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dool; dooli; doolie; doolies; dooly; doome; doomed; dooming; dooms; doomsday
  1. I imagined his home, had been a mercy to a doom like this.

  2. Would you doom to death many men where two will suffice?

  3. No longer were those adjudged to doom led forth to die beneath the knobsticks of the slayers, as formerly, but were forced to leap, or were thrown into the pool, and from it none emerged alive.

  4. How awful that doom might be, he could hardly imagine; but he must devote himself henceforth to the task of discovering what its nature was, and, if possible, of averting it.

  5. Vaguely and indefinitely one terrible truth had been forced by slow degrees upon Felix's mind; whatever else Korong meant, it implied at least some fearful doom in store, sooner or later, for the persons who bore it.

  6. Did that mysterious bird speak the tongue of these new fire-bearing Korongs, whose doom was fixed for the approaching solstice?

  7. Peyron on such indifferent subjects, with that awful doom of an approaching death hanging over them so shortly.

  8. When the actual day of their doom drew nigh, he might, perhaps, be tempted to try the fate which Nathaniel Cross, of Sunderland, had successfully courted.

  9. At sundown to-night a trusty messenger will leave, bearing orders to my emirs to assemble the troops and speed hither with all haste, and while the Sultan is unsuspecting, his doom will fast approach.

  10. I trembled, fearing lest she should condemn me to a similar doom to which the aged high-priest had been hurried for what appeared to be a petty offence.

  11. Yet in that brief instant a flood of memories surged though my turbulent brain, and the thought of my terrible doom was rendered the more acute because I had actually succeeded in gaining the Land of the No Return when all others had failed.

  12. But bring not upon our people the doom that hath so long been prophesied," he added, with earnest fervency.

  13. I but meet to-day The doom which at my birth was written down In heaven, and thou art heaven's unconscious hand.

  14. Certainly at the day of doom it shall not be asked of us what we have read but what we have done; nor what good we have spoken but how religiously we have lived.

  15. Verily it is from this lake that the clouds of doom at the seasons of final destruction draw little by little their water when they overwhelm the interstices of the universe, and darken all the quarters with their destroying storm.

  16. It did not fly onward without touching the earth, like the great eastern conquerors; but let it set one claw on a nation, and the doom of that nation was fixed.

  17. A crack like the crack of doom awoke Ivan; not alone awoke him, but threw him violently out of bed and on to the floor, where he lay stunned.

  18. Now, if the water is overhead the crack of doom has come.

  19. Then is creation but a lie accursed, And better that the doom upon it burst.

  20. Fate to witness, that the gladiator's doom would foreshadow his own.

  21. If a man had done it, Melissa, a man what would his doom have been!

  22. Its doom was just, if this be true: But Zoilus shall be sweated too.

  23. What doom awaits the wretch that tortured thee!

  24. But if the Fates should this last wish deny, And doom me on some foreign shore to die; Oh!

  25. This flower, that droop'd in one cold clime Transplanted from the soil of time To immortality, In full perfection there shall bloom; And those who now lament his doom Must bow to God's decree.

  26. Shall each pretend to reach the skies, Yet doom his brother to expire, Whose soul a different hope supplies, Or doctrines less severe inspire?

  27. He was ready to accept with manly dignity the doom of death which he presumed would be meted out to him, but he petitioned as a last favour that the life of his little page might be spared.

  28. He then sallied forth to learn how matters were going, and presently returned with the news of the doom that the Prince had pronounced--Romeo was banished.

  29. As the ring drew closer and the defenders saw their doom approaching, they redoubled their fire; but still the Americans came on unfalteringly, like a storm, or the unavoidable stroke of fate.

  30. The process is begun; the doom will be accomplished.

  31. What weary doom of baffled quest, Thou sad sea-ghost, is thine?

  32. I clothe your hands with power to lift The curse from off your soil; Your very doom shall seem a gift, Your loss a gain through Toil.

  33. No Rhadamanthine brow of doom Bowed the dazed pedant from his room; And bards, whose name is legion, if denied, Bore off alike intact their verses and their pride.

  34. Strong as he might be, man struggled in vain with the doom that encompassed him, that girded his life with a thousand perils and broke it at so short a span.

  35. But his doom was the doom of Eadwine, and in a battle called the battle of the Maserfeld he was overthrown and slain.

  36. Barefoot and with the strokes of the scourge falling heavily on his shoulders, the Count had himself dragged by a halter through the streets of Jerusalem, and courted the doom of martyrdom by his wild outcries of penitence.

  37. In his youth he burnt a wife at the stake, and legend told how he led her to her doom decked out in his gayest attire.

  38. Death or madness will be the alternative doom of the forced bride of the knight of Haughhead.

  39. Read the doom backwards, and do not incur from your Matilda the imputation of inflicting a cruel torture on her who has hung at your breast.

  40. Say, Menie; speak, guid mother; our doom is in your hands.

  41. And the little band chanted as they went, "The doom of our race is reversed for us.

  42. As, since then, men have been warned by the uncertainty of a doom which may come at any moment; then, they were warned by the certainty of a period definitely fixed.

  43. Before the next morning, the day of doom had set in.

  44. It is the doom of our race," they said, sorrowfully; "we are a people of Wanderers.

  45. For nothing that is founded on earth can escape the doom of earth.

  46. Our doom is written, and the day of the writing was that day when we conquered and enslaved the Schrees.

  47. We still have your doom in our hands, and it will find you out.

  48. The law of an Italian city prohibited the letting of blood under penalty of death; but this did not doom the surgeon who opened a vein to save the life of a citizen.

  49. People talk flippantly of the gallows as the certain doom of the Rebels.

  50. To each and all of the constables of the county of A and the governor of His Majesty's Prison at C.

  51. Only under extraordinary circumstances the concio was still to be called.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doom" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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