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  1. Of the former the most interesting, perhaps, is the Common Gull, a species that has no English breeding-place, yet in some of these northern fiords it nests in abundance.

  2. Still, it is not often that the fiords are in a ferment of waves under a heavy gale, and the worst that happens is a temporary deviation from the general smoothness when the course lies where there is open sea on one side.

  3. That same night you are (wind and weather permitting) at Bergen, and thence next day you are going up the beautiful fiords to the river of your choice amidst surroundings that are nowadays the property of the picture postcard.

  4. Voyaging up the coast and on the Norwegian fiords is delightful indeed in fair weather.

  5. The passengers seemed entranced with their luxurious life and the charms of the fiords they were visiting, and we heard a concert on board that was really first-rate.

  6. In ascending the fiords the fish creep along within some twenty yards of the shore, and this makes it easy for the native to intercept them.

  7. On the third day they came down to one of those fiords which tongued inland, fringing the coast.

  8. The stream would take the fugitives to the sea where fiords cut the coastline into a ragged fringe offering a wealth of hiding places.

  9. There is no rum in the Dutchman, but the atmosphere, terror and mystery of the seas and rocky fiords of Norway are all there; and it was these that inspired the Dutchman.

  10. There, I think I can make out one of the fiords now.

  11. Johannes held the glass at this time, and he said to Steve, as the captain turned away: "There are two fiords that appear to be just right if we can reach them; but I cannot make out anything for certain yet.

  12. Lastly, sir, I think it very likely that we shall find your friends in one of the sheltered fiords along the coast.

  13. I forget how far generally the shores of fiords (not straits) are cliff-formed.

  14. The coast line of Iceland is unbroken on the southeast, but the remainder of the coast is deeply indented with bays or fiords in which are many excellent harbors.

  15. From where we were, all fiords looked alike, and it was impossible to tell islands from mainland.

  16. From the ship, the line of the shore looked straight, except off the bay, but there were great fiords running into the land for miles.

  17. Fiords running south from Eclipse Sound have been visited by whalers, but not explored; possibly they could be traced to Fury and Hecla Straits.

  18. As an accompaniment to this vast ice-field come from the glacier fiords of East Greenland most of the enormous icebergs which are sighted and encountered by transatlantic steamships off the banks of Newfoundland.

  19. Fine new ice-fiords were discovered which put forth innumerable numbers of icebergs, the highest rising two hundred feet above the sea.

  20. The most remarkable of the submerged fiords in the middle Atlantic region of the United States is the continuation of the trough of Hudson River beyond New York Bay.

  21. Fiords are probably due in great part to river erosion when the shores stood at considerably higher level than now.

  22. The direct proof of this preglacial elevation is largely derived from the fiords and great lake basins of the continent.

  23. Usually also fiords are connected with valleys extending still farther inland, and occupied by streams.

  24. Some of the fiords in this vicinity penetrate the continent through several degrees of longitude.

  25. In short, fiords seem essentially to be submerged river gorges, partially silted up near their mouths, or perhaps partially closed by terminal moraines.

  26. Brown had well said that "the country seems only a circlet of islands separated from one another by deep fiords or straits, and bound together on the landward side by the great ice covering which overlies the whole interior.

  27. These fiords are walled to a great height, and are of magnificent beauty.

  28. For a thousand miles, perhaps, the littoral still unfolds to the south, with great fiords and forests, terminating in a maze of channels which line the coast of Patagonia to Magellan Strait and Cape Horn.

  29. In Tierra del Fuego the snow-line is at 2,300 feet, and the glaciers which the snows feed, reach as far as the fiords and Lake Fagnano.

  30. Claude used to enjoy those excursions on the fiords very much.

  31. As the summer advanced, however, the land became bare of snow; it was then that delightful excursions were made inland, up through the long, deep fiords that everywhere indent this coast.

  32. Sometimes they take part in seal-fishing, when a sort of battue is made, the seals being hunted into narrow sounds and fiords and driven ashore.

  33. For one or two months they always went far up the fiords in search of reindeer, and there they lived on the fat of the land.

  34. Some prospectors abroad told us that the scenery on these fiords was majestic in the extreme.

  35. The exploration of the north side of Greenland, to the eastward, and the examination of the fiords in Robeson Channel, were left to the sledge parties from the "Discovery.

  36. On one side were the high cliffs of Disco, intersected here and there with deep fiords and bays, whilst on the other lay the perfectly quiescent sea, studded with icebergs of all shapes and sizes.

  37. The earth is cleft open; the fiords are made, and the trap-rocks burst forth.

  38. Deep fissures were opened in the earth's crust," like the fiords or great rock-cracks which accompanied the Diluvial or Drift Age.

  39. That island is nearer to Greenland than to Norway, and we know, moreover, that Norse sailors achieved more difficult things than penetrating the fiords of southern Greenland.

  40. It was evidently not the land of fiords and glaciers for which Bjarni was looking.

  41. Then the fiords begin to broaden and separate, they break up fields and woods and then the hillside cannot help but notice them.

  42. Now the fiords were not crowded by the land.

  43. The wild geese flew on, but instead of the narrow Mälar fiords and the little islands, broader waters and larger islands spread under them.

  44. There the land breaks itself up into points and islands and islets; and the sea divides itself into fiords and bays and sounds; and it is, perhaps, this which makes it look as if they must meet in happiness and harmony.

  45. Fiords ran in everywhere, and cut the land up into islands and peninsulas and points and capes.

  46. But now the crows descended, and he saw at once that the big carpet under him was the earth, which was dressed in green and brown cone-trees and naked leaf-trees, and that the holes and tears were shining fiords and little lakes.

  47. We were driving for Cardigan Strait, past the fiords into which we had descended from the western seas two weeks before.

  48. Between the tall headlands there were fiords cutting far into the interior; arms of the sea, these, winding and twisting back for miles.

  49. Nearly all of them are swashed and drifted by wind and tide back and forth in the fiords until finally melted by the ocean water, the sunshine, the warm winds, and the copious rains of summer.

  50. The formation and extension of fiords in this manner is still going on, and may be witnessed in many places in Glacier Bay, Yakutat Bay, and adjacent regions.

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