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  1. He rowed towards them, to get within striking distance, but struck only a little fjord seal, which came up between him and the others.

  2. And one day Âtârssuaq caught a fjord seal, and took off the skin all in one piece, and dried it like a bladder, and made his son put it on when he went swimming.

  3. And there stood the two women, hauling at the little fjord seal, which they could not manage to drag up from the shore.

  4. And furthermore she said: "If any of you should catch a young fjord seal with a bare patch on its back, you must give it to me to make breeches.

  5. I was hunting a little fjord seal which I cannot hit," he said.

  6. And when they swam out, there was one of the fjord seals which she liked so much that she plucked a few of the hairs from its back, that she might have it to make breeches of when it was caught.

  7. Thus it was I turned my face towards a lonely, secluded little haven snugly concealed in an inner fjord of the Norwegian coast where I intended to sleep and dream and sink all traces of my existence on earth for a few brief days at least.

  8. The waters all around Kiel fjord are reputed as good hunting-ground for flounders and for diving ducks.

  9. Now the Kiel fjord was within an easy sail.

  10. With the Sogne Fjord on the north, Hardanger Fjord on the south and west and a chain of lakes almost connecting the two, one can see every variety of scenery in a three days' trip around Bergen.

  11. At the upper end of the fjord is a majestic cascade, the dashing, splashing, foaming outlet of the lake two hundred feet above.

  12. Out in the fjord I straightened up once and, drenched with fever and weakness, looked in toward land and said good-bye for this time to the city of Christiania, where the windows shone so brightly in all the homes.

  13. If a fairy idyl has any home, it is certainly in the deep fjord valleys of Nordland in the summer.

  14. Through the windows opposite you saw the fjord and the highlands beyond in undisturbed natural beauty.

  15. The trip across the North Sea was finally accomplished, but at great risk, and when at last the little fjord steamer came alongside to bear the invalid to his home, a prayer of thanksgiving filled all hearts.

  16. The steamer, on entering the large fjord which lies outside the harbor, was met by a convoy of sixteen steamers, ranged on either side—a wonderfully impressive escort.

  17. The little steamer gliding into the fjord at breakfast time seldom failed to bring one or more guests from town.

  18. Above, the pines and spruces and feathery birches start from fissures in the rocks, and soar away to great heights, giving to the island a fleecy air of indescribable beauty, and to the inner fjord the soft seclusion of an inland sea.

  19. Now he was in Paradise, though rather too deep in it; the shore of Sotaskaer consisted of green pasturage overshadowed by oaks, and the bay opened out to the fjord in the far distance.

  20. It is the sky of Molde, the fjord of Molde!

  21. In winter I should love the fury of raging winds, and the roar of the waves of the fjord below my house, and grey mists would hang over the hills!

  22. And in that mist she saw Moldehoi and the spectral fjord gleaming between the two ranges of protecting mountains, and far away, in the west, those three thin bars of gold.

  23. When his boat entered a fjord where they were fishing, and his rowers shouted out that the good priest had come who had news of God, they dropped their work and flocked out to meet him.

  24. They understood their master only too well, and took King Erik out on the fjord in an open boat, and killed him there, scarce giving him time to say his prayers.

  25. At Kolberger Heide, the water outside the Fjord of Kiel, he caught up with them and attacked at once.

  26. The Countess stood in astonishment, not knowing exactly whether she had witnessed a supernatural display of the judgment of Heaven, or an instance of its vengeance by mere mortal means.

  27. Agelastes lay dead upon the ground, and his assassin Sylvan, springing from the body as if terrified and alarmed at what he had done, made his escape by the window.

  28. The western fjord districts, those of Trondhjem Fjord, the Sogne Fjord and the Hardanger Fjord are thickly populated.

  29. We want to go up the Christiania Fjord by daylight, and when the ladies will be on deck.

  30. When they got under way and steamed down the Christiania Fjord and saw the effect of the sun setting, which then had its special beauty, Helga thought she had never seen anything so lovely.

  31. Frithjof, however, braves the wrath of the god, and sails every night across the fjord to a stolen rendezvous with his beloved.

  32. He used to stand in the evening on the beach "and gaze at the play of the sunshine upon fjord and mountain, until he wept, as if he had done something wrong.

  33. Valdemar must have done it all--for I,--I saw the last glimpse of the flames on the Fjord the night I came home!

  34. And he pointed out through the window to the Fjord now, invisible in the deep darkness.

  35. To propel the sledge down to the Fjord was an easy matter--how the rest of his duty was accomplished he never knew.

  36. A clear, far-reaching note of music seemingly wakened from the waters of the Fjord and rising upwards, upwards, with bell-like distinctness!

  37. You can set out from the comfortable hotel at Faleide, go up the Indvik Fjord in a rowboat, cross over a two-mile hill on foot or by carriage, spend a happy day on the lake, and return to your inn in time for a late supper.

