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  1. The notoriety of this traffic, from which enormous profits were made, became world-wide, and it was decided late in 1864 that Fort Fisher had to be captured, in order to make the Southern blockade entirely effective.

  2. These reports confirmed the statement that Germany had commenced a blockade of the Spanish coast to prevent the use of Spanish shipping to help the Allies.

  3. As a result of the commercial agreement between Spain and the United States, German submarines began a blockade of Spanish ports, April 11.

  4. The Allies had established such an effective blockade that none dared to venture forth.

  5. Must be the latter, though how they figure to run the British blockade is more than I know.

  6. After dinner one evening I tactfully broached the subject of the British blockade and laid before the President the use our enemies were making of his patient action toward England.

  7. Every sympathizer with Germany pursued the President relentlessly with insistent demand that England should be brought to book for the unreasonable character of the blockade which she was carrying on against our commerce on the high seas.

  8. The blockade on Swansea and Liverpool had been raised by the Ithuriel, and there was nothing to prevent any amount of supplies from the west and south being poured in through half a hundred ports.

  9. I believe you have not seen a single statement in the newspapers that any French, or Belgian, or Dutch, or Russian ship has been engaged in, or seized whilst attempting to violate the blockade and to carry arms to the South.

  10. We have had it stated in this House, and we have had a Motion in this House, that the blockade was ineffective and ought to be broken.

  11. We have run the blockade successfully, and are waiting to be sent for by the revolutionary government.

  12. And now comes this Treaty with a further development of this same policy of blockade and boycott.

  13. And their reports show what a terrible responsibility we assumed when we maintained the blockade after the armistice, as a means of political pressure and a method of penal procedure.

  14. For the revolutionary extremists, recognising that the blockade was breeding revolt, kept throwing every difficulty in the way of importing food.

  15. Presumably we intended the pressure of our blockade to ensure prompt acceptance of our peace conditions.

  16. The boycott and blockade have made the people too restless and revolutionary to reconstruct and remodel their constitutional institutions; and until they do so they are to be boycotted and embargoed.

  17. In ten years' time when the Blockade will be no more than a memory, but when the surviving childhood of Germany, bodily wasted and mentally warped, comes to maturity, Europe will suffer for it.

  18. So rotten bad was the blockade bread that the staff of life became little better than a stab in the vitals.

  19. But instead of throwing open the western frontier of Germany to free commerce and communication we maintained our blockade and our boycott, thereby forcing New Germany to turn to the East for its ideals and institutions.

  20. And nothing that a foreign State could have done was better calculated to make such efforts successful than the blockade and the boycott.

  21. And as we dropped anchor there lay alongside, like a tiny cockleshell, the small cruiser Geier, which, coming from the South Seas, had run the blockade and had just been interned.

  22. I had run the blockade in true modern fashion.

  23. All precautions to blockade his view were from that time abandoned, and he was not only permitted, but assisted to rise and quit what had been, in a literal sense, his couch of confinement.

  24. Indeed, blockade is an act of war; and its application to this or that part or coast depends on the will and power of the belligerents.

  25. Besides, there is indirect proof that Napoleon looked on our blockade of the northern coasts as not unreasonable.

  26. Far from doing so, Fox and his successors relaxed the blockade of North Germany; and by an order dated September 25th, the coast between the Elbe and the Ems was declared free.

  27. The English Government seems to have been the first to issue similar secret permits; but Napoleon had scarcely signed his Berlin Decree for the blockade of England before he connived at its infraction.

  28. The Plat├Žans had proved more than their match, and there only remained to be tried the wearisome and costly process of blockade and famine.

  29. War broke out between Athens and Sicily, and a strong fleet was sent to blockade and seek to capture the city of Syracuse.

  30. When the waters fell in early spring the royalists achieved some successes, but Bolivar joined Paez, established a blockade of San Fernando, and surprised Morillo himself near Calabozo.

  31. Failing this he would blockade the coast and procure indemnification by force.

  32. His main body landed at Santa Marta and crossed the Magdalena to blockade the city from the rear, while his fleet cut off communication by sea.

  33. But the blockade prevented his procuring modern arms and they had to go into battle with old-style rifles whose range was only half that of those carried by their opponents.

  34. The blockade of the southern ports intercepted Balmaceda's supplies and the congressionalist partisans escaped by hundreds to make their way up the coast and join the revolutionary army.

