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Example sentences for "embarrassed"

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embarks; embarque; embarqued; embarras; embarrass; embarrassedly; embarrasses; embarrassing; embarrassingly; embarrassment
  1. The brilliant prodigal approached her with a little embarrassed youthful air of humility and charm; the air almost of taking her into his confidence over something unfortunate and absurd.

  2. Poor Hannay was embarrassed at the name of God.

  3. The man looked at the coin in the hollow of his hand in an embarrassed way, fearing that he had not exactly understood.

  4. After some time they came out again, TĂȘte Rouge greatly embarrassed by a multiplicity of paper parcels containing the different articles of his forty days' rations.

  5. All the time he kept smiling and putting his tongue out in the most guilty, embarrassed manner, so that a child could have told that he was bent on some deception.

  6. He offered the cup and trencher to Maitre Pierre with a blush in his cheek, and a humiliation of countenance which endeavoured to disguise itself under an embarrassed smile.

  7. He added to his embarrassed detail, that he had heard a report, though a vague one, of the Lady Hameline's having again fallen into the hands of William de la Marck.

  8. But the Countess extricated her hand at length, and stepping a pace back from the grate, asked Durward, in a very embarrassed tone, what boon he had to ask of her?

  9. The King himself seemed unusually embarrassed at the silence around him.

  10. This part of Louis XI's reign was much embarrassed by the intrigues of the Constable Saint Paul, who affected independence, and carried on intrigues with England, France, and Burgundy at the same time.

  11. Then ensued a few minutes of embarrassed silence.

  12. There was a moment of embarrassed silence; then they were all eager to defend Emilita, and maintain the purity and perfect innocence of such games.

  13. I reckon I've done the proposing, but I'm not the least embarrassed over it.

  14. He smiled: a genuine, embarrassed smile, as though he'd just been given high praise from one of his heroes.

  15. He embarrassed me by making a show of thinking it over again, making me feel like I was just a half-pissed glib poltroon.

  16. It was an awful epoch in British history; and it would have been difficult to say whether at home or abroad the political position of England was more embarrassed and portentous.

  17. He could not help feeling embarrassed when he saw her.

  18. Hardly against your will, my lady," said Malcolm, embarrassed and thoughtful, in a tone deprecating and apologetic.

  19. We were afterwards considerably embarrassed and impeded by very lofty mountains.

  20. Two of the people traced it up so far as to ascertain that the river which we had crossed on Wednesday was the same which had so embarrassed us.

  21. We did not make much progress this day, being greatly embarrassed by the thick brushes which border on the coast in the vicinity of Cape Hawke, and fresh water swamps near the edge of the lake.

  22. He had left them to be embarrassed or not by this guarantee, as they could best manage, and embarrassment was a thing that Strether wasn't at first sure Madame de Vionnet escaped.

  23. Then as they sat there in an embarrassed silence, the tall figure of Len Haswell appeared in the door and the many mirrors of the wall panels multiplied him into a seeming army of giants.

  24. Indeed, she was a little embarrassed how to handle so delicate a situation.

  25. The managing editor, feeling embarrassed by the presence of the artist, opened the letters.

  26. Then he paused for a moment, still hesitating and looking at the young woman, embarrassed by some feeling of doubt, although she seemed to embody all requirements.

  27. Mathieu's sudden entry made her start, however, and when she recognized him she smiled faintly in an embarrassed way.

  28. I know that he would be delighted to sell that huge, unprofitable estate, for with his increasing pecuniary wants he is very much embarrassed by it.

  29. Then, as her little sisters embarrassed her, she wished to get rid of them.

  30. The meeting seemed to take her aback, and she answered in an evasive, embarrassed way: "I am going to the Rue de Miromesnil for a call I have to make.

  31. Liking the show, but rather embarrassed by that fact due to the show's incredibly rosy view of life, the mimicry bothered me.

  32. Todd quickly made the statement that I didn't have to read them if I didn't want to, slightly embarrassed by the whole affair.

  33. Then a scraggy woman slipped through the door of the next room with an embarrassed grin.

  34. He was no longer in the mood to whistle, and the clearer the White House rose from the bushes, the more embarrassed he felt.

  35. He gave a loud, embarrassed laugh, turned from under her hands and ran into his room.

  36. You ought to start from the very beginning," said Marta in a very grown-up way, which slightly embarrassed her.

  37. He met her, feeling rather frightened and embarrassed and he looked at her cautiously and attentively.

  38. Liudmilla was for a moment very embarrassed because of the suddenness of the thing, but soon recovered herself.

  39. You've embarrassed my Sashenka," said Kokovkina, looking affectionately at both Liudmilla and Sasha.

  40. To hear," corrected Carrados, smiling straight into the healthy and rather embarrassed face of the stranger before him.

  41. Possibly he was not desirous of encountering Draycott's embarrassed gratitude again, for in less than a minute they heard the swirl of his departing car.

  42. After she had spoken she appeared a little embarrassed as if she regretted having called the attention of the other girls to her presence.

  43. Embarrassed by their own position, Tory and Louise were moving away when a swift inclination of Lance's hand beckoned them to remain.

  44. He appeared embarrassed by the intensity of Kara's attitude and the conviction that possibly he had not chosen a wise time or place for his revelation.

  45. This greatly embarrassed the treasury later and helped to produce the financial crisis which was the immediate cause of the Revolution.

  46. Bonaparte foresaw that, if he could withdraw with him some of France's best officers, the Directory might soon find itself so embarrassed that he could return as a national savior.

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