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Example sentences for "education"

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educacion; educate; educated; educates; educating; educational; educationalist; educationalists; educationally; educationist
  1. Mr. Frye: I have had some trouble and maybe, had a good education about frost pockets.

  2. But you can't preach education effectively to a starving or half-starved man or child.

  3. All alike recognized, now that education had been made economically possible for all, that it was the greatest boon the new order had brought.

  4. The state therefore at great expense provided free education for the people.

  5. Since the Revolution there has been no difference in the education of the sexes nor in the independence of their economic and social position, in the exercise of responsibility or experience in the practical conduct of affairs.

  6. It was greatly for the advantage of the citizen to accept this education just as it is for you to accept this provision, but it was still more for the interest of the state that the citizen should accept it.

  7. For that very reason--that is, the numbers to be dealt with--we can have no centers of the higher education any more than you had of the primary education.

  8. The extension of the educational machinery necessary to provide the higher education for all must have been enormous," I said.

  9. For these two reasons your economic system was incompatible with any popular education worthy of the name.

  10. How long does this public gymnastic education last?

  11. The medical education is the fullest possible, but the methods of practice are left to the doctor and patient.

  12. Your moderate strength of a mere everyday physical education gives you the sufficient mastery of the towpath.

  13. To remove even a considerable portion of these for education to the United States, would be at great expense and inconvenience, and there is a growing conviction among the parents, that their children must be chiefly educated there.

  14. The education will be less perfect than in the United States, but it will fit them better, in some respects, to labor in the land of their birth, than an education in a foreign country.

  15. To this end, the Trustees of the College hereby bespeak for him the kind regards and co-operation of all the friends of education and religion with whom he may meet during his mission.

  16. The parents will seek an education for their children elsewhere, if it be not provided for them at the Islands; but it is believed that most of them will retain their children there, if a college be there provided.

  17. Many liberal men also funded particular professorships; or gave funds for the education of young men of talents and character, without the means of obtaining a liberal education.

  18. His mother and his old teachers had given him the beginning of an education and instead of falling into Sophia's snares, he immediately started to turn his playmates into scholars.

  19. When Daniel was fourteen his older brother married a young Quakeress who had received a better education than any of her neighbors.

  20. He was a man of education and learning, and as such sought to model the opera on ancient tragedy in its best and most manly form, and strove for a naturally developed plot, correct delineation of character, and simplicity of language.

  21. The Elector Clemens August, who heard him sing in church, provided for his education as a singer, and gave him a salary of 200 thalers.

  22. Mozart was too far-seeing and cultivated a man to be satisfied with an exclusively musical education for his son.

  23. Mozart's education was calculated to make him a good Catholic; a conscientious observance of all that the Church prescribes and reverence for her usages were combined in him with a clear and penetrating intellect.

  24. After his return to Mannheim he devoted almost his whole time to the Webers, and to the musical education of their gifted daughter.

  25. The musical education of youth was principally intrusted to the Church.

  26. It was in accordance with his education and position in life that this piety found no better justification and expression than those provided by his Church.

  27. His playing and his intelligent admiration so won Stein's approbation, that the latter followed the advice Wolfgang gave him concerning the education of his daughter.

  28. Although my time had always been actively employed, I had regarded the progress of your education with so much interest, that I never failed to create opportunities for superintending your studies.

  29. Zabra, whom you will readily recognise as a child of my father, has been brought up as my page; his Indian mother died in his infancy, but his education has not been neglected.

  30. I trust I shall never discredit the education I have received, nor the parent from whom I sprung.

  31. The growth of the democratic spirit among men and institutions has made the education of children a public necessity, and lifted the school to a position of high social importance.

  32. They get their education before they are born.

  33. They have shown that infancy is the largest opportunity and education the most powerful instrument for the conscious adjustment of man to the physical and social world in which he lives.

  34. The necessities of democracy and the truths of science, acting more or less independently of each other, have given to education a breadth of meaning which it did not possess before.

  35. In other words, heredity does everything for them, education nothing.

  36. With them the sphere of education is extremely limited.

  37. He took great care in the education of his sons, whom he destined as his successors.

  38. His father destined him from the first for an ecclesiastical career, and paid for his education in the household of the noble family of Hangest de Montmor.

  39. The opportunities for obtaining a liberal education in the remote districts of South Carolina at that time were scanty.

  40. It added religious education to the evangelical preaching and the thorough discipline already established, and so completed the reformer's ideal of a Christian commonwealth.

