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Example sentences for "educationally"

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  1. He was politically and educationally active--Commissioner of Immigration, Commissioner of Education, in the Territory.

  2. His educationally interested parents supervised his instruction and sought expert advice.

  3. Larger ward schools were erected, and since that day Hamilton has taken a high position educationally in the Province.

  4. It is educationally the better method, for the average student and the average teacher.

  5. The theory, so far as educationally applied, led either to a magnification of mere physical excitations or else to a mere heaping up of isolated objects and qualities.

  6. The great advantage of immaturity, educationally speaking, is that it enables us to emancipate the young from the need of dwelling in an outgrown past.

  7. All that we can be sure of educationally is that science should be taught so as to be an end in itself in the lives of students--something worth while on account of its own unique intrinsic contribution to the experience of life.

  8. This is administratively and educationally impossible.

  9. Educationally the printing trades rank higher than most other factory occupations, yet the average journeyman printer possesses less than a complete elementary education.

  10. To compound these losses of experienced men, the battalion was constantly receiving large influxes of inexperienced and educationally deficient draftees and sometimes there was infighting among its officers.

  11. Mr. Bergquist has been alert to the interests of the community, educationally and morally.

  12. He has done much for the upbuilding of the community, educationally and otherwise.

  13. He has been one of the foremost men to look after the interest of the place, educationally and otherwise.

  14. Educationally the Arabs were a very superior people.

  15. The use of colored papers educationally in a systematic way originated in the kindergarten, and comprised folding, cutting, pasting and weaving, from which some color instruction was incidentally derived by the children.

  16. Educationally this is one of the most objectionable features in the old red, yellow and blue theory of color composition, because no distinction is observed between pure and broken colors in classification.

  17. Quarrels and dissensions will be created in the neighborhood and a miserable condition, educationally and socially, will prevail.

  18. The several communities have been living apart educationally and have been in a measure strangers.

  19. A community which is socially and educationally organized will need a central post office and town hall, a community store, a grain elevator, a church, and possibly other community agencies.

  20. The people in such districts have been accustomed to act together educationally as well as politically, and to exchange thought on all such situations.

  21. Nevertheless, after a third of a century of successful endeavor, educationally and materially, efforts are being made in Southern States for his disfranchisement and the curtailment of his education.

  22. Religion, educationally considered, is a means of giving to life a sense of reality and of value.

  23. We may think of various cures for war, and various efforts that might be made educationally to prevent war.

  24. As for the theatre, no one now thinks of it as {184} educationally valuable.

  25. Since the number desiring entrance to the middle school from the fifth grade is larger than can be accommodated, those of highest ranking educationally are admitted.

  26. The directors are paid by the state and are amenable only to the state, hence they exercise their powers in an endeavor to effect the best possible results educationally without fear or favor of local influences.

  27. As a consequence of liberal provisions and enforced regulations, Norway has achieved an eminent place educationally among the nations of the world.

  28. When we have taken into full account the repressive effect of scientific management on initiative, we may well admit an advantage: educationally speaking, the repression is direct.

  29. The best of trades is a blind alley, educationally speaking.

  30. Educationally speaking, the acquisition of technique is a factor, but not a primary one, in the modern scheme of production.

  31. In speaking of treating literature educationally I do not refer to that sort of instruction which so generally and unfortunately takes the place of the true study of masterpieces.

  32. Whatever encourages them to think for themselves and to state that thought unaffectedly and freely is what is educationally valuable, and this only.

  33. Educationally this method is most full of promise.

  34. What is the earliest power that becomes educationally active?

  35. The earliest power to become educationally active is sensation, the last is reason, and hence we can phrase this law in the maxim "from sense to reason.

  36. We see in the excellence of Froebel's idea, educationally considered, its only claim to peculiar power in dealing with incipient hoodlumism.

  37. We need the public kindergarten educationally as the vestibule to our school work.

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