  38. It could be seen from this point that the ice at the headland, which bounded the mouth of the fjord to the east, lay so near land that there was a risk that the open water next the shore would not be deep enough for the Vega.

  39. This variety of goose is found in greatest numbers during the moulting season at small inland lakes along the coast, for instance on the line of coast between Bell Sound and Ice Fjord and on Gooseland.

  40. It still, however, occurs on Ice Fjord in very great numbers, which, were the animal protected, would speedily increase.

  41. Ice we met with only in small quantity, and what we saw was very rotten fjord or river ice.

  42. The fjord is frequented by tourists, and the principal stations have hotels.

  43. The fjord is flanked by magnificent mountains, from which many waterfalls pour into it.

  44. The outer fjord is called the Kvindherredsfjord, flanked by the Melderskin (4680 ft.

  45. The main fjord is divided into parts under different names, and there are many fine branch fjords.

  46. Here Mauranger-fjord opens on the east; from Sundal on this inlet the great Folgefond snowfield may be crossed, and a fine glacier (Bondhusbrae) visited.

  47. Here a narrow isthmus separates the fjord from the North Sea.

  48. Among the many who were wounded at Hafrs-Fjord was Thorolf, and in fact all who had stood before the mast in the king's ship, except the berserks.

  49. Harold, perceiving that he was caught, gave orders to sail in through the fjord to the very end.

  50. He had just beaten Sweyn in the battle of Djursaa, and felt perfectly safe in entering the long and narrow Lim-Fjord for purposes of plunder.

  51. Early in June the Baglers appeared in the fjord with a large fleet, and the usual skirmishing commenced.

  52. But Sweyn, hearing that his antagonist had gone into such a trap, hastily gathered what forces he could command and laid to at Hals, where the fjord is so narrow that a few ships could easily engage a much superior number.

  53. He conquered Raumarike in Norway and the great and fertile district called Vestfold, west of the fjord called Folden (now the Christiania Fjord).

  54. What wonder, then, that he started for Europe a few weeks before his presence was needed in the imperial city, and that he steered his course directly toward the fjord valley where Bertha had her home?

  55. The mountains lifted their great placid heads up among the sun-bathed clouds, and the fjord opened its cool depths as if to make room for their vast reflections.

  56. In several places it crosses screes {89} of loose stories, which repeated avalanches have ground down in their career from the overhanging cliffs above to the deep fjord below.

  57. We now arrive at the small village, or hamlet, of Aardal, at the head of the branch fjord of the same name.

  58. The mountain-forms were all wiped out by the rain-curtain, and, from a state of comparative calmness, the waters of the fjord became almost as choppy as the open sea.

  59. This majestic fjord of Geiranger is noted for great avalanches of snow, sometimes of rocks, which in the winter and early spring descend from the steep mountains around.

  60. In Lyster Fjord we find one of the most beautiful valleys in Sogn--Jostedalen by name.

  61. We receive the impression that the steep sides of the fjord must continue down to immense depths.

  62. Above the head of the fjord and the upper reaches of the branch fjords there exists in some places a corresponding series of lakes, or lake basins, at a height of some hundreds of feet above the fjord level.

  63. Remnants of these snow-fields and glaciers still remain, in this district, on the immense mountain plateau which lies between the Soer Fjord and the sea-coast.

  64. If he had come there asleep he could not have got any such idea; and for a man who had sailed in through the long channel of the Trondhjem fjord up to the town it is incredible.

  65. It is not stated which fjord of the Western Settlement it was that Ivar visited; but in any case it is hardly to be supposed that it was all the fjords, which thus would all have been destroyed at the same time.

  66. Arab writers the Varangians' Sea undoubtedly meant the Baltic; but here, as is also suggested by Professor Seippel, one might be tempted to think that it is Varanger or the Varanger-fjord in Finmark that is intended.

  67. It seems that there was a difficulty in feeding all these crews, but Björn is said to have had the district of Eric's fjord handed over to him while he was there (?

  68. Illustration: Salmon-fishing in Vazdal by Ketils-fjord in the Eastern Settlement (see map, vol.

  69. Seen, as Sarrazin saw it, on a May morning, in alternate sun and shadow, the Roskilde fjord presents a view of tame and peaceful beauty.

  70. But it is hardly possible to conceive a greater contrast than that between the Roskilde fjord and the scenery depicted in ll.

  71. During the evening's talk he told me of a group of Eskimos still farther up the fjord having with them a dying boy.

  72. We were fishing one day in Seyde Fjord on the east coast, when suddenly with much speed and excitement the great net was hauled, and we started with several other trawlers to dash pell-mell for the open sea.

  73. It is at the bottom of a fjord twenty-five miles long, with very precipitous cliffs two thousand feet high on each side and bottomless water below.

  74. With woeful countenances we had to give it up and start on our three miles' row along the fjord to the hotel.

  75. Away at the end of one fjord lies the village of Risano, an idyllic spot, whence a road is in the course of construction to Nikšić.

  76. The whole fjord was now transformed into a sea of silver almost as bright as midday.

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