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Example sentences for "eights"

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  1. Dunnigan was next an’ he found kings and eights in his hand.

  2. A pair of tens, back to back, he played cunningly, letting his opponent do the betting until the last card was dealt, when Gallagher bet a dollar on two eights in sight.

  3. The Eights week at Hawkesley always stood out prominently from the rest of the year as a kind of landmark.

  4. The brimming, almost straight, reach of water immediately below the bridge is one of the most interesting spots on the river to the muscular generation, since upon it are rowed the trial eights of the Oxford University Boat Club.

  5. It must be mainly a question of individual taste whether the sixes and eights of the Lenore version or the continued eights of the Huntsman please most.

  6. Stalk, about five-eights of an inch long, slender for the size of the fruit, and inserted in a deep irregular cavity, which is lined with rough cracked russet.

  7. It shall be just after the Eights have been rowed.

  8. I don't know anything prettier than to see four eights dash off together at the word "Go!

  9. It was more especially when the club races were coming on, and three or four eights had entered, that these matters were discussed with the greatest interest.

  10. I had become so accustomed to a dismal return to college from both the Eights and Torpids that the change was quite delightful, and on the last day of the races we had a huge "bump" supper in hall.

  11. Jack was immediately put into one of the trial Eights and finally, rowed six in the winning boat.

  12. On a rough day the two eights ride through waves which are less like a river than a sea; and perhaps the rough water has made some of the best history of the race.

  13. When Cambridge sank in 1859 she was waterlogged early in the race; she could not have won, but the steamers following the eights prevented her even from passing the winning-post, by swamping her with their wash.

  14. And actually brought her down for Eights and introduced her to the Warden on the barge.

  15. Eights Week came to an end with the scarlet and lilies still second; and without the heartening effect of a bump-supper the candidates for Pass Mods applied themselves violently to the matter in hand.

  16. So finally, after one or two more protests from Stella, it was arranged that she should come up for Eights Week under the guardianship of Mrs. Ross.

  17. Eights Week drew near, and Michael decided after much deliberation that he would not ask either his mother or Stella to take part in the festival.

  18. Eights Week came round, and though the college went head of the river, for Michael the achievement was merely a stroke of irony.

  19. Over and over again have Eights been defeated at Henley for the Grand Challenge Cup, and yet Fours, selected from their members, have been able to beat all comers in the Stewards'.

  20. That a man may be held to have rowed or steered in the Eights or Torpids when he has so officiated for three days.

  21. This race is rowed in sliding-seat clinker-built boats, and the crews consist of men who have not rowed in the Trial Eights or in the first division of the Eights in the previous Summer Term.

  22. Speaking generally, none of the picked eights of the Colonies have ever shown form or pace within measurable distance of the best college crews at Oxford and Cambridge, or the eights which may be seen at Henley.

  23. But I prefer to leave the general subject of combined rowing, whether in eights or fours, to a later chapter, while I attempt to explain the mysteries and difficulties of the sliding seat.

  24. I return to him to follow him in a career of glory which will lead him from Lent Boat to May Boat, from that to his college Four, and so perhaps through the University Trial Eights to the final goal of all rowing ambition--the Cambridge Eight.

  25. The innumerable bridges forbid the notion, although Ouida has, in one of her novels, sprinkled it with a mixture of racing Eights and water-lilies.

  26. Professional Fours are a little worse than Pairs, and their Eights disgraceful.

  27. Magdalen can also boast of not having finished lower than third in the Eights for some fifteen years.

  28. All the Eights are going to row to see which is best.

  29. But with this proud event he abandoned for the present most of his amusements, confined himself to the practice for the Eights which were coming off in May, and to his work for Moderations, which was fixed for about the same date.

  30. The cards having been considered, there are found among them two queens, two jacks, two tens, three sevens, two eights and two nines.

  31. Great care should be observed in noticing whether three eights appear behind the Consultant, for in that instance the marriage will not be a happy one.

  32. Supposing there are so many eights and five over, then three more will be wanted, and one must be added (by doing two in one) in each of the three corners.

  33. When we left Matsue by steamer on our way to Tottori prefecture I saw middle-school eights at practice.

  34. In the twenty minutes of watching which followed the remark about aces and eights Peter planted firmly and deeply in himself another abiding fear.

  35. Of course eleven months and eights days wasn't a record.

  36. At first he used to get the kings and jacks mixed once in a while, and then he had a habit, when he was learning the game, of getting the eights and tens twisted, too.

  37. And the man who had laid down his three eights made a reach for the pot.

  38. One time I got four eights pat on my own deal.

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