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Example sentences for "gleamed"

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glazier; glaziers; glazing; glazings; gleam; gleaming; gleamings; gleams; gleamy; glean
  1. The other man's brilliant eyes gleamed for an instant, but he guarded his voice.

  2. I was on the point of risking Mr. Rochester's displeasure by disobeying his orders, when the light once more gleamed dimly on the gallery wall, and I heard his unshod feet tread the matting.

  3. Shaking my hair from my eyes, I lifted my head and tried to look boldly round the dark room; at this moment a light gleamed on the wall.

  4. We now slowly ascended a drive, and came upon the long front of a house: candlelight gleamed from one curtained bow-window; all the rest were dark.

  5. Again a whitish object gleamed before me: it was a gate--a wicket; it moved on its hinges as I touched it.

  6. Above the temples, amidst wreathed turban folds of black drapery, vague in its character and consistency as cloud, gleamed a ring of white flame, gemmed with sparkles of a more lurid tinge.

  7. Presently the chambers gave up their fair tenants one after another: each came out gaily and airily, with dress that gleamed lustrous through the dusk.

  8. His staring eyes had softened, his hollow cheeks rounded out, his prison-cut hair could not mat now, and through his clean-shaven lips white teeth gleamed smilingly at times.

  9. The gaunt eyes gleamed like those of a wolf, and over the high bones above the sunken cheeks the skin glistened, as if so tightly stretched as to be in danger of bursting.

  10. She had worn it one day after rain, when the roads had been clear of dust, and her face had gleamed through the lace as a star gleams through a floating cloud-film.

  11. With her pearly skin and golden hair among all the dark heads, she gleamed like a pearl amid carbuncles, and everyone was looking at her.

  12. Although it would have been physically impossible for our heroine to advance without the aid of the friendly light, which now gleamed on the long line of level land before her, yet she was not encouraged to proceed.

  13. Havill's face had been not unpleasant until this moment, when he smiled; whereupon there instantly gleamed over him a phase of meanness, remaining until the smile died away.

  14. The tops of the masts were lost in the curling smoke, and the black waves of the sea gleamed and flashed in the red light all round the ship.

  15. The rowers paused; the light of the lantern gleamed over the sea, and fell upon the spray tossed up by Glynn.

  16. Reddened the sky overhead, and gleamed on the faces around her, And like the day of doom it seemed to her wavering senses.

  17. Broader and ever broader it gleamed on the roofs of the village, Gleamed on the sky and the sea, and the ships that lay in the roadstead.

  18. Pleasantly gleamed in the soft, sweet air the Basin of Minas, Where the ships, with their wavering shadows, were riding at anchor.

  19. Fair was she to behold, that maiden of seventeen summers; 65 Black were her eyes as the berry that grows on the thorn by the wayside, Black, yet how softly they gleamed beneath the brown shade of her tresses!

  20. Lovely the moonlight was as it glanced and gleamed on the water, 775 Gleamed on the columns of cypress and cedar sustaining the arches, Down through whose broken vaults it fell as through chinks in a ruin.

  21. Silence reigned in the streets; from the church no Angelus sounded, Rose no smoke from the roofs, and gleamed no lights from the windows.

  22. A light gleamed on the threshold; Madge, holding a candle, appeared with Warner, his hat and cloak thrown on in haste.

  23. Amidst the sordid dresses of the men, the soiled and faded tinsel of the tymbesteres gleamed and sparkled.

  24. Plate glass gleamed in the sun or, at night, blazed in the effulgence of limitless electricity.

  25. Under her hat brim Solange's eyes gleamed with a fierce light as the bloodthirsty old lunatic sputtered and mouthed.

  26. And then, to crown the horror literally as well as figuratively, Hugh saw that her hair sparkled and gleamed goldenly, as the hair of a saint might, if the aureole were combed down into it.

  27. Hastening on between the double rows of flower-decked graves, and the monuments that gleamed whitely in the twilight, I reached my mother's tomb.

  28. Bozevsky had sprung to his feet; his eyes gleamed strangely.

  29. His morning canter seemed to have given him an added touch of beauty and of daring; his fair hair gleamed in the sunshine, his smile was reckless and resplendent.

