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Example sentences for "denunciation"

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denty; denudation; denude; denuded; denuding; denunciations; denunciatory; denuo; deny; denye
  1. Many of the phrases in the Central Committee's denunciation are fantastically inappropriate to Prokofieff's art.

  2. A further vision attributed to Adamnan contains a stern denunciation of the Irish of the 11th century.

  3. The intensity of the fire of the denunciation had, indeed, a momentary yet visible effect in the banker's expression.

  4. The terrible denunciation had stirred their zeal.

  5. The fiercest denunciation would not have so completely unnerved her as the simple words of the youth.

  6. Not infrequently it happened that a troubadour who had been loud in praise of high love and denunciation of base desire--a trick of his trade--suddenly came to himself and changed his mind.

  7. While monarch only of the Northern kingdom, he published a denunciation of the damnable infidelity of the 'Witch Advocates,' and his own unhesitating belief.

  8. We are nowadays familiar with false phrases such as "unnatural strife" and the like, used in denunciation of one of the central instincts of life, but at heart we acknowledge that war is always natural to man and beast.

  9. Denunciation of a diversion of this kind is of little use, nor is it easy to fix a point at which legislation can effectively intervene.

  10. He could be as forceful in his appeals to patriotic feelings as he was fierce in denunciation and thoroughly skilled in all the baser tricks of parliamentary pugilism.

  11. They do not suppose that such denunciation is directed by undying hatred to him, as The Register would have it believed.

  12. Too much denunciation against dram-sellers and dram-drinkers was indulged in.

  13. But this man, who for the last three years has sought my ruin, has made a false denunciation against the young Englishman.

  14. This unexpected denunciation fell upon him as a blow; it crushed him and held him speechless, spell-bound.

  15. Strange that in the general denunciation some one did not remember his labor for liberty, his devotion to principle, his zeal for the rights of his fellow-men.

  16. The believers in the bible are loud in their denunciation of what they are pleased to call the immoral literature of the world; and yet few books have been published containing more moral filth than this inspired word of God.

  17. Elisha's indignation can be illustrated by the denunciation passed upon an anonymous king by the prophetic party on a similar occasion (1 Kings xx.

  18. Much futile denunciation has been poured upon the blind, stupid resistance of the workers, but in view of the misery and poverty which they have suffered, it is impossible to judge them harshly.

  19. No wonder, then, that it brought much bitter denunciation upon the heads of its promulgators.

  20. This book drew upon him the indignant denunciation of his countrymen, who regarded it as a betrayal of their cause, and led to the revocation of his sentence of death, and to an invitation to enter the service of Nicholas.

  21. If he were out of the way that denunciation would not take place and d'Azay might be got out of Paris.

  22. I have observed that a denunciation from the gallery is more dramatic and effective than one from the floor.

  23. Delcassé realized that the true welfare of his country demanded friendship with the one power which could help it against Germany, and at the risk of denunciation at home he gave up all that Great Britain demanded in the Sudan.

  24. His action received the stern denunciation of the military party.

  25. In conformity with the denunciation that the sins of the fathers were to be visited on the children, the Jews inquired whether a "man's parents did commit sin that he was born blind?

  26. The Puritans undoubtedly erred in their indiscriminate and wholesale denunciation of all forms of harmless amusement and innocent pleasure.

  27. He hurled against him his famous "Philippics," speeches so filled with fierce denunciation that they have given name to all writings characterized by bitter criticism or violent invective.

  28. As the Doctor and Hiram rode back together toward home, Still was so bitter in his denunciation of the Federals and of their action touching the negroes, that the Doctor actually felt it his duty to lecture him.

  29. Captain Allen was deeply offended by some of the things said about him by certain of the members of the secret society, and he met them with fierce denunciation of the whole order.

  30. Andy Stamper, who had come up and was grimly listening with unwonted silence, broke forth with a strong denunciation of such nonsense.

  31. Neither his audacious speech nor his constant denunciation of barons and officials seem to have been attended by the risks we should have expected.

  32. In the last denunciation our Lord comes back to the disciples again.

  33. He would not leave them without a denunciation of that stress upon outward observances, which prevented spiritual religion from growing in their souls.

  34. Portia's denunciation of the physical instructor's methods was, undoubtedly, candid.

  35. Her denunciation of Rowena Farnham, for at the last she named her and Marjorie as the principals in the affair, was sharp and merciless.

  36. I have uttered no denunciation against the men who caused this destruction of treasure, this massacre of men, this awful degradation of the moral sense.

  37. Who shall dare stop his ears, when they preach their awful denunciation of want and woe?

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