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Example sentences for "enshrine"

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enseigne; enseignement; enseignes; ensemble; ensembles; enshrined; enshrines; enshrining; enshroud; enshrouded
  1. But that he did write them has never been disputed or questioned, and it was an honor that linked his name with those of Jefferson and Madison, and will enshrine his memory in the hearts of his countrymen for all time to come.

  2. The monuments that have come down to us are for the most part literary and architectural, and enshrine the ideas and beliefs of the cultivated part of the community.

  3. Yakkhos assisted at the building of dagobas to enshrine them, and the Brahmans were the first to respect the Bo-tree on its arrival in Ceylon (Ib.

  4. Besides their falsehoods and abhorrent dark cruelties and lustfulnesses, they enshrine confessions of wants which the King in the cradle alone can supply.

  5. Who can thrust his hand into the depths of man's being, and withdraw one life-principle and enshrine another, while yet the individuality of the man remains untouched?

  6. Some unapproached Matilda I enshrine With languors of the planet of decline-- These, fail to recognize, to arbitrate Between henceforth, to rightly estimate Thus marshalled in the masque!

  7. Sufficient for thy shoals Was Carnival; Parini's depths enshrine Secrets unsuited to that opaline Surface of things which laughs along thy scrolls.

  8. Not Babylon Nor great Alcairo such magnificence Equalled in all their glories, to enshrine Belus or Serapis their gods, or seat Their kings, when Egypt with Assyria strove In wealth and luxury.

  9. They too enshrine a ray of the divine spirit, which to liberate and express is the purpose of life.

  10. Some of the deeds of the Saxon giant, the celebrated Guy of Warwick, appear to enshrine elements of myths of a similar character.

  11. As already suggested the greater probability is that the lives of the saints enshrine almost intact the traditions of pre-Christian divinities.

  12. Words, nevertheless, were originally born not from grammarians but amid the common people, and pace Mr. Clodd they enshrine in many instances the mysticism and the superstitions of the peasantry.

  13. Infinite meanings and significances could be extracted from the legend, that fantastic casket of man’s art and devising which is made to enshrine the small pure pearl of truth.

  14. Fearless Duke Richard of Normandy was so impressed by the discovery that he built an Abbey in which fitly to enshrine the Precious Blood, and Fécamp Abbey bears witness alike to his faith and his devotion.

  15. And they would erect a temple wherein to enshrine the divine fragment.

  16. She had a woman's heart, formed to enshrine an idol of clay, believing it imperishable as its own love.

  17. Give her to me now, in the bloom of her innocence, the flower of her youth, and I will enshrine her in my heart as in a crystal vase, which they must break to harm her.

  18. Glass has been the favourite material, just as it was in old Italy, where it was mostly selected to enshrine the ashes collected from the pyre.

  19. The catacombs in our cemeteries, or what pass as such, will also admirably enshrine the urns.

  20. It is a matter of regret that those of our own poets who have been in favour of burning the dead did not enshrine their proclivities in verse.

  21. The most deadly serpents or venomous scorpions may enshrine the spirits of their fathers or mothers, and are therefore left unharmed.

  22. There were rooms, or places of meeting, for Buddhist congregations to hear preaching; but it was not till a later period that these were used to enshrine images and relics.

  23. Very soon, however, monuments of this kind were made to enshrine images, and were used as temples and places of worship.

  24. The seductive methods by which Alexandrinism had made it equally easy to enshrine in verse his morning reading or his evening's amour, proved too great an attraction for the young Roman votary of the muses.

  25. The promise they enshrine is too dazzling to contemplate.

  26. Shall we not enshrine these sparkling drops in a lachrymatory and, having sealed the sacred fluid with the city seal, shall we not set it in a prominent part of our civick museum?

  27. The central medallion of the pediment should enshrine Civick Unity.

  28. Let them depart to thy land with the image of the Goddess, and let them prosperously enshrine the effigy.

  29. From the bloody battle-fields of Northern Virginia he brought back a mangled and shattered body, but enough to hold and enshrine a powerful, active brain, and a heart as brave and generous as ever beat in human bosom.

  30. Fair exemplars they were of patriotic virtue, whose acts of devotion helped much to enshrine in our memories a melancholy past; and they should not be forgotten.

  31. Truly such a woman deserves to be immortalized, to live in history long after the hearts that now enshrine her image shall have ceased to beat.

  32. Of moderate size in most cases, they were intended primarily to enshrine the simulacrum of the deity, and not, like Christian churches, to accommodate great throngs of worshippers.

  33. It was the work of Ictinus and Callicrates, built to enshrine the noble statue of the goddess by Phidias, a standing chryselephantine figure forty feet high.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "enshrine" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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