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Example sentences for "inclusion"

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include; included; includes; includeth; including; inclusions; inclusive; inclusively; inclusiveness; inclyta
  1. The peculiar supremacy of reason which inheres in reason’s reflectiveness is due to the inclusion of consciousness itself in the content of relational consciousness and of no other mode of consciousness.

  2. This inclusion of the vena cava in the fissure or fossa of that name on the dorsal surface of the liver affords, so to speak, the vertical measure of the non-peritoneal area of the liver attached directly to the diaphragm.

  3. Insufficient data make inclusion of other species unreliable.

  4. There was a strong plea for the inclusion of geographical terms, at least in cases of disputed spelling.

  5. Sir Thomas objected to the inclusion of belles-lettres as beneath the dignity of the institution he was fostering.

  6. The other items, however, are not much changed by the inclusion of savings banks and private banks.

  7. The inclusion of the Norway House Indians in the treaty, and the surrender of their rights, involved a larger area of territory.

  8. I have tried to show that the inclusion of a disposition to secure a territory tends to remove these difficulties.

  9. But inasmuch as a certain measure of success could be attained, and that perhaps often, without all the complications introduced by the territory, there are manifestly advantages to be gained by its inclusion in the scheme.

  10. Cameron, Simon, history of his inclusion in Lincoln's Cabinet, 142 ff.

  11. He had a sharp difference with General Grant as to the inclusion of General Lee in that category, Grant insisting that no officer or soldier who had observed the terms of capitulation at Appomattox could be rightfully molested.

  12. Their inclusion would consequently increase its power fully five-hundred fold.

  13. Its inclusion with the rest raises the average of all to between 10 and 11.

  14. Schumann particularly criticises the Sonata Opus 35 because of the inclusion of the Funeral March and the homophonic, "invertebrate" finale.

  15. Their inclusion in the Academy would have honoured that venerable and too august body as much as the Belgian poets.

  16. However, inclusion does not necessarily constitute official acceptance or recognition by the US Government.

  17. And now consider, secondly, the inclusion of the 'moment' in the 'life.

  18. Just as within the circle of a life lies each of its moments, the same principle of inclusion may be applied to the other contrast presented here.

  19. A performance of the work at Meiningen had particularly pleased him, and its inclusion in the Soldat programme was by his suggestion.

  20. A few weeks later the inclusion of the new Laureate amongst the celebrities of Madame Tussaud's Exhibition prompted the malicious soliloquy of "Alfred amongst the Immortals.

  21. Others followed in the nineties, but the general establishment of schools of commerce as parts of colleges and universities, as well as the inclusion of business subjects in the curricula of liberal colleges, took place after 1900.

  22. I hope that any error which may have arisen through their inclusion under that heading there may be neutralised by setting them out here.

  23. Through the inclusion in these Bulletins of accidents on trolley lines, their value as records of railway accidents is being greatly impaired.

  24. I would gladly avoid the sacrifice, but if your inclusion in the Cabinet depends upon it, I will make it freely and with pleasure for your sake.

  25. I pressed for the inclusion of Courtney in the Cabinet in the event of any change.

  26. Battalions might be brought up to fighting strength by the inclusion of men from local forces.

  27. The social and constitutional difficulties which would obviously arise from the inclusion of independent or all but independent states in a federation of colonies have disappeared with the independent states themselves.

  28. In some ways this collection does not represent general painting sufficiently to justify its inclusion with the galleries of Berlin, Paris and London.

  29. Perhaps he chuckled at the thought of the march he had stolen on his fellow publishers, who would envy him the inclusion of such a book in his list.

  30. I ought to add that these papers were penned for inclusion in a volume of frankly personal and intimate “Recollections.

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