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  1. This creed continued to be held by the Roman Catholic Church, and was adopted and still continues in use by the Protestant Episcopal Churches both of Great Britain and this country.

  2. The Waldenses, in their creed of 1120, adopt all the articles of the so-called Apostles' Creed.

  3. The Second General Council, which was held at Constantinople in 383, determined that the Nicene Creed should be the standard of orthodoxy.

  4. Creed and his unfailing advocacy of the antidote can not be too highly appreciated and lay both the writer and the public under a debt of deep gratitude to him.

  5. Creed wrote in an editorial: "We desire to call the special attention of the profession to Dr.

  6. Each tolerates all sorts of difference of creed and variety of aim within its own ranks.

  7. They saw, at once, that the great majority of the lucky miners, of every creed and nation, were going back home, as soon as they had enough to secure an honorable competence to their families.

  8. But he was in no haste to abandon his earlier principles; he sought rather to find how they might be widened to cover artistic motives which scarcely came within the scope of the creed to which the Brotherhood had originally been pledged.

  9. The Brotherhood, so constituted, was formally inaugurated in the autumn of 1848, and the members at once set to work to prove by their acts the reality of their belief in the creed they had adopted.

  10. Sorry, that one of so frank, ingenuous a mind, should find it impossible to accept the creed of his fathers, and sorry that it must leave so impassable a chasm between us, for ever.

  11. You consider it then idolatry for one to use those gifts which he has received from his Maker, and to treat the most important of all subjects, as a rational being, instead of receiving a creed blindly, and without thought?

  12. She fully believed him to be dead; and her puritanical creed taught her that this, the sweetest and most endearing of all the rites of Christianity, was allied to a belief that it was sacrilege to entertain.

  13. How completely and philosophically does the venerable Christian creed embrace and modify all these workings of the heart!

  14. He was aware that it would not be just to hold any creed responsible for the manner in which a person like Stimson defended it.

  15. Now, is it not just as difficult to understand how, or why, this should be, as to understand the common creed of Christians?

  16. By your fruits ye shall know them," says he, for like most professors of the creed of the incredulous, he is never so much at his ease as when quoting Scripture.

  17. It is to enable us all to say the Athanasian Creed without our tongue in our cheek.

  18. Our author was unscrupulous, for he makes Dasius profess the Nicene Creed before it was made.

  19. On the other hand, the Greek beliefs which he describes resemble Australian and American beliefs more closely than Australian and American beliefs resemble the creed taught by missionaries.

  20. He could not be, when found by the first European discoverers, and, had the creed been borrowed, prayer to the being would have been borrowed with it.

  21. Kent knew that this would be so, for Father Layonne knew neither code nor creed that did not reach all the hearts of the wilderness.

  22. For Anton's creed was, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," and he had loved his neighbor with the great forest love of man for man.

  23. Christian creed be assailed; and just as little shall the Seven Sacraments, as the Church has ordained them and heretofore held them.

  24. America: Shall the state not concern itself at all about the religious creed of its citizens?

  25. What a mockery to meet it with empty creed and human dogma!

  26. Its assumption that its creed is the only religious truth is an insult to the world's expanding intelligence.

  27. Fair visions of a life untrammeled by creed or religious convention hovered at times that night before his mental gaze.

  28. The angels of a creed of love--or of lust!

  29. For Annie had absorbed the sound creed of the country, that to waste foodstuff is a crime as heinous as murder.

  30. It can scarcely be understood how the followers of an atheistical creed can make, consistently with their opinions, an attempt at prayer.

  31. We there have that religious creed or system as pure from adulteration as it can be after a lapse of so many centuries.

  32. The best way to undermine the foundations of a false creed and successfully attack it, is to lay it open to the eyes of all and exhibit it as it really is.

  33. The Brahminical creed is spoken of in very disparaging terms by Buddhists; and, as a matter of course, they have been reciprocally handled severely by their opponents.

