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Example sentences for "enthrone"

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enthral; enthrall; enthralled; enthralling; enthralls; enthroned; enthronement; enthroning; enthuse; enthused
  1. To hold that ridicule is paramount to the discovery or attestation of truth, is to exalt the ape-element in man above the human and the angelic principles, which also belong to his nature, and to enthrone a Voltaire over a Newton or a Milton.

  2. The "Age of Reason" of the French Revolution taught, we know, what a folly it is to enthrone Reason by itself as supreme.

  3. It is unchristian to believe in the transition called material death, since matter has no life, and such misbelief must enthrone another power, an imaginary life, above the living and true God.

  4. The fight was an effort to enthrone evil.

  5. The result of such explanation is to dethrone him from the altars of dogma and superstition, and enthrone him on the altar of Love in the heart of Humanity.

  6. I have come to meet judges so wise and so grand That I shake in my shoes while they're shaking my hand; And the prince among merchants who put back the crown When they tried to enthrone him the King of the Town.

  7. It has taken Man ages to assert himself, nor has he yet, as it would seem, done more than enthrone a new idol in the place of the old.

  8. Thy part am I, Eternally Beside me I enthrone thee.

  9. They who thus submit, they who thus welcome into their hearts, and enthrone upon the sovereign seat in their wills, Christ and His will--these are they who have lost their lives.

  10. Did he then look o'er distant oceans, For realms more worthy to enthrone him?

  11. Such are the swelling thoughts that now Enthrone themselves on HAFED'S brow; And ne'er did Saint of ISSA [260] gaze On the red wreath for martyrs twined.

  12. Little care I for personal defeat, if the issue of the conflict should enthrone more firmly the radiant figure of Truth.

  13. We have seen that, while it degrades God to enthrone Jesus in His stead, it also degrades Jesus, and so lowers his character that it defies recognition.

  14. To make myself my centre, to depend on myself, to enthrone my own will as sovereign, is to fly in the face of nature and fact, and is the mother of all sin.

  15. Violence, or wrongdoing, is enthroned by them, and where men enthrone iniquity, God's day of vengeance is not far off.

  16. We sometimes hear it said that to set up perfection as our goal is to smite effort dead and to enthrone despair.

  17. The pedestal stood gaping for him, and yet I had not the heart to enthrone him; and never shall I enthrone him now.

  18. The one fitting return to make for that Cross and Passion is to enthrone His will upon my will, and to set Him as absolute Monarch over the whole of my nature.

  19. To suppose otherwise would be to resolve the moral government of God into a hopeless enigma, or enthrone a perpetual and hostile dualism, resigning the universe to the rival and contending sway of Ormuzd and Ahriman.

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