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Example sentences for "enshrines"

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enseignes; ensemble; ensembles; enshrine; enshrined; enshrining; enshroud; enshrouded; enshrouding; ensi
  1. Of the Khond tribes in British India it is said that when they settle in a new village "the sacred cotton-tree must be planted with solemn rites, and beneath it is placed the stone which enshrines the village-deity.

  2. Giles holds that the Tao Tê Ching is a compilation and was not written by Lao Tzŭ himself though it probably enshrines some of his sayings.

  3. It enshrines the successful expressions of spirit as well as the shocks and vetoes of circumstance; it enables a man to know himself in knowing the world and to discover his ideal by the very ring, true or false, of fortune's coin.

  4. So approached, a dogmatic system will carry its critical justification with it, and the values it enshrines and secures will not be doubtful.

  5. Thou knowest what jealous care Enshrines the bride of Heaven; scarce could their steps Invade the secret cells.

  6. It carries with it large truths, and enshrines in a vivid metaphor bitter experiences which, I suppose, we can all confirm.

  7. The sacred book binds a religion to its past; it is the ultimate authority to which, in matters of controversy, appeal can be made, for it enshrines those teachings of the past upon which the faith of the present professes to rest.

  8. Misled by the fact that language often enshrines old beliefs and customs which have otherwise passed out of memory, they have forgotten that a metaphor is not necessarily a survival, or a survival a metaphor.

  9. St. Martin's Church enshrines the dust of some illustrious persons.

  10. As for the well, a pump now enshrines it, and a low dirty street leads up to it.

  11. She enshrines within her history facts and forces which have been woven into the texture of her most enduring institutions.

  12. This nation champions peace that enshrines liberty, democratic rights, and dignity for every individual.

  13. In all the literature which enshrines the pretended philosophy of law, there is nothing more curious than the pages of elaborate sophistry in which Blackstone attempts to explain and justify the exclusion of the half-blood.

  14. Thus the character of a moment and the ideal of exactness which it enshrines do not in any way weaken the position that the ultimate terminus of awareness is a duration with temporal thickness.

  15. It is evident that the current doctrine of matter enshrines some fundamental law of nature.

  16. Inasmuch as it, in a sense, enshrines the figure, there exists some sort of symbolic reason for its use.

  17. Sometimes in compositions of this kind the altar-like canopy enshrines a rich picture, just as veritable stonework might frame a painted altar-piece, whilst in the foreground kneel the Donors.

  18. The historical interest centred on Dilston Castle brings us to much later times, and enshrines a story which possesses a pathetic interest beyond that of any other place in Northumberland.

  19. It enshrines a tremendous principle, a principle that is nowhere else so clearly stated.

  20. It enshrines all that is most mystical and most wonderful in our civilization.

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