  34. The originator and propagator of the creed of the latter found it already established; he had but to embody it among his own conceptions, and make it agree with his new ideas.

  35. The historical times begin with Gaudama, whilst there exist historical proofs of the existence of the rival creed of Brahminism anterior to the days of the acknowledged author of Buddhism.

  36. The tenets of that creed have become popular, because they were intended for all.

  37. There is no desire on the part of those who in our days follow that creed to propagate its tenets among other nations or tribes.

  38. No true Welsh noble is guilty of departing from the creed of his ancestors to the tune of domestic comforts.

  39. The past was gone, the future a blank; nothing remained but the glorious present, with its impulses which sprang straight from the heart of nature and which no creed could root out.

  40. I know such is not the creed of thy people, nor of some of mine; but when thou standest on the verge of eternity, as I do now, thou wilt feel this too.

  41. Was her late husband, they demanded, of the same blaspheming creed as herself?

  42. Father Denis has brought before thee the solemn truths which our sainted creed advances, in reply to the mystifying fallacies of thine; and, he tells me, wholly without effect.

  43. In heaven I feel there is no distinction of creed or faith; we shall all love God and one another there, and earth's fearful distinctions can never come between us.

  44. Her creed condemns, but her heart loves me--aye, still, still!

  45. My creed may be the mistaken one it seems to thee; but, oh!

  46. But it, too, began its revolutionary creed by declaring itself atheist.

  47. But even where, as in Germany, the Marxian tradition still assumes the form of a creed to all outward appearance, the party is very far from keeping within the limits of pure Marxian theory.

  48. Last autumn I left it and resigned my orders because I could no longer accept the creed of the English Church.

  49. Unitarianism of the old sort is perhaps the most illogical creed that exists, and certainly it has never been the creed of the poor.

  50. Husbandhood, fatherhood, and all the sacred education that flows from human joy for ever self-forbidden, and this grim creed for recompense!

  51. Truth has never been, can never be, contained in any one creed or system!

  52. A similar but fuller account of the West African creed is given by a German writer, whose statements apply particularly to the Ewe-speaking negroes of the Slave Coast.

  53. According to the creed of the Vedic ages," says Professor Oldenberg, "the whole world in which man lives is animated.

  54. His theory of religious purification seems faithfully to reflect the creed of the savage on this subject,(309) but a philosopher is perhaps the last person whom we should expect to find acting as a mirror of savagery.

  55. Of no small account, then, must be the tenets of a creed that can awaken in its followers so rare and beautiful a spirit of self-sacrifice.

  56. During the week following His passing, from fifty to a hundred of the poor of Haifa were daily fed at His house, whilst on the seventh day corn was distributed in His memory to about a thousand of them irrespective of creed or race.

  57. The High Commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuel, sent immediately a message conveying his desire to attend the funeral in person, in order as he himself later wrote, to “express my respect for His creed and my regard for His person.

  58. Obsolete conventions could not bind a prince who thought that he owed all to religion, and believed that a religious creed would sanctify any deed, however violent.

  59. It was as professors of this creed that they had acceded to the treaty; and in the benefits of this peace the advocates of the confession were alone entitled to participate.

  60. Why doesn't the East send us some of its teachers, some of its leaders to explain to us its creed and its belief?

  61. They wanted to know the difference, if any, between Mahommedans and Muslims, what the Muslim creed was, and what the title of Calif meant.

  62. Our creed is based on this belief and on the recognition of all the past prophets.

  63. Irrespective of religion, creed or denomination they would help in forming in the Near East new generations of modern men and women.

  64. Each religion and creed had, in the course of time, accomodated itself to the pettiness of humanity and had lost sight of its essential principles.

  65. If when speaking a common language they both translated the meaning of their appellation into it instead of using words of Arabic and Greek origin, they would soon realize that their creed was identical.

  66. He writes with the greatest impartiality, and in the interest of no particular creed or tendency.

  67. The darkness of uninterpreted hieroglyphics still rests to a great extent on the religious creed and practices of the Egyptians.

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