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  1. The jealousy of the women was also alleged as a reason for the fact that the channel which formerly went right through the country, from the Sermelik Fiord to the west coast, had been blocked with ice.

  2. An inspector at Godthaab once sent a woman-boat with its crew into the Ameralik fiord to mow grass for his goats.

  3. Now it so fell out that Grettir's merchant ship came into this same fiord one evening and ran aground on the opposite shore to that on which was the hostel.

  4. When Grettir heard this, he said farewell to the women, and turned his horse's head to ride down the fiord towards a boiling spring that bubbles up out of the rock, throwing up a cloud of steam, and running in a scalding rill into the sea.

  5. Onund said he had come with peaceable intentions, and then he was told that all that fiord was occupied, and that the owner of the land was Eric Trap, a wealthy man.

  6. A line of white foam marked the base of Drangey; and now and then a great wave from the mouth of the fiord boomed against the crags, and shot in spouts of foam high into the air.

  7. The farm was in a lonely place in a fiord opening back to the snowy mountains.

  8. Further south there is no fiord for many miles till you come to one occupied by a man called Biarni.

  9. The small but countless alluvial deposits at the fiord heads in Norway, aided by the products of the sea, are able to support a considerable number of people.

  10. Schlei Fiord I MAKE no apology for having described these early days in some detail.

  11. The little cove was still as glass; stars above and stars below; a few white cottages glimmering at one point on the shore; in the west the lights of Flensburg; to the east the fiord broadening into unknown gloom.

  12. In fact, every time we spun round for our dart across the fiord I felt like a rustic matron gathering her skirts for the transit of the Strand on a busy night.

  13. I could see no sign of the entrance he had spoken of, and no wonder, for it is only eighty yards wide, though it leads to a fiord thirty miles long.

  14. Thence I stumbled up the ladder, dived overboard, and buried bad dreams, stiffness, frowsiness, and tormented nerves in the loveliest fiord of the lovely Baltic.

  15. Under such circumstances, the only perfectly safe anchorage for a vessel was further up the fiord around a bend.

  16. A fiord between the mountains was seen off the starboard bow, and we at once headed in for it.

  17. It was night when his boat glided out of the fiord and sailed out to sea.

  18. The Svartisen Glacier on the west coast of Norway, just within the Arctic circle, at the head of a fiord ten miles from the ocean.

  19. The lesson for him was one of trust and courage; and I, who seemed to be then shut in upon a mountain-walled fiord without inlet or outlet, took the lesson home and promised myself not to lose heart again.

  20. The Roosevelt after leaving Etah Fiord was able to go as far north as Cape Sheridan, about 500 miles from the North Pole.

  21. Embarked on the good ship Roosevelt, his expedition had no trouble in reaching Etah Fiord on the north coast of Greenland.

  22. And she shall have my cap, and then there is not an eye along that fiord that can tell whether she is man or woman.

  23. See, madame, the fiord is as smooth as a pond.

  24. The story of his disappearance had spread through the whole region; and there was not a fisherman on the fiord who had not, by this time, given an opinion as to how he was drowned.

  25. As their vessel lay higher up in the fiord than the islet, they were on the opposite side from the crevice, and could not see from whence the smoke issued.

  26. So he knocked and knocked away, wishing that the echoes would be quiet for once, and then laughing as he imagined the ghost stories that would spring up all round the fiord to-morrow, from the noise he was then making.

  27. You say sometimes, grandfather, that you can pull a good stroke with the oar still, and I can steer as well as our master himself; and the fiord never was stiller than it is to-day.

  28. When tired of their fruitless search they returned to the schooner, ready to report to the master that the fiord was enchanted.

  29. He found his angling tolerably successful near home; but the farther he went the more the herrings abounded, and he therefore dropped down the fiord with the tide, fishing as he receded, till all home objects had disappeared.

  30. He was seen fishing on the fiord in that poor little worn-out skiff.

  31. The fiord takes a wide sweep below there," observed Peder.

  32. Erica doubted whether this act of disobedience arose from cowardice, for there were dangers in the fiord for such as went out as far as the cod.

