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Example sentences for "allegation"

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alleaging; alledge; alledged; alledging; allee; allegations; allege; allegeance; alleged; allegedly
  1. Yet that is really the allegation of the Anti-Opium Society against their own country, this small and distant England!

  2. No such contests as those referred to in allegation c have taken place within the last five years, and no loss of life in connection with opium smuggling during the same period has come under the notice of the police.

  3. He is arguing against the allegation of pro-opium people that opium has a beneficial result in counteracting the effects of malaria and ague, and he says:-- These curious arguments are two.

  4. It was not from choice that he promulgated, however obscurely, the allegation of Mrs. Whiteway that the work had its origin in London.

  5. If, on the contrary, the allegation of the poet was a wilful untruth, this additional misrepresentation must lead us to conclude that he was the author of a fraud from which he defended himself by falsehood.

  6. These words sufficiently answer the allegation that there is no certain reference in Scripture to the mutilation which is so characteristic of the later stages of the disease.

  7. The indication of this distinction is of importance, as completely meeting the allegation that there is in this chapter evidence of a later development than in the account of the feasts given in Exod.

  8. We find, as to the allegation that the respondents made payments to compensate persons who had been injured in the commission of crime, that they did make such payments.

  9. The only allegation that she had done so was that of the prisoner himself, and if the jury thought the extraordinary story told by him was worthy of credit, it would agree with the latter mode of accounting for her death.

  10. Further, the entire controversy is a complete confutation of the false allegation that between Catholicism and science there is a great gulf set.

  11. It may not be waste of time briefly to consider two of the instances commonly brought up as examples when the allegation with which we are dealing is under consideration.

  12. Those who give credit to the allegation must of course ignore certain very patent facts which are, it will be allowed, a little difficult to get over.

  13. It is not rendered one whit better by the allegation that it is committed on behalf of a cause.

  14. The old allegation that he must be crazy was of course revived.

  15. Nor was the allegation denied by the persons implicated.

  16. I am, however, obliged to take notice of your allegation that my action on the 11th February involved a breach of an arrangement previously made through Mr. Winn.

  17. The allegation has been made that the McAllister-street cable was kept running for several hours after the earthquake.

  18. Or else refuse to assume that a Mayor, merely as such, could and would inevitably influence a Commissioner corruptly; in which case the mere allegation of his being Mayor would not be enough, and judicial notice would not cure.

  19. But the allegation was not sustained and another failure was scored by the defense.

  20. In short, either assume that on the facts of the trial a private person might have power to influence corruptly the license; in which case an allegation of his Mayoralty would be superfluous.

  21. Otherwise he would give information to the police regarding the allegation against my father.

  22. I noted, by the change in his dark countenance, how my allegation caused him quick apprehension.

  23. This allegation may sound strange, but I nevertheless declare it to be true.

  24. He tells me that the allegation against my father is absolutely false, and that on the contrary he was the man's best and kindest friend, and in acknowledgment of this, the Italian gave him the little chamois leather bag containing the cards.

  25. Colonel Denison also dissents from the finding of the Court upon the third charge, as he is of opinion that the third charge is proved, with the exception that the allegation that Lieut.

  26. That with reference to the allegation of misconduct on the part of Lieut.

  27. His allegation is that rate schedules are built up upon the principle of "equality of sacrifice," otherwise characterized as "tempering the wind to the shorn lamb.

  28. The complaint of local discrimination rests merely on the allegation that the rate of progression with increasing distance is too rapid.

  29. This action was taken upon the allegation that the simultaneous action of all these roads in so doing constituted a violation of the Anti-Trust Law.

  30. Mr. Siegfried's allegation that I made frequent portages is grossly and maliciously false.

  31. By stating one fact which has never been disguised, and repeating an allegation which is absolutely false, he would dispose utterly of the very trip that made his journey so easy of accomplishment.

  32. These facts (wrote Lord Elgin) seemed altogether irreconcilable with the allegation that the question was one on which the two races were arrayed against each other throughout the province generally.

  33. The same may be said of an allegation that King Constantine secretly informed Bulgaria that, even in the event of an attack on Servia, she would meet with no opposition from Greece.

  34. This allegation is supported chiefly by a telegraphic dispatch from the Bulgarian Minister at Athens to Sofia (White Book, No.

  35. Thus, the allegation that I would spread the Islam might appear much more justified than the one that I would promote Catholicism!

  36. He came forth with one unproven allegation after another.

  37. Arnold, in his note, opposes the allegation in part, by remarking that “the law required not only the presence but the sanction of at least six thousand citizens to some particular decrees of the assembly.

  38. Moreover, what can be more improbable than the allegation that a great number of men were hired to personate the fathers or brothers of deceased Athenian citizens, all well known to their really surviving kinsmen?

  39. It is simply the allegation of the Four Hundred, whose testimony, as a guarantee for truth, is worth little enough.

  40. Proof of this allegation may be found at the cashier's desk of almost any restaurant or hotel.

  41. Inasmuch as the whole argument in favor of tipping is based upon the allegation that the servitor actually gives a value in extra service, the element of obligation will be examined closely.

  42. I find nothing else on which this allegation can be founded.

  43. It is to be observed that in the eleventh article there is no allegation that the President had committed an offence that was indictable under any statute of the United States or that would have been indictable at common law.

  44. The allegation and the fact are that he wrote to Mr. Chase, then in Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet, that Rosecrans was incompetent to the command.

  45. Upon this allegation of Mr. Sumner the resolution was defeated in the Senate.

  46. Further than that, it was claimed that the allegation under that article was not "cognizable by the court as a high misdemeanor in office.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "allegation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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