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Example sentences for "imminently"

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immigration; immigrations; imminence; imminency; imminent; immitigable; immo; immobile; immobilised; immobility
  1. It was growing near to the end of the term, and examinations loomed imminently on the horizon.

  2. Her own life has been imminently endangered, and an untimely birth has blasted my fondest hope.

  3. To pass along the trunk, rendered slippery by the wet and unsteadfast by the wind, was imminently dangerous.

  4. But there now imminently threatened the charge of a great mass of French cavalry, which disclosed itself on the open plateau of Ville sur Yron.

  5. On New Year's day Prince Frederick Charles received telegraphic instructions to re-cross the Loir without delay, and strike at General Chanzy, as being the nearest and most imminently dangerous enemy.

  6. The storming of the main walls was now to be imminently expected, and no relief from outside could be hoped for.

  7. Dear Sir, The enclosed papers will explain to you a case which imminently endangers the peace of the United States with Spain.

  8. One writer extends the exception to atrocious criminals, too imminently dangerous to society; namely, to pirates, murderers, and incendiaries.

  9. The suspension of the right of deposite at New Orleans, ceded, to us by our treaty with Spain, threw our whole country into such a ferment as imminently threatened its peace.

  10. The Constitution is threatened, therefore, imminently threatened, by the very fact that those intrusted with its administration are hostile to its essential powers.

  11. With a sagacity which brought the future before him, and made it like the present, he saw and pointed out the dangers that even at this moment most imminently threaten us.

  12. The situation of the launch was of itself imminently perilous: she had neither sail, bread, nor water on board.

  13. If he had before looked upon me as a member of his own family, in what light could he now look upon me, when I had saved his child, the idol of his heart, from the death which so imminently threatened her?

  14. What would become of the revolutionary cause and its partisans under the second Restoration, now imminently approaching?

  15. The bitter and continued struggle of either to obtain the upper hand, is in fact revolution, imminently impending or absolutely declared.

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