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Example sentences for "fizzled"

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fixture; fixtures; fizz; fizzing; fizzle; fizzy; fjeld; fjelds; fjord; fjords
  1. So the big attack, of which my gunner friends along the Fromelle Road had such hopes, had fizzled out.

  2. I remember, at the starting, how I tried to freeze again As I watched them slowly driving down the little crooked lane-- When Annie shouted something that ended in a cry, And how I tried to whistle and it fizzled in a sigh.

  3. It fizzled up like a tongue of flame with a little hissing sound like that of a serpent.

  4. It fizzled out," said Garry, resting his arm on Raymond's shoulder.

  5. It wasn't very much of a patrol and it all fizzled out.

  6. She tried to strike a light, but the match was damp, and fizzled away without igniting.

  7. Wonder what he got from them when the plot fizzled out?

  8. We've improved on that a little since the Chinese cook and the Chinese gardener came back from the goldfields--there was another rush at Fig Tree Mount that fizzled out.

  9. The factious and revolutionary action of the fifteen has interrupted the regular business of the Senate, disgraced the actors, and fizzled out.

  10. At Princeton College, the word blue is used with fizzle, to render it intensive; as, he made a blue fizzle, he fizzled blue.

  11. Much of Turkish justice depended on the state of the German offensive, which now seemed to have partly fizzled out.

  12. That fizzled out, and then he and another subaltern named Hill, also pretending he was mad, acted with such persistence that they were finally sent for medical treatment to Stamboul.

  13. Hunt fizzled out, and returned to his previous nonentity.

  14. Socialism certainly did not advance--nor was any more employment found for anybody--and the thing fizzled out.

  15. The Squire lived for six months, and then fizzled out, the savings of poor old Morgan Evans having fizzled out too.

  16. Pretty soon the trail just fizzled out in the bushes.

  17. It wasn't just like the fellow said, because it fizzled out in a pasture.

  18. The interest of the place soon fizzled out, when it was found there was so little worth taking away; so, as the day was getting on, it was decided to launch off and start fishing.

  19. The best matches fizzled out because of that modern institution--love.

  20. For so many years Hirsh Roth had considered the matter of his son's marriage settled, that the unsettling of this plan was a calamity--as if a sure deal for a corner lot had fizzled out, or as if the very Bronx had failed in some way.

  21. Each time the threatened Chinese charge has not come off, and the incipient attack has fizzled out to the accompaniment of a diminishing fusillade.

  22. They joined me with some attempt at gaiety, but that soon fizzled out.

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