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Example sentences for "gleaming"

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glaziers; glazing; glazings; gleam; gleamed; gleamings; gleams; gleamy; glean; gleaned
  1. Also he could see his grandfather tying up neat little parcels, giving change, bowing and smiling with still handsome eye and gleaming smile, and accompanying people to the door, waving an obsequious and yet benevolent hand.

  2. His daughter sat with bare arms and neck at his side; her hair was bound in a gleaming mass about her ears, and one hand was laid upon the man's shoulder, while she patted Thomas Huxley with the other.

  3. The interior presented the usual confusion of gleaming tin and blue overalls, monumental cheeses and cards of buttons, a miscellany of ludicrously varied merchandise.

  4. A servant appeared, and placed a table upon the tiles, spreading a blanched cloth, gleaming crystal and silver.

  5. LIII AT the same time the haze lightened about him: he saw clearly his surroundings, the black, glittering windows of stores, the gleaming rails which bound the stone street.

  6. They hung back, but one remained looking about him with crafty, peering eyes, his long upper teeth gleaming like yellow fangs.

  7. She was leaning forward in her chair, gazing eagerly at the three men, her beautiful eyes eloquent with excitement--a crown of fire gleaming in her brown-gold hair.

  8. Then Nicholas, his face gleaming white through the darkness, leaned over to her.

  9. The sight of his white teeth gleaming in the twilight filled her with repulsion.

  10. The brass buttons of her khaki colored uniform, like that of an English soldier, were gleaming in the sun.

  11. Michael glanced at his tuxedo and gleaming shirt-front as though his own costume were quite out of place.

  12. When the sheet had fallen back on the bed, Michael was deathly pale, with a look of intenseness gleaming in his eyes.

  13. The year was now far advanced, and upon the fallen, yellow leaves, lay the queen of the year, looking up with mild eyes at a gleaming star, and her husband stood by her.

  14. For his monument, he had the floating, ever-changing icebergs, whereon the seal sleeps, while the storm bird flies round their gleaming summits!

  15. Then he saw just in front of him the great doorway of a cathedral; the lights were gleaming in the dark aisles, and the fragrance of incense was wafted towards him.

  16. She saw in the dark night the gleaming cloud on the horizon; in the clear moonlight nights she missed the sailing clouds, which showed her pictures of the city and pictures from history.

  17. Then the Snow Man looked, and saw a bright polished thing with a brazen knob, and fire gleaming from the lower part of it.

  18. Lately a gleaming star fell in the southwest, as a tribute of thanksgiving to many--many!

  19. The church is lighted up; the gleaming radiance shines through the window-frames, and pours out over meadow and heath.

  20. Then the clouds arose and covered the region round about where the gleaming mist announced "Here lies Paris.

  21. A thousand gleaming spiders ran here and there on the walls, causing them to glitter as if they were illuminated with fire.

  22. He lifted his head, and saw that the bright gleaming was not the reflection of the glittering snow, but the dazzling brightness of the pinions of a mighty angel, into whose beaming face he was gazing.

  23. The boy was dazzled by so much glitter; for the walls were gleaming with bright colors, all appeared living reality.

  24. One could see its red-tiled floor gleaming like porphyry.

  25. The moment I behold the gleaming snow on the uplifted mountains, I see that it is not a scarlet ensign indicative of wrath, war, and bloodshed.

  26. The road, gleaming in the sunshine, looks at one time like a clothes-line hanging on the mountain-side; again it resembles a winding serpent crawling zigzag up the mountain as though it wants to swallow the tents.

  27. The soldiers all wore red caps, and they looked like a veritable sea of blood, on which were floating thousands of gleaming bayonets and glistening sabres.

  28. In a few minutes the gleaming stars will look down to see their bright faces reflected in the water.

  29. Winding around among the hills and grain fields, these streams, gleaming in the sunlight, look like silver threads.

  30. It was from here that Antony and Cleopatra sailed for Samos in gilded galleys with perfumed silken sails and silver oars, drawn by beautiful girls whose gleaming paddles kept time to soft strains of music.

  31. He took it with thanks, his keen, blue eyes gleaming with triumph at the success of his ruse, and then gave his attention to the gloves, which he paid for and directed to be sent to his hotel.

  32. But one visible object was discernible, besides the gleaming windows and the moon-striped floor.

  33. Here and there, at no great distance in the grounds, the smoothly curving line of one of the tidal streams peculiar to the locality wound its way, gleaming in the sunlight, through gaps in the brambles and trees.

  34. Westward, a lurid streak of sunset glowed red in the dreary heaven, blackened the fringing trees on the far borders of the great inland marsh, and turned its little gleaming water-pools to pools of blood.

  35. Illustration: Edith felt a strong arm seize her by the shoulder, and turning her head in terror, she beheld the gleaming eyes of an Indian.

  36. The glories of Luxor and Karnak, which for several thousand years have been mirrored in the grey-green Nile; the white and gleaming shrines of Athens the bright and happy, the mighty ruins of Eternal Rome, are splendid instances.

  37. Elizabeth never forgot the still serenity of that September evening; the rustling of the falling leaves under their feet, the gleaming of the blue and white asters through the misty haze gathering over the fields and park.

  38. But over it stood an angel with a gleaming cloud streak for sword, saying, "Here enter thou not!

  39. But one bright thought pierced these dark fogs of nature and the soul, turning them to a white gleaming mist, a dew all glittering with rainbow colours, and gently lighting upon flowers.

  40. And as I rose the sun was gleaming low in the west, behind the ripe purple ears of corn, and casting in peace the reflection of his evening blushes over the sky to where the little moon was rising clear and cloudless in the east.

  41. For answer the old miner pulled from his pocket a few yellow pebbles--little stones of dull, gleaming yellow.

  42. Later, the gleaming knife in the hands of Lars, showed that he but too plainly understood the nature of the performance in which his future wife had been engaged.

  43. The absence of the gleaming fair beard made a great difference.

  44. A gleaming vortex had appeared over his head and a rifle had fallen from the vortex, striking him on a forepaw.

  45. Morrison waited, staring at the gleaming mouth of the vortex.

  46. A dainty bonnet of black lace and gleaming jet rested on the dark golden waves of her hair, and set off to the greatest advantage her blonde loveliness, lighted by such dark and star-like eyes.

  47. Laurel lifted her eyes and read the name cut deep into the gleaming marble shaft.

  48. She walked by him, silent and frightened, among the gleaming marbles, the dark-green shrubbery, the beautiful flowers with which loving hearts had decorated the graves of their dead.

  49. His voice was cold as the gleaming barrel.

  50. A telepathic message that flashed from the gleaming gaze above the shining tube suggested an utterly frivolous indifference to tragic consequences.

  51. A whiff of grapeshot, and the reef would be again gleaming with lights, and the diligences would pour in with loads of fish.

  52. The Princess Tekau was beautiful, quite like a Spanish senorita in color and feature, her ivory skin gleaming against a pale-blue bodice, and her blue-black hair piled high.

  53. The stars were in coruscating masses, the riches of the heavens disclosed as only at such a cloudless hour in this southern hemisphere, the Milky Way showing ten thousand gleaming members of the galaxy that are hidden in our skies.

  54. The orare, aturi, and paaihere were like the gleaming mesh purses worn by the women of our cities, but the ihi was as red as the beard of the Greek god T'yonni.

  55. The harbor was a gleaming surface, and the reef from this height was a rainbow of color.

  56. Instead, the rickety elevation of thatched porch was a blot of sable darkness relieved only by a pair of slanted yellow eyes gleaming close to the floor.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gleaming" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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