  41. The university may adopt as affiliated colleges institutions in the United Kingdom or in any part of the British empire which fulfil certain conditions as to the education of adult students.

  42. He received his early education at Eton and King's College, Cambridge.

  43. North and South alike adopted it as their college, the associations contributing a hundred guineas each towards the education of their students.

  44. In education the Swiss are preëminent among nations.

  45. Were legislation direct, the sphere of every citizen would be enlarged; each would consequently acquire education in his rôle, and develop a lively interest in the public affairs in part under his own management.

  46. This the reply: Their system of education gives free opportunity to all to partake of the mental heritage of the ages.

  47. A Swiss radical has written me as follows: "The development given to education during the last quarter of a century will have without doubt as a consequence an improved judgment on the part of a large number of electors.

  48. Of course, there's the difference due to rank and education and social customs.

  49. The thought of his education was beginning to weigh upon her.

  50. And it's a mighty lot better that you should have a man of education to attend to your business affairs.

  51. But, to be plain, if I once learn that a person who lives a genteel life is a Roman Catholic, I immediately look upon him as one who, by education and principle, is an inveterate enemy to my King and country.

  52. Thus it is intelligible why so many people of education and culture, on the principle that seeing is believing, were able to testify to miraculous cures in their own experience.

  53. Having received a liberal education and being by nature versatile, he became in his youth a secretary at the Court of the German Emperor, Maximilian I.

  54. Many a man of intelligence and education has been known to conceal a horse-chestnut in his pocket as an anti-rheumatic charm.

  55. Incantations against the spirits of disease were usually recited by the priests, who were supposed, by reason of their education and training, to be specially expert in the choice of the most efficient formulas.

  56. Statistics show that the ordinary adult in the United States--that is, the great American public--has either no high school education or less than a year of it.

  57. Yes, because he has had education and culture--and I've had none.

  58. Belknap was of a higher mentality than Pollard, and he also was a man of more education and refinement.

  59. All need inspiring with the spirit that will go forth and plant new schools, and gather in and secure a good religious education to every child in the community.

  60. James Gall says, most truly, "Education is the highest of all the sciences, and teaching the most important of all the arts.

  61. The soul is diseased, and a Bible education is the only remedy.

  62. I may add that, in addition to thoroughly understanding his craft, he should be a man of education and a gentleman.

  63. If such a man is not within reach, then I submit that it is better to entrust the riding education of the young lady to any staid middle-aged gentleman who is a thoroughly good horseman, and who will undertake the task con amore.

  64. We enter now upon a new and important phase of our pupil's education in the saddle.

  65. I had grown too sensible for that now; but I knew that education always carries an unquestionable independence about with it, which asserts itself firmly, though calmly, in the lace of polished ignorance.

  66. I knew a hundred and one persons who looked upon me as a happy, gifted girl, because, forsooth, I had had money and position because I had education and social advantages!

  67. I have seen; so greatly excels, that even the emanations of his excellence irradiate a low cottage-born girl, and make her pass among ladies of birth and education for somebody.

  68. And all owing to the want of a proper education too!

  69. They see, that all her amiable virtues are the happy result of an uniform judgment, and the effects of her own wisdom, founded in an education to which she does the highest credit.

  70. I am most inclined to a school education for your Billy, and some years hence, if it should please God to spare him to us.

  71. But what I would now touch upon, is a word or two still more particularly upon the education of my own sex; a topic which naturally arises to me from the subject of my last letter.

  72. Besides, one would have the child descended of genteel parents, and not such as could do nothing for it; otherwise the turn of mind and education you would give it, might do it more harm than good.

  73. And where it is so, a home education must not surely be chosen.

  74. The orphan received her education at a convent near Paris; and when Sir Philip, a few weeks since, arrived in that city from the East, he offered her his hand and fortune.

  75. One day, however, a young man of education and manners that unmistakably proclaimed the cultured gentleman of Europe, stopped at my door.

  76. Riding homeward, I mused on the difference that education makes, even pathologically, between man and man.

  77. Advising you, I say: 'But in the trial below, man should recognize education for heaven.

  78. If I had education now it might a done me some good.

  79. The more education they get, the worse they are--that is, some of them.

  80. I don't think too much education is good for 'em.

  81. He replied, "O king, the education was the same, but the capacities are different.

  82. Thus my education proceeded easily and comfortably for me, but not for Harris.

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