  30. She had not soothed him, and there arrived, remarkably, a moment when the cause of her failure gleamed out.

  31. Her white satin skirt fluttered and crackled; the ermine of her jacket and cap, but especially her face, gleamed whiter than the snow.

  32. Again and again I had to look at the beautiful woman lying on the red velvet cushions, and from time to time her wonderful body gleamed here and there beneath the furs.

  33. A bowl of beautiful orchids stood in the middle of the table, which was covered with massive silver and cut glass, which gleamed in the lights that fell from the crystal chandelier.

  34. When she had finished the sun had risen, and the sky gleamed blue through the branches of the trees.

  35. As the storming party approached nearer, and while yet they were several miles distant, they became aware of a great red light that gleamed forth above them.

  36. Her ruddy face, so bright that it seemed almost as if wholly covered with a birthmark, gleamed with absolute good nature as she looked at him.

  37. No light gleamed out of that window of sinister repute, high up in the cliff-like wall, from which strange shapes were reported to look forth even at deep midnoon.

  38. After the first check in his hideous incantations, Gilles de Retz had returned to his own chamber, in which, after his entrance, the light gleamed brighter and more fiercely red than ever.

  39. The upper lip was retracted, and a set of long white teeth gleamed like those of a wild beast.

  40. But ere they reached the four men who had waited so quietly, the Scots had gathered their cloaks about their left arms in the fashion of shields, and a blade, long and stout, gleamed in every right hand.

  41. Far off to the south flashed the light of the Hook, and still other signals gleamed low from the ocean.

  42. Shortly after nine o'clock the big boat's light gleamed off the Hook and she bore down upon us.

  43. A single light gleamed here and there from the long dark deck of the Morgan coaster close to my right.

  44. Here and there gleamed a light, red, green or yellow, with a phantom tug or barge around it, moving over the black of the water.

  45. His face was darkly brown, and white teeth gleamed pleasantly when he spoke.

  46. As always the tidal waves were bursting with ferocious, lunging onslaughts on the natural rock wall, and the foam gleamed incredibly white against the dark water.

  47. As for the humour which once gleamed there (which people who fear it call sarcasm) it had been succeeded by stares of terror, and then mistrust, and shrinking.

  48. The snow had folded its white mantle over the earth, and in the gardens, where the flowers had hidden their fragile beauty from the ruthless fingers of the Frost King, it gleamed whitely from amid the sombre foliage of the hardy evergreens.

  49. The light gleamed redly out from the blazing wood fire, lighting up the small apartment with its cheerful glow, but failed to call anything like warmth or color to the marble face that drooped low with its weight of painful thought.

  50. He could only look at her, and wonder why her hair gleamed so, as it fell in those thick chestnut waves about her ears and neck.

  51. In the village no lamp gleamed at any window.

  52. The curtains were drawn, wax candles shone from Sheffield-plated candlesticks on table and mantelpiece and gleamed reflected in china and silver and the glass of pictures and bookcases.

  53. But a smile of satisfaction gleamed in the eyes of many when Marie, the little Jewess, received a bouquet and a few words of commendation from the giver.

  54. As she reached the veranda with its magic seven pillars her eyes gleamed humorously, as she suddenly realized how funny she must have appeared, hobbling along with that old woman.

  55. Suddenly her face gleamed hopefully, for at that moment she heard the near hum of an automobile, and the next second saw it whirl around the curve in the road.

  56. Her blue eyes gleamed mischief as she continued laughingly, "Surely that was not the way you felt a short while ago.

  57. The girl's eyes gleamed amusedly as she peered down the garden at the old cedar tree, and remembered that she had called them blue robins, thus giving Dick an opportunity to nickname her, Blue Robin.

  58. The keen gaze of Farnborough gleamed out at him in sudden recognition, and here and there little intermittent pin-points of yellow pricked the horizon where boats rose and fell upon the bosom of the sea.

  59. A few lights already gleamed from Somerset House and the more dimly seen buildings of the Temple.

  60. The Chippendale dining-table gleamed like a sombre translucent pool.

  61. And in the midst of the shaven lawn gleamed the old cut-glass jug on its silver tray.

  62. They entered the vestibule where the great cask gleamed in its polished mahogany and brass.

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