction for the town which had been described to her.

  60. She waved the blossom vaguely in the direction of the drawing room.

  61. When he turned his look in her direction it was with a shrewd glance of appraisement like the one she felt in the morning when she had first appeared in his office.

  62. For reply he coolly turned his gaze in the direction of Jeff and Mrs. Cheyne, who had withdrawn into an embrasure of one of the windows.

  63. He lifted the decanter of Scotch and poured himself a drink, but Janney, with a scowl in the direction of his daughter, left the room.

  64. It lives like that poison-ivy along the fence, stretching out its tendrils luxuriously in the direction of the sun, moving along the line of least resistance.

  65. She nodded in their general direction and then took Mrs. Rumsen's proffered hand--and the seat beside her.

  66. Its main (and only) street was a quarter of a mile in length, and the plains for a half mile in every direction had been dotted with the camps of the settlers.

  67. Carry followed him to the door, and saw him plunge down the great steps, and turn in the direction of the stables.

  68. She waved her hand to her mother as she turned away in the direction of the library.

  69. The snow was hard, but by keeping at it he soon was far enough down so that he could change the direction of his digging toward the outside of the snowdrift, which was to furnish the cover for their escape.

  70. Sandy wandered along the sea shore in the direction of the cairn they had erected near the meteorite.

  71. Dick had perfect confidence in Toma’s judgment, and was sure they had found just the direction taken by Sipsa when he left the camp.

  72. The fugitive gave a quick glance full of terror in the direction of the sound; then he dropped forward upon his knees; his whimpering changed to a hoarse weeping whisper.

  73. From the direction of the town came the sounds of a bugle and the steady thrumming of drums.

  74. There came a laugh from the direction of the strange vessel.

  75. Certainly it had crowned his endeavors to divert the direction of Great Britain's proper freight ships.

  76. Suddenly, as the sails that had been tearing and flapping, filled, and the noise subsided, a strange sound came down from the direction of the other vessel.

  77. From the direction of the boats came a confusion of orders following the broadside.

  78. Reid was leaning over the rail with a night glass aimed in the direction of the frigate.

  79. There was enough light outside from the young moon to show the direction of the opening.

  80. If one turned around, it was impossible to tell in which direction the vessel extended.

  81. Butler's Son, to whom the chief Direction of this Party was committed, was taken ill of the Small-pox, and five of the Indians were obliged to return to carry him Home.

  82. This was due among other causes to the direction of attention to the rising science of psychology, partly to the reaction against the speculative method.

  83. Beckmann, under the direction of Rubens, investigated the variation with temperature of the residual rays reflected from fluorite employing sources from -80 deg.

  84. It is easy to show that rays falling on the mirror in the direction BC will be reflected along BD.

  85. Many other forms of heliostats have been designed, the chief difference consisting in the mechanical devices for maintaining the constant direction of the reflecting ray.

  86. In a direction perpendicular to that axis it must be so placed that when it is moved by rotation of the axis bb the separation of the images shall be parallel to that motion.

  87. Hence light incident along the direction BC will be reflected along CE.

  88. At the city of Lockport in New York state, America, an interesting example of the direct application of steam-heating on a large scale has been carried out under the direction of Mr Birdsill Holly of that city.

  89. The day for a fuller investigation of this problem will partly depend upon the progress of the study of language in the direction marked out by W.

  90. I shouldn't wonder if we get it from out yonder," said Dr Barrett, pointing away south and by west, the very direction in which the Icebear was steaming.

  91. The journey of the Nephites was northward, as is shown by their later history; but Nephi, in his very brief account of this migration, says nothing with regard to the direction in which they traveled.

  92. From this time Zeezrom became a preacher of righteousness, laboring under the direction of Alma, and we next hear of him ministering with Amulek to the people in the land of Melek.

  93. In the same direction from Nephi as Helam, and apparently adjoining thereto, lay the land of Amulon.

  94. She would drift steadily into the Bay until the tide turned, wander in an aimless circle for half an hour thereafter, and then, when the ebb restored direction and force to the current, voyage forth again to the fabled realm of Lyonnesse.

  95. Even yet a landsman would have stared insolently in that direction and declared that there was naught else in sight save the steamer, whose tall masts and two black funnels were now distinctly visible.

  96. The girls watched him forcing his way against the wind until he was facing it and gazing in the direction of the Scilly Isles.

  97. A column headed "Wind direction and force," caused him to look up at the wind vane.

  98. It only listens to and indicates the direction of foghorns, sirens, and ship's bells.

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