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Example sentences for "implication"

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implements; implicate; implicated; implicates; implicating; implications; implicit; implicitly; implied; impliedly
  1. And he has himself laid down, in other places, doctrines in which the true theory of predication is by implication contained.

  2. It carries the implication that because war has broken out that fact disposes of all objection to it.

  3. This is no ambiguous implication or logical deduction.

  4. Now, unless I err, there is an implication from those words that men may be enslaved as a punishment of crimes whereof they shall have been duly convicted.

  5. Kama and krodha are mentioned: but the use of cha gives by implication cupidity.

  6. The meaning of the word, therefore, by implication is that Mahadeva is infinite.

  7. The book-writer takes good advantage of his opportunity to assure men expressly or by implication that he is their true king, and that the sacred bard is a mightier man than his hero.

  8. They are only declaratory of a truth which would have resulted by necessary and unavoidable implication from the very act of constituting a federal government, and vesting it with certain specified powers.

  9. It is not, however a mere possibility of inconvenience in the exercise of powers, but an immediate constitutional repugnancy that can by implication alienate and extinguish a pre-existing right of sovereignty.

  10. The implication is that the God cannot do it--an act of blasphemy which the God will not be slow to avenge.

  11. By implication so does the living Ulysses--hence the journey is at an end, Hades is conquered.

  12. So far the argument has proceeded on the supposition of a common standard of Value, say gold, between England and France, London and New York, and by implication all other commercial countries.

  13. Unilateral implication of the pterygoids has been noted by Leube in a young girl who was also an hysteric and a choreic.

  14. A common event is the simultaneous abstention of some facial muscles and implication of others belonging to a different nerve supply.

  15. The material part played by the abdominal muscles in the function of respiration explains their implication in respiratory tics.

  16. And she was forced to admit, with her customary honesty, that the implication was true.

  17. And Hodder had, with an audacity unparalleled in the banker's experience arraigned by implication his whole life, managed to put him on the defensive.

  18. I have only one new fact of any importance; the name of one of the higher-ups and its corollary implication that there may be some degree of cooperation between Norheim and Uighar.

  19. Eddore must revise its thinking completely; the pooled and integrated mind of the Innermost Circle must scrutinize every fact, every implication and connotation, of this new-old knowledge.

  20. Any implication of incompetence and you'll have to prove it in court.

  21. It adjoins the original Missouri Compromise line by its northern boundary, and consequently is part of the country into which by implication slavery was permitted to go by that compromise.

  22. As to what was to be done with the remaining part, south of the line, nothing was said; but perhaps the fair implication was, it should come in with slavery if it should so choose.

  23. These observations are not made on an assumption, that England could in all cases have kept clear of implication in foreign interests, and remote and sanguinary contests.

  24. If he is guilty of implication in the Cuivaca bank robbery he deserves, according to the rules of war, to die, for General Villa, I am told, considers that a treasonable act.

  25. I have known that Mr. Grayson suspected me of implication in the robbery; but who can blame him--a man who can't ride might be guilty of almost anything.

  26. The phrase is also applied to a trust raised by implication for the benefit of a party who advances the purchase money of an estate, etc.

  27. The act of connoting; a making known or designating something additional; implication of something more than is asserted.

  28. If that is the only establishment of it, then it is established by implication merely.

  29. With what implication is it always used in the metaphorical sense?

  30. What is the especial implication in unreasonable?

  31. In usage, the term amateur is applied to one who pursues any study or art simply from the love of it; the word carries a natural implication of superficialness, tho marked excellence is at times attained by amateurs.

  32. With what implication is it now commonly used?

  33. A verbal answer is a return of words to something that seems to call for them, and is made to a charge as well as to a question; an answer may be even made to an unspoken implication or manifestation; see Luke v, 22.

  34. What implication is conveyed in seeming?

  35. Autocratic power knows no limits outside the ruler's self; arbitrary power, none outside the ruler's will or judgment, arbitrary carrying the implication of wilfulness and capriciousness.

  36. Which word carries a natural implication of superficialness?

  37. What is the implication if we say one is industrious just now?

  38. The legal term arrest carries always the implication of a legal offense; this is true even of arresting for debt.

  39. We are distinctly told by Aristotle that various forms were attributed to earth by early philosophers, and the implication is that the spherical theory, whose truth he proceeds to demonstrate, was a new thought.

  40. Considering the effect of contact in many of those who have written of the ruins, it may be a question if the implication is valuable as a piece of criticism.

  41. He mistooke somewhat I sayd at parting for an implication of my wish that he shoulde yield up his conscience.

  42. To call him a "poseur" with the implication that he pretended or assumed a manner, were just as absurd as to call a tiger striped with the implication that the beast deliberately "put on" that mark of distinction.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "implication" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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