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Example sentences for "embarrassment"

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embarrassed; embarrassedly; embarrasses; embarrassing; embarrassingly; embarrassments; embassador; embassadors; embassage; embassies
  1. When, after much embarrassment and difficulty, every one had found a place as they could, Madame Bonaparte was announced, and entered, leaning on the arm of Talleyrand.

  2. Nothing could be more amusing than the embarrassment of the whole service when it was necessary to reply to his Majesty's questions.

  3. He parted on the best of terms with the Premier, and in order that his presence might cause no embarrassment to the reconstructed ministry started on a journey to France and England.

  4. His presence in Genoa was an embarrassment to the Government at Turin, and they courteously asked him to leave Italy.

  5. With manifest embarrassment he went on; "You will forgive me if I err again; but this time I must make myself clear.

  6. But when I heard her words, and recognised the high purpose that lay behind them, and saw the sweet embarrassment which came to her in speaking them to me, I felt that I had been mistaken.

  7. This time it was Cathcart who, with considerable diffidence and all the shamefaced embarrassment of an Englishman when doing a kindly action in which he may be taken as intruding, offered me his services.

  8. With this view, the Marquis had invited the conference, and had fixed the time and place inadvertently, as to the embarrassment under which it might place me.

  9. They stopped on the corner of Long Acre and as Stanley plunged into a drug-store, a certain embarrassment fell upon the two men left together.

  10. Whence all this contradiction and embarrassment arose has since been explained, and with apparent reason.

  11. When Edward found his friend, the latter had still in his hand the newspaper which he had perused, and advanced to meet him with the embarrassment of one who has unpleasing news to communicate.

  12. It was in vain to attempt to correct himself; he looked confused, and relieved his embarrassment by a precipitate retreat.

  13. A sentiment of bitterness rose in his mind against the government, which he considered as the cause of his embarrassment and peril, and he cursed internally his scrupulous rejection of Mac-Ivor's invitation to accompany him to the field.

  14. They turned their eyes on the ground, with looks in which shame and embarrassment were mingled with displeasure.

  15. Even the Baron could not refrain; but here Rose escaped every embarrassment but that of conjecture, for his wit was usually couched in a Latin quotation.

  16. His old-time confusion and embarrassment returned to him.

  17. Hugh, his embarrassment swallowed by his interest, eagerly asking questions.

  18. In his embarrassment he had forgotten himself.

  19. She saved him the embarrassment of opening the conversation.

  20. He is in great embarrassment also with regard to the foreknowledge of God.

  21. This last embarrassment he can always avoid, because he has no need to advance new theses.

  22. To add to my embarrassment he solicited explicit information about the Schmittheimer place, in what subdivision it was located, and in what township.

  23. I am the last man in the world to discourage what is ordinarily regarded and accepted as reasonable precaution against embarrassment and adversity.

  24. In his embarrassment Roddy decided desperately to begin at the very beginning, to tell the exact truth, to omit nothing, and then to throw himself upon the mercy of the court.

  25. Had she done so he felt sure, in view of the honor he would pay her, her embarrassment at meeting him would have been apparent to all.

  26. In obvious embarrassment she added: "It is because you are not in the confidence of your father.

  27. There were many causes of embarrassment to English statesmen during the ensuing months.

  28. I hope to be ready for sea in three days, but fear I shall have some embarrassment about money matters.

  29. Monsieur Daunay stopped short in the street, exasperation rather than embarrassment in his face.

  30. The fine he paid was negligible, but his embarrassment was keen.

  31. Simon's face burned with embarrassment as he realized he was going to have to disappoint Alain.

  32. There was a moment's embarrassment on both sides.

  33. A flush of embarrassment rose to Denzil's face.

  34. If then, the capital embarrassment in our present government arises from the want of money, and this constitution effectually authorises the raising of it, how are the taxes to be lessened by it?

  35. There was no more to say, after the manner in which this was spoken; and from embarrassment Betty went over to great exultation.

  36. Pitt wished she would have shown a little embarrassment or consciousness.

  37. But I wrote, sir,' said Pitt, in growing embarrassment and bewilderment.

  38. Yet on seeing her his countenance fell; he betrayed an embarrassment which the lady noted with anxious suspicion.

  39. They kept apart, and at length the embarrassment of the situation held them both mute.

  40. Douglas, hoping to relieve the company of an embarrassment that seemed to have fallen upon it.

  41. I will admit that my embarrassment was doubled.

  42. Bella observed her husband's embarrassment as he stood with Sonnenkamp.

  43. A little while Dexter stood looking at her, embarrassment and trouble written on every feature.

  44. A degree of embarrassment might have existed, but she would not have been forced to put on two opposite exteriors, as now, neither of which, correctly interpreted her state of mind, or did justice to her character.

  45. After that an unusual embarrassment marked their intercourse.

  46. But today, with the flush of liquor on it, it had an impatient awkwardness and confused embarrassment that he could not account for.

  47. But in the embarrassment of the sudden address I put my hand in my pocket, drew out a coin, and laid it, with an attempt at carelessness, but a vivid consciousness that I was blushing, upon a vacant number.

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