  35. In spite of Moreno's temporary reverse his friends retained possession of Quito, and the Peruvian blockade of Guayaquil absorbed the president's attention.

  36. We may now return to the story of the blockade against Germany and the retaliation she sought.

  37. This was in retaliation for the blockade maintained against Germany by the British navy.

  38. As soon as Italy entered the war an attempt was made by the Teutonic Powers to establish the same sort of submarine blockade in the Adriatic which obtained in the waters around Great Britain.

  39. Thus, by the action of the different nations and by the blockade with steamers, no course was left to us but to destroy the prizes, as was done in many instances under the Government of the United States Confederation.

  40. There was "evident danger," in entering the port of Wilmington, from the presence of a blockading force, and by this test the blockade was effective.

  41. Access is not really prevented" by the blockading fleet to the same port; for steamers were continually arriving and departing, so that, tried by this test, the blockade was ineffective and invalid.

  42. She professed never to be able to run the blockade with any communication of his.

  43. I cannot give you a pike, or a fat goose, but a good soup in blockade times is worth something, too.

  44. While we were going to bed, Sorle repeated what Safel had said, adding that we should be in easy circumstances when the blockade was over, and that the Lord had helped us in the midst of great calamities.

  45. You shall have all my portions of fresh meat till the blockade is over, Father Moses.

  46. During a blockade this was something greatly to be desired; three weeks later we should have been very fortunate to have got one.

  47. You see, Fritz, how I was situated before the blockade of Phalsburg, in 1814.

  48. During a blockade a court-martial sits continually at the mayoralty to try those who do not answer to the call.

  49. Lusty work with our paddles for half an hour brought us to a blockade of fallen timber.

  50. Slow and sinuous progress of between two and three hundred yards brought us to a blockade of logs and shallow water.

  51. This blockade greatly retarded the line of march, and made the crowd within still more desperate.

  52. The Germans state that, in spite of their offer to stop their submarine war in case the starvation plan was given up, Great Britain has taken even more stringent blockade measures.

  53. It has admitted also the right of blockade if actually exercised and effectively maintained.

  54. Already, on July 4, the British Government had stopped all hostilities against Spain, and withdrawn the blockade of all Spanish ports, except such as might still be in French control.

  55. Along with the claim for "private property," he formulated the proposition that the right of blockade is restrained to fortified places; to which was afterwards added the corollary that the place must be invested by land as well as by sea.

  56. Cadiz was open on August 26; all neutrals admitted, and the British blockade raised.

  57. In 1799, a year after the Nile, Nelson had to implore a small Portuguese division not to relinquish the blockade of Malta, which he could not otherwise maintain.

  58. This was policy against policy, to which the blockade was incidental as a method.

  59. He took every precaution to render flight impossible; he perfected the strict blockade of the Tourgue.

  60. In February, 1915, Germany declared a blockade of Great Britain and Ireland.

  61. The question whether a blockade is effective as to number and disposition of the blockading forces under the existing geographical conditions must in every case be examined by the Prize Court.

  62. It is now over two years since she essayed to blockade the British Isles; but never during the whole of that period has she been able to provide a "force sufficient to prevent access to the enemy coast.

  63. A blockade is really effective when it is maintained by a force sufficient to prevent access to the enemy coast.

  64. The blockade must be confined to the ports and coasts belonging to or occupied by the enemy; the blockading forces must not bar access to neutral ports or coasts.

  65. That Germany could enforce an effective blockade of the British Isles was not to be expected, but the Berlin Press hailed the Imperial Government's declaration with delight.

  66. Moewe, ran the British blockade by the ruse indicated above, and began its career of destruction on two oceans.

  67. When a man finds it necessary to crowd his teams and wagons into the street, and thereby blockade the highway for hours at a time, he ought either to enlarge his premises or remove his business to some more convenient spot.

  68. For the Spanish blockade of the Cuban coast, there was only contempt.

  69. Its earlier applications were, no doubt, unduly harsh, not only towards the peccant State, but also towards third States, the ships of which were even confiscated for attempting to break a blockade of this nature.

  70. Hall's book which is perhaps not irrelevant to current politics:-- "The circumstances of the Greek blockade of 1886 show that occasions may occur in which pacific blockade has an efficacy which no other measure would possess.

  71. It is difficult to see how a pacific blockade is justifiable.

  72. During the blockade the authorities ordered the cleanings to be dumped into the marsh near the Christina Street station, and here in the wet soil they remain, a dangerous menace to health.

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