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Example sentences for "encirclement"

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  1. The Greek frontier was a feeble protection, and the French at Kavadar were threatened with encirclement on their left.

  2. It was now a salient threatened with encirclement on the north and south.

  3. A battle on the Maubeuge-Bry line would invite an encirclement from which the British had barely escaped at Mons, and the retreat was reluctantly continued to Le Cateau.

  4. Paris on the one wing and Nancy on the other forbade the threat of encirclement which had hitherto compelled retreat; and the French armies were also at last in touch with their reserves.

  5. Now, to the left of that inscription, and in the center of the map, the lower half, there is an encirclement that encircles an area, the chief town of which appears to be what?

  6. Later on the attempt is made to exhibit the god as real and to display the visionary figure together with its glorifying encirclement before the eyes of all; it is here that the "drama" in the narrow sense of the term begins.

  7. But more troops than Sabol had also were needed to advance north through the open terrain to begin encirclement of the rough Umurbrogol area, and to find avenues into the puzzle of that rugged landscape.

  8. Likewise, American encirclement of the stubborn Umurbrogol Pocket faced two obstacles.

  9. Encirclement of Umurbrogol and Seizure of Northern Peleliu A plan to encircle the Pocket, and deny reinforcement to northern Peleliu was immediately formulated.

  10. Encirclement of the Umurbrogol Pocket now became tactically feasible.

  11. The commandant waved his handkerchief gaily in farewell to his small guest, who, from the encirclement of his father's arm, waved as gaily back.

  12. Little John Aylmer answered with an ecstatic chuckle of delight, and wriggled hurriedly into the encirclement of his friend's arm.

  13. On the eastern side of the encirclement a burst of smoke with a core of orange flame at its center spurted upward from a house.

  14. It was obvious they recognized the danger of encirclement by forces stronger than any they had anticipated.

  15. The English "arrangement" consisted in the encirclement of Germany.

  16. All expected that the next attack would be upon the city, an attempt at encirclement from the north and from the south.

  17. And whiles they rested the enemy put into action a bold plan of encirclement which might have caused the complete loss of Sir Julian Byng's army and guns and of everything else in the pocket of Cambrai.

  18. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "encirclement" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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