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educable; educacion; educate; educated; educates; education; educational; educationalist; educationalists; educationally
  1. Now all our sociology and eugenics and the rest of it are not so much materialist as confusedly Calvinist, they are chiefly occupied in educating the child before he exists.

  2. The state schools were not the first schools, but among the last schools to be established; and London had been educating Londoners long before the London School Board.

  3. A short distance to the east is St. Mary's Hall, an institution for educating the daughters of poor clergymen, established in 1836.

  4. In 1933 the Albanian Royal Constitution was amended, making the teaching and educating of citizens an exclusive right of the state.

  5. They also have been assigned the general task of educating the masses.

  6. It is high time to take seriously the task of educating people to religious efficiency in the home.

  7. As we think in our hearts and talk at our table, so are we educating those who sit thereat.

  8. He is a good man, and looks after the morals of his scholars; and that is a good deal in educating children.

  9. We are educating a constantly and rapidly increasing number of highly trained nurses, physicians and surgeons.

  10. By educating the masses we are giving to the Filipinos proper, as distinguished from the mestizo politicians, the first opportunity they have ever had to show what is in them.

  11. Asceticism and Puritanism are almost indispensable means of educating and ennobling a race which seeks to rise above its hereditary baseness and work itself upwards to future supremacy.

  12. However great may have been her influence upon him previously, it now became a moulding and educating power.

  13. That we weren't educating them out of their class in the least.

  14. We were educating them INTO their natural class much more effectually than is done in the average family.

  15. The strongest prop of ultramontanism is the present system of educating youth.

  16. Take heed how you learn God's lessons; for God is surely educating you, and teaching you far more than He taught the king of Babylon in old time.

  17. For the history of Nebuchadnezzar seems to me to be the history of God's educating a heathen and an idolater to know Him.

  18. But with the laying aside of the old receipts, the Italian violin varnish became a lost art.

  19. In March and April Ole Bull appeared in a few concerts in the principal Eastern cities with Miss Thursby.

  20. It is now the problem of educating masses and not individuals.

  21. Would you make it more lucrative, increase the salaries of the women engaged in the noble work of educating our future Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen.

  22. The colonial wars of the 18th and 19th century were ostensibly fought with the aim of educating the savages, converting them to the right religion and bestowing upon them the blessings of civilization.

  23. This fee was supposed to, at least partially, recapture the costs of educating and training the immigrants.

  24. The colonizationists had learned from experience in educating Negroes that it was necessary to begin with the youth.

  25. In Pennsylvania the interest of the large Quaker element caused the question of educating Negroes to be a matter of more concern to that colony than it was to the others.

  26. The problem of educating the Negroes at public expense was perplexing also to the minds of the people of the West.

  27. They could see no philanthropy in educating persons to prepare for doom in a deadly climate.

  28. In Indiana the problem of educating Negroes was more difficult.

  29. Furthermore, various churches, parochial, and Sunday-schools were then sharing the burden of educating the Negro population of the District of Columbia.

  30. Benezet died in 1784, leaving considerable wealth to be devoted to the purpose of educating Indians and Negroes.

  31. Settled in this community, the thrifty class accumulated wealth which they often used, not only to defray the expenses of educating their own children, but to provide educational facilities for the poor children of color.

  32. How the problem of educating these people on free soil was solved can be understood only by keeping in mind the factors of the migration.

  33. The Negroes of Baltimore were almost as self-educating as those of the District of Columbia.

  34. There developed a class of self-educating Negroes who were able to provide for their own enlightenment.

  35. Is it not simple justice, is it not a matter of national conscience and honor, that the whole nation should help her in educating the future citizens of the republic?

  36. This is Lydgate, the young physician, a stranger to Middlemarch, who is possessed by the desire common to all young ambition of educating Middlemarch up to a lofty standard, and using it as a lever to move a slow world.

  37. Mr. Fiske is only a type of a class to whom is entrusted the sacred mission of educating the youth of this country, those particularly whose means admit of the highest education, and from whom, therefore, much should be expected.

  38. Back of the problem of educating the individual lies the problem of collective education.

  39. The process of educating men of moral and intellectual stature sufficient for the performance of important constructive work cannot be disentangled from the process of national fulfillment by means of intelligent collective action.

  40. We need those things; the Lord is thereby educating us, teaching us some lesson or lessons, so that our faith may become stronger, purer, and better.

  41. Up to this time they had been in visible companionship with the Lord; He was now educating them into the thought that, though His visible form should be withdrawn, His personal presence would be with them still.

  42. Hence, the importance and duty of educating the soul.

  43. We are, I doubt not, now educating the very generation during whose lifetime this great question will be decided.

  44. Wherever else the filthy practice may be allowed, it ought never to be permitted in a house consecrated to the sacred work of educating the rising generation.

  45. If, then, one system is superior to all others, it is that which is best calculated to beget in the popular mind a realizing sense of the necessity of educating all our youth in good schools.

  46. Boston, in his inaugural address, "I hold that the state has a right to compel parents to take advantage of the means of educating their children.

  47. Upon each present generation rest the duty and the obligation of educating and qualifying for usefulness that which immediately succeeds, upon which, in turn, will devolve a like responsibility.

  48. What is to become of the landed gentry of this country, if they go on educating their children to spend money instead of making it?

  49. But, obviously, he has gone on educating himself.

  50. By educating young Moros and then using them in official position, we can convince the Moros of the sincerity of our friendship, and these officials will exert an increasing influence for good.

  51. This is a good sign, and money spent in educating them would reduce military expenditures in that part of the island.

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