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  1. The creek was beyond and although the ford was some rods above the deer-lick, he thought to cast himself into the stream and thus escape his enemy.

  2. The gentle creatures first slaked their thirst at the margin of the creek hard by and then stood a moment with outstretched nostrils, snuffing the wind before tasting the salt impregnated earth trampled as hard as adamant by a thousand hoofs.

  3. The bird was not plucked, but after being entrailed was stuffed with chestnuts to give it a flavor and then rolled in the tub of sticky clay brought up from the creek bottom.

  4. The meadow had been mown some days before (they always got two mowings a season off the rich creek bottoms) and the new grass had sprung up just enough to be soft and velvety to the feet.

  5. Not far up the creek was a settlement of Hampshire farmers who on one occasion had been driven out by Yorkers in the employ of a Scotchman named Reid.

  6. In some way they would have to get the carcasses to the creek bank and transport them to the cabin by canoe.

  7. The several bonfires could not spread to the underbrush, so the boys were able to leave them for the time and rush away to the creek for a swim before dinner.

  8. The traps stretched so far along the creek that if one went out alone to examine and bait them, almost the entire day was consumed.

  9. He paddled across the creek for his blanket, told his mother that he was going on a torchlight hunt, with whom he was going, and without further explanation returned to follow his red friend.

  10. He only pushed the white boy on until they came to the ford of the creek where Enoch and 'Siah Bolderwood had crossed early in the day.

  11. After crossing the creek at the spot where the boy's father had met his frightful and mysterious death a few months before, the two volunteers, while still the day was new, reached the place of the settlers' gathering.

  12. But there had been an earlier survey of the territory along Walloomscoik Creek under the old Dutch patent and in 1765 Captain Campbell, under instructions from the New York colony, attempted to resurvey this old grant.

  13. Make camp on little creek not a mile from here.

  14. It's one of those long creek skiffs, pulled by six men," announced Jim.

  15. Sartinously; yo’ doan’ forgot dat cabin down among the trees where a small creek runs in front ob it.

  16. There was the stretch of woodland, meadow and sparsely cultivated ground, with the small dwelling in the distance, the landscape being crossed by a winding creek which skirted the forest and lost itself far to the eastward.

  17. The end of the cape ought to bear just east-northeast from the mouth of the creek Joe discovered.

  18. He was dripping with water, having found the creek by unexpectedly walking into it from off a boat-landing.

  19. That bell must be in Amityville," said Charley, "and we must be close by this little creek that is laid down on the chart.

  20. Charley and Tom presently heard a dismal exclamation in Joe's unmistakable voice, and in a short time he returned, announcing that the creek was only three or four boat-lengths distant.

  21. He reached the creek in a short time, found his way across it, and once on the other side, he hurried through a school section to Kaden's cabin that was joined with this on the south.

  22. A creek of considerable depth, and plenty of water ran to the south of it a half mile, and up this valley the promoters of the town contended that the railroad would build.

  23. Finally they fell upon the creek that ran near the house, and she gave a start as she saw growing upon its banks, a peculiar weed with purple blossom.

  24. But to get back to the characters in question, we must come back to the little town near the creek valley.

  25. He crossed a raise between the branch and the creek where the water flowed deeply, and where they always went fishing.

  26. After they had played awhile a Swede who lived across the creek entered, took a seat and drawing his chair near, watched the game.

  27. There is a creek on the north side of the latter point, where there is good anchorage.

  28. The way leads through a trackless forest of tall trees and tangled undergrowth, and over a swampy creek of deep black mud, which opens on the sea-shore, the port described by Cieza de Leon.

  29. He cast his eyes over the scene; the creek was before him, and seemed to oppose a charge on the enemy--retreat he could not.

  30. About the first of August, I made an incursion into the Indian Country with a party of nineteen men, in order to surprise a small town up Scioto, called Paint Creek Town.

  31. They ascended this creek a short distance with their boat, and concealed their cargo at different places in the woods along its banks.

  32. He kept in the run of a creek in a very dense swamp all the time that the neighbors were in pursuit of him.

  33. Funny I can't spot that Soda Creek Trail.

  34. As a last resort, she turned straight for the light patch still showing in the northwest, hoping thus to cross the wagon road that ran from Soda Creek to the Meadows--it lay west, and she had gone northeast from town.

  35. It was a pretty place, and there was hay for our horses in that meadow, and trout in the creek back of the cabin.

  36. And you might prospect this creek from end to end and never find another nugget bigger than a pea.

  37. The creek swung in a hairpin curve, and in the neck between the two sides of the loop the gold was sifted through wash gravel and black sand, piled there by God only knew how many centuries of glacial drift and flood.

  38. This is a simon-pure pocket, and it would keep a graduate mineralogist guessing to say how it got here, because it's a different proposition from the wash gold in the creek bed.

  39. So she rambled along the creek one afternoon, armed with hook and line on a pliant willow in search of sport.

  40. In a branch of the creek which flowed down through the basin.

  41. Three days after the finding of the pocket the whole floor of the creek was awash.

  42. And when an open bottom beside a noisy little creek showed the scattered tents of the survey camp, Hazel said: "Let's not stop, Bill.

  43. I've been going it blind for an hour, trying to hit the Soda Creek Trail, or any old trail that would show me where I am.

  44. She herself had cast an anxious glance over the wide sweep below and beyond, seeing nothing but timber and hills, with the silver thread of a creek winding serpent-wise through the green.

  45. That was a lengthy speech for Jim Briggs, as Hazel discovered when she rolled out of Soda Creek behind the "team uh bays.

