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Example sentences for "eighty"

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  1. The fort was built of hewn logs laid horizontally in a square, whose sides were one hundred and eighty feet in length, and outside this was a stockade of square timbers twelve feet in length set upright in the ground.

  2. Each town was to have one representative, and towns having more than eighty taxable inhabitants were entitled to two.

  3. A hundred an' thirty of them against eighty wouldn't be no battle.

  4. He rents two hundred acres from the Hlinovsky peasants alone, and two hundred and eighty from our folks; there's more than three hundred and seventy-five acres he's got.

  5. Finding himself in the presence of the Emperor in person with eighty thousand men, this Englishman was so paralysed with fear that he could neither move himself nor his army.

  6. Then with nearly eighty thousand men, he turned upon these "Goddam" Englishmen.

  7. There were eighty thousand men in the town and only thirty thousand to besiege them.

  8. But reflect, my dear Theodose, one hundred and eighty one thousand three hundred and twenty francs to put out!

  9. I give her at least eighty thousand francs there.

  10. My good friend," said Desroches in his ear, "I have come to see if you can procure at once twenty-five thousand francs plus two thousand six hundred and eighty for costs.

  11. Its chief charm was a garden, one hundred and eighty feet square, longer than the facade of the house by the width of a courtyard which opened on the street, and a little clump of lindens.

  12. On the side of the Romans eighty ships were fighting, of which twenty-two were Rhodian.

  13. These were eighty vessels, which, by the advice of Pantauchus, Gentius had sent to waste the lands of the Dyrrhachians and Apollonians.

  14. He carried in the procession nine thousand three hundred and twenty pounds' weight of silver, eighty pounds' weight of gold, and two golden crowns of the weight of sixty-seven pounds.

  15. From eighty to ninety sets occupied the floor during the twenty-four hours, each set yielding two dollars to the management.

  16. The distance was eighty yards at the most, but we had to use a scientific method, the same one, in fact, that Davies had used last night in the approach to the eastern pier.

  17. I could see no sign of the entrance he had spoken of, and no wonder, for it is only eighty yards wide, though it leads to a fiord thirty miles long.

  18. An aged man, on whose head the snows of eighty winters rested, had sate beside the altar in a chair, while the sacred rite was celebrated.

  19. In a very few years eighty Lassen county men were murdered by Indians.

  20. If it does and there is anything made on the eighty shares it shall be yours.

  21. Three or four years before Zack's death, a courier announced to the people of Susanville that three days before, out near Deep Hole, on the desert eighty miles east of Susanville, a man had been killed by renegade Pi Ute Indians.

  22. Sixty miles below are the Twin Falls, where the river, divided into two nearly equal parts, falls one hundred and eighty feet.

  23. On the Comstock the hoisting engines are set from forty to eighty feet from the mouths of the shafts.

  24. That is, I can send you about eighty dollars per month.

  25. Among the improved reformatories for children, many of them without walls, bolts, or bars, some have sent out cured from eighty to eighty-five per cent of the offenders committed to them.

  26. I make eighty dollar in four month at Wrangell.

  27. The hearts of the humane will not be shocked by ragged and hungry children, and persons of seventy and eighty years of age begging for bread.

  28. The amount of taxes in England at this time is full twenty millions; and therefore the quantity of gold and silver, and of bank notes, taken together, amounts to eighty millions.

  29. That swan has been in my family for two hundred and eighty years.

  30. The whole is kept as perfectly as a garden, amazing as the work of one white man with only a staff of unskilled native labourers--at present only eighty of them.

  31. I determined to drain this pond into that subterranean limestone stratum eighty feet below the surface.

  32. During the boring of my artesian well we drilled through a limestone stratum, eighty feet from the surface to one hundred and ten.

  33. By actual trial our guns with such a cartridge were only effective a short distance, and would not bear the ball and shot at direct range more than eighty yards.

  34. Starting in the southwest with an army of ten thousand men they had eighty thousand when they arrived before the walls of Nanking.

  35. The distance of eighty miles was covered in thirty-six hours and he planned to arrive at midnight.

  36. For this position, it will be remembered, was a strongly intrenched line, held by eighty thousand men, well armed and equipped, having in their front less than half their number of Confederates.

  37. Hooker, with over eighty thousand men, was held in the White House lines by a force of twenty-seven thousand.

  38. Here we find my son, between the 1st and 15th of December, travelling about five hundred miles, and walking from eighty to ninety.

  39. The river, which at this season has a tremendous body of water, descends through a wild ravine of two miles, nineteen hundred and eighty feet.

  40. Nearly eighty inches of yearly rain and more than eighty degrees of perpetual heat make swift work with vegetable fibre, which, in our cold and sluggard clime, would curdle into leaf-mould, perhaps into peat.

  41. The tract consisted of about six thousand acres, for which he paid eighty dollars a year; he was at a loss what to do, but told me that he would reflect upon it, consult his wife, and give me an answer at the hut the next day.

  42. More than eighty armed men stood in the pathway and barred our passage, and before we were aware of it, their spearmen had formed a circle around me and shut me in, looking the while indescribably terrible and savage.

  43. All told, more than eighty thousand commissions were granted through the camps, and the story of the battlefields proved at once the caliber of these amateur officers and the effectiveness of their training.

  44. And thus came about the extraordinary development of our military programme from the thirty to the eighty and one hundred division plans, which resulted in tremendous confusion, but which also ultimately ensured Allied victory in 1918.

  45. The American navy was responsible for eighty per cent of the laying of the barrage, which when finished was 245 miles long and twenty miles wide.

  46. The corps de ballet consists of between eighty and ninety fine dancers, of whom Monsieur Deshayes is the principal.

  47. Here we came to a stand eighty yards from the buffaloes.

  48. He unfurled an immense sheet of parchment, visible from the outermost distance at which any of this vast crowd could stand; the total number amounted to eighty thousand; all saw, and many heard.

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