  33. Sogne Fiord in Norway, Balder's Grove on the, x.

  34. Sanctuary of Balder on the Sogne fiord in Norway, x.

  35. The shores of the fiord are cultivated to an unusual distance up the mountain side, and after the rain and mist of previous days, this grand landscape is my real introduction to the characteristic scenery of the better kind of Norwegian fiord.

  36. At eight on Tuesday morning we are on board one of the smaller type of fiord steamers, with three rod boxes amongst the luggage, some battens piled on deck, and a moderate complement of passengers.

  37. In the afternoon, when the Domino is fairly on her northern course, and when the fiord landscapes should be a delight, we are in a gale, with incessant rain.

  38. The sides of precipitous mountain crags are silvered with cascades, and as we penetrate further into the fiord the scenery develops grandly, and the old snow patches on the dark and lofty summits and picturesque saddles look startlingly white.

  39. The master's name was Snorri Gamlason, and it happened that as he sailed into Eric's Fiord and warped alongside the quay, word was brought to him that the Bishop of Garda had arrived that day in Brattahlid, to hold a confirmation.

  40. When they reached the castle, they found that the vessel they had seen entering the fiord had, in the meanwhile, arrived.

  41. He then issued some farther orders respecting; his departure, and again despatched messengers to ascertain whether the town was tranquil, and the road to the fiord unobstructed.

  42. You don't know that the ice-floes jammed up the mouth of the fiord after we were in.

  43. The morning was glorious, and as they rowed north the various turnings of the fiord soon shut out all view of the Hvalross.

  44. I am going up the fiord in one of the boats directly after.

  45. I daresay we shall find the fiord covered with ice in the morning.

  46. We should then turn this fiord into a lake, which would, sooner or later, burst down its southern bank.

  47. We're going to have a run across the fiord in the moonlight.

  48. There are many reasons why it is possible for the mass of ice at the bottom of the fiord to give way.

  49. Then, if the yachtsman wishes for more open water, he can sail out of the fiord mouth and steer for one of the many delightful little islands that stud the Baltic.

  50. Like all cities situated upon the water's edge, and upon fertile hills, Christiania is extremely picturesque, and it would not be unjust to compare its fiord to the famous Bay of Naples.

  51. After passing Hackenoes, a tiny hamlet of two or three houses, built upon a rocky promontory laved by the narrow fiord into which the Maan empties, the lake begins to widen rapidly.

  52. At a house on the Norwegian margin of the fiord something more was paid, my passport inspected, and my name entered in a book.

  53. In the evening I approached a fiord called Swinesund, which forms the northern limit of Sweden in this direction.

  54. Xtiania fiord is deep and the town is situated at the head of it.

  55. Part of the passage of the fiord is very narrow among the small islands, and the water very deep.

  56. Sport is always mingled with hospitality and entertainments; a vast quantity of eider duck is everywhere on the water, and to take a boat and go out on the Fiord with a gun, is one of the delights of this most delightful tour.

  57. As they were crossing the smooth fiord ice, Broenlund's keen and practised eye saw far shoreward tiny specks of moving animals, and he shouted loudly "Nanetok!

  58. They reached the fiord about the end of July, but alas!

  59. Starting with Topographer Hagen and the Greenlander dog driver, Broenlund, Erichsen reached a great inland fiord (Denmark), which he naturally took for the one charted by Peary as bordering the Greenland Sea.

  60. Peary Channel is only a fiord indenting northeastern Greenland, which extends northward as shown in the attached map of Amdrup Land.

  61. Their summer tent-rings and stone winter huts dot the favoring shores of every game-producing fiord from Cape Farewell, in 60 deg.

  62. As I sat there upon the beach of the little fiord eating my unpalatable shell-fish, I commenced to wonder how it had been that the four savages had been able to reach me, though I had been unable to escape from my natural prison.

  63. We were bottled up at the head of the fiord as completely as if we had been behind prison bars.

  64. The curtain rises on a rocky Norwegian fiord where a sailing-vessel has found shelter from a storm that is raging on the open sea.

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