  46. The relatively large percentages of fish bones, crayfish, and snail shells can be correlated with the observation that much time was spent by the crows at the pools in creek beds.

  47. By October 10 only one pool was left in the creek bed under observation.

  48. At the Battle of Wilson's Creek the Iowa regiment and a part of an Illinois regiment were ordered to clear out a flanking party concealed in a ravine upon the left of the Union forces.

  49. At Bakers Creek he was badly wounded in the breast and after he had fallen was captured by a Confederate, forced to his feet and though faint from loss of blood marched to the Confederate camp.

  50. He reached the bank of the creek in about two jumps, but, as he said afterward, he seemed to hang in the air a half hour between each jump.

  51. Down the last stream there was a deep, sluggish creek nearly fifty feet wide.

  52. With twenty men he started to cover the twelve miles to Cedar Creek as fast as their horses could gallop.

  53. Before Sheridan had gone far and just after crossing Mill Creek outside of Winchester, he commenced to meet hundreds of men, some wounded, all demoralized, who with their baggage were all rushing to the rear in hopeless confusion.

  54. Along this bank he went for miles until finally he found concealed in a little creek a small rowboat which was tied to a tree and in which were two oars.

  55. He then left the road and rode along a shallow creek through the woods.

  56. He pointed through the trees at where the streamlet widened into the little creek where they had first landed, and Nic rubbed his eyes, refusing to believe in what he saw.

  57. Get as nigh as you can to where you think the creek is on the other side.

  58. The next minute Nic saw him plunge into the thick growth overhanging the narrow creek and disappear.

  59. Then one vigorous thrust sent the craft into the stream; but before they had cleared the creek there was a shout, followed by the whiz of a bullet and the report of a musket.

  60. Nic had no faith in his companion's notions about the boat lying sunk in the creek or river; but as the time wore on he could suggest no better idea.

  61. If you stand here and look across, the creek is a little way up to the right.

  62. Crane Creek had its source, or rather one of its sources, within a hundred feet of the house, where a big spring bubbled from beneath the roots of a giant oak, and the water went chattering and laughing away to the south and east.

  63. When the fish swim up the creek to a certain distance, they are entrapped in this net, the cords being pulled by two people stationed in a hut adjoining, built for the purpose of watching the net.

  64. At length we came to a sort of bay or creek of the river, which we were under the necessity of wading through.

  65. In the midst of this creek was so deep a hole that the longest pole could scarcely fathom it.

  66. Some piles are placed in the mouth of a little creek or cove, adjoining to a small fence or row of pales.

  67. After exchanging a few good-natured sallies with the gleeful Sammies, who were discarding their clothing as fast as their hands would let them, the four Khaki Boys left the creek and started back to quarters.

  68. First chance I get I'm going to hunt for a creek and live in it.

  69. In solitary places where a stream or creek large enough to float a ship is found, our builders lay the keels of their vessels.

  70. On one side of the creek was a sloping bank of some height, where tall old forest trees were growing.

  71. It was on the narrow, grassy margin of a broad, limpid creek in which the fish were jumping.

  72. On August the 31st we made our camp on the banks of a large, clear creek in West Virginia called Horseshoe Run.

  73. In the first part of the dream I was driving in a buggy, I crossed a creek and had trouble with unharnessing a horse.

  74. I had related during the evening how I recently fell into a creek with my clothes on and this probably accounted for the creek over which I drove in the dream.

  75. Ferns, lilies, and other plants of deeper hues, were massed in great beds that ran from the creek edges back to the forest.

  76. He knew because the waters of the creek were clear that it must flow through hard, firm ground, and he was thinking at that moment of a plan which he intended to carry out later.

  77. As they advanced, the creek narrowed and the forest thickened.

  78. Henry looked at the creek and the forest through which it came with an appreciative eye.

  79. The banks of the creek were low and on either side brilliant wild flowers grew to the very water's edge.

  80. They stopped one morning in the mouth of a clear creek that flowed into the Mississippi, and decided to spend the day in making repairs, a general cleaning-up, and a search for fresh food.

  81. The Revolutionary War had nearly caused a rupture between these Creek consuls.

  82. Another source of profit he had in a secret partnership with a firm of brother Scots at Pensacola, to which he directed the trade of the Creek nation, jealously intrigued for by their British and Spanish neighbours.

  83. It is said that the First Consul was taken by the idea, and that in 1801 a small French expedition had even been prepared to conquer the Creek country under Milfort’s guidance.

  84. The States having secured their independence, the eagerness of American settlers to press over the Creek bounds had almost brought about an Indian war with the great republic.

  85. We had our launch in hiding in a creek some little distance away, and we got safely aboard her and set off down the river, towing the men in a native boat.

  86. The losses are a stockade and two native boats, one destroyed and sunk up the creek to keep the Ashantis from using her, and the other hidden, useless to us for the time being.

  87. Dick reflected that he could still make for the launch and steam down the river, for it was hardly likely that she had been discovered, so well were the creek and the tiny tributary hidden.

  88. Or it may be that we shall be within the creek by then," came the answer.

  89. A little later the bend in this stagnant creek came into view, and there was the place where the boats had been secured when he was at the mine.

  90. And the creek lies within an hour's paddling from here, chief.

  91. I have come to the creek where was the mine, and, alas!

  92. You should be as tough as leather, and spinning along this creek bank like William.

  93. Into the creek they went setting stones, packing with sod and muck, using sticks and leaves until in a short time they had a dam before which the water began rising, then overflowing.

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