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Example sentences for "devote"

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  1. In regard to this matter the viceroy was charged to devote himself with the utmost activity to the strictest fulfilment of this order, without overlooking the slightest thing.

  2. You have done mischief which the utmost working of all your powers cannot for years counterbalance, if, instead of being as base and idle as you now appear to be, you were to devote your whole heart to work.

  3. The Peralta estate and its twenty million pounds seemed like a dream now, and he would not have troubled to devote even an hour to a similar scheme even if it promised to produce twice as much.

  4. He meant to devote all his time and ability to the task.

  5. It misfired, and Barthelemy had to devote a little time to setting it right.

  6. The police could obtain no proof, and Adam Worth kept them so busy investigating his depredations that they had very little time to devote to his personality.

  7. When I have got ten thousand I will give up the glass trade and become a jeweller, and devote all my time to trading in pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones.

  8. This is the day you have set apart to devote to this object, and perhaps in fulfilling this duty you may find some distraction from the melancholy to which, as I see to my sorrow, you are a prey.

  9. Writing a little before this to Charles Lloyd, senior, Coleridge had said: "My days I shall devote to the acquirement of practical husbandry and horticulture.

  10. She complained a little of your friend Tom, but she says she means to devote the winter to the task of new molding him, I am afraid she will find it no easy task.

  11. Lady Mountjoy had certainly prophesied the truth when she said that Mr. Anderson would devote himself to Florence.

  12. These were the relatives to whom it would become her duty to devote her life!

  13. I shall have to devote myself to those Carroll children.

  14. She knew that there was nothing before her but to stay with her father, and then to devote herself to her cousins, from whom she was aware that she recoiled almost with hatred.

  15. Any alternative would have been better to her mother than that choice to which Florence had determined to devote her whole life.

  16. At present, interests of a more personal nature occupy my attention; and to these must I devote myself alone.

  17. Brents retired from the presidency to devote himself to writing and preaching, becoming widely known as the author of The Gospel Plan of Salvation and as a very successful debater who exposed scriptural error with merciless logic.

  18. He resigned the presidency after two years to devote his life to preaching, in which he was eminently successful.

  19. Since he had no family to look out for, he at least wished to devote himself thoroughly to the cause.

  20. They do not," he writes, "devote themselves to improving their land, they mix up in trade and send their children to trade for furs in the Indian villages and in the depths of the forest in spite of the prohibition of his majesty.

  21. As the Indians were for the time being without any religious teacher Mr. Wood resolved to devote much attention to them.

  22. After building the first running dyke in 1769, Hazen, Simonds and White continued to devote considerable attention to the task of reclaiming and improving the marsh.

  23. Mrs. Strong took over the housekeeping, management of supplies and training of servants, leaving her mother free to devote her energies to the outdoor work she loved best.

  24. All fears of Persian conquest were dispelled; and the Athenians returned from their temporary exile, to devote themselves to the restoration of their city with a spirit and an energy which betokened the great future in store for them.

  25. Germinie went alone to Saint-Nicholas, and as she was promptly and easily led to devote herself to others, she took as deep an interest in that child as if he were connected with her in some way.

  26. At other moments, when her religious ideas impelled her to thoughts of self-sacrifice, she was all ready to devote her existence to this brother-in-law.

  27. If we can find some study to which he will devote himself unreservedly, then we may well rejoice and can afford to let the traditional subjects of the course of study wait.

  28. Here I can devote myself to my reflections and my pursuits undistracted and unobserved by the curiosity of mankind.

  29. He purposed to detach himself for a few weeks from his business, and to devote himself to pleasure and repose in the quiet and calm of his country residence.

  30. Suppose just for one day all the Labor leaders instead of going about advertising to themselves and to everybody the bad employers and how bad employers are in this country would devote the Fourth of July to advertising a few good ones?

  31. Germans we have all got to devote ourselves nationally to sitting on the necks of six hundred years.

  32. I would devote the second ten chapters I think, not to Mahogany Desks, or to the buttons on them directing machines, but to Cogs.

  33. It was at that time that I determined to devote my child, like Samuel of old, to the service of heaven, and myself to the reformation of our degraded worship.

  34. Irresolute for an instant to which party to devote his unscrupulous attention, he returned mechanically to his old position.

  35. I was happy, as I have already said, and longed for the time when I could be ordained, and devote my energies to work for God in the ministry.

  36. Our rule was, not to subtract anything from our times of study, but to devote to this work an occasional hour in the intervals between different classes, or an hour that might otherwise have been given to recreation.

  37. Were it not for my own unfitness, and also the success the Lord has given me where I am, I would joyfully devote myself to it.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "devote" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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