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Example sentences for "imminence"

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immigrate; immigrated; immigrating; immigration; immigrations; imminency; imminent; imminently; immitigable; immo
  1. The imminence of the jail and the meeting had made her cheeks white and her countenance seem actually smaller; and when, reminding me that we should meet again soon, she gave me her hand, it was ice-cold.

  2. He hastened upon his journey to the shops with the list, not in his pocket, but held firmly, like a plank in the imminence of shipwreck.

  3. Louder and louder grew the noise, but they could see nothing of the danger, and its imminence seemed to them the nearer.

  4. Sir Arthur, on his solitary sofa, showed some dismay at the imminence of his mother's performance.

  5. The development of the railway and the imminence of war had brought new men on the scene.

  6. A shiver of trepidation ran over her, though, when she saw the men, and she gathered the reins tightly in her hands, ready to wheel the animal under her should the appearance of the men indicate the imminence of danger.

  7. Is it the imminence of danger that gives it a reality too grim for your appetite?

  8. Not that, not that, Madonna," he wailed, his tone suggesting the imminence of tears.

  9. It is an imminence of shipwreck, for the whole world to gaze at.

  10. Many persons even recognize the imminence of an indisposition by the inability to recall proper names.

  11. Otherwise the two together would dissipate any lingering German hopes of victory; and the imminence of the danger counselled the taking of risks which had hitherto been eschewed.

  12. Though personally not a believer in the imminence of invasion, the English admiral knew that 'most men were in fear that the French would invade.

  13. The latter shrieked for mercy; while the Proveditore, unmoved by the imminence of the peril, preserved his dignity of mien, and fixed his deep stern gaze upon the pirate.

  14. The imminence of the peril inspired the Uzcoques with unwonted courage and energy.

  15. No home was ever deserted, I am sure, more reluctantly or so precipitately as my little menage in Wilmersdorf.

  16. The story of Germany's state of mind toward America's entry into the lists against her is soon told.

  17. The imminence of hostilities with England revived irresistibly in my mind the qualms which had filled the Germans for a week previous on this very point.

  18. He had not at the time mentioned the imminence of the danger to the King, for he was afraid that His Majesty would have taken military measures which would have rendered the situation more critical.

  19. Whatever his purpose may have been, the King and Queen, from whom the imminence of the Princess's situation had been carefully concealed, were naturally and grossly insulted.

  20. This shows their sense of the imminence of the danger which had always impended over him, and which was first in their thoughts when the protection of office was about to be withdrawn.

  21. Now the imminence of danger compelled a solution.

  22. German Kriegsgefahrzustand (imminence of war), which, by calling out troops up to war strength, is tantamount to mobilization.

  23. Goschen telegraphed Grey that the whole Russian army and fleet were mobilizing, and that Kriegsgefahr (imminence of war) will be proclaimed at once by Germany, as it can be only against her that Russian general mobilization is directed.

  24. Minister Klobukowski telegraphed from Brussels that L'Agence Havas having announced the proclamation of "imminence of war" in Germany, he had assured M.

  25. Ambassador Jules Cambon telegraphed from Berlin that Secretary of State von Jagow had informed him that, in the face of total mobilization by Russia, Germany had declared Kriegsgefahrzustand (imminence of war).

  26. The terrible depression which had afflicted Ambrose since Nesis had disappeared was dissipated by the imminence of a great event.

  27. The heart quails at the imminence of their peril!

  28. By the middle of September snow flurries have announced the imminence of winter, the sipaller streams congeal, the earth freezes, the miner perforce abandons his diggings, and navigation ceases even on the Yukon in October.

  29. Despite the imminence of the danger that he ran, the youth's thoughts now returned to Mademoiselle Plouernel.

  30. This minute had been anticipated by both of them; for many months, when they had stood close together, they had felt the imminence of surrender to the longing that dwelt in both of them.

  31. In view of the imminence of demobilisation, education classes were started, and much good work was done in this direction.

  32. Every alternate day large working parties, which consumed almost all the available men, were detailed for work on the rear lines of defence, that were being hastily constructed, in view of the imminence of a fresh enemy offensive.

  33. Struck by the imminence of the peril, he sent Delescluze a note, which was lost.

  34. His mind, disconcerted at first by the imminence of this unexpected catastrophe, a fall of rain, had now regained its equilibrium.

  35. Such conduct was quite possible, indeed almost probable on the part of a man, endowed with considerable strength of will, and realizing the imminence of his peril.

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