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Example sentences for "glaziers"

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  1. The possessor of these is said in pugilistic slang to have his “peepers painted,” or to have his “glaziers darkened.

  2. There were windows of glass and a guild of glaziers was chartered by the King.

  3. English glass being manufactured, save a little for domestic use, although many Dutch glaziers were then active in this country, as we shall regretfully observe when we visit Oxford and Cambridge.

  4. We shall see at Canterbury, more clearly even than elsewhere, that in the manufacture of this early mosaic glass the English glaziers followed the French models.

  5. The glaziers of sunny Italy were never confronted with this problem of sufficient illumination--if anything, they had too much, no matter how richly they painted the panes.

  6. All glaziers condemn the work of the great Sir Joshua, and even most art critics agree with Horace Walpole that the painting of this large subject is "washy.

  7. These last know nothing of glazing, why should glaziers know anything of art?

  8. Thus in all simplicity the glaziers paint the legends which the people have learned.

  9. The mediæval glaziers had considered the position which their glass was to occupy in the Cathedral.

  10. It must be remembered that, though the palette of the first glaziers was restricted, the proceeding of the glass-makers was so little scientific that they had no very great control over their manufacture.

  11. Glaziers may be inclined to question the possibility of such a tour de force, even in poor thin glass.

  12. The iron horizontal bars, to the use of which the glaziers had by this time come back, divide the lights each into a series of panels, which panels are filled at York alternately with coloured subjects and ornamental grisaille.

  13. Meanwhile the thirteenth century glaziers resorted, where they wanted light, to the use of windows in grisaille, in absolute contrast to the rich picture-glass in the same church.

  14. Mediaeval glaziers did not attempt anything like foliated ornament in leaded glass, and for good reason.

  15. And the worst of it was that the French glaziers particularly affectioned a combination of red and blue most difficult to manage.

  16. Even though we exempt glaziers from all charge of trickery, it was inevitable that they should attempt to rival the work of the jeweller, and to do in large what he had done only in small.

  17. It was in this ornamental kind of design that the thirteenth century glaziers were most conspicuously successful.

  18. The glaziers of the Renaissance eventually got over the difficulty by the simple plan of inserting into quarry windows (usually unpainted) or into pattern work of plain glass only, little panes of painted glass.

  19. The main point is--and it is one the early glaziers very carefully observed--that the glass through which the light is allowed to come should not be made dirty with paint.

  20. It is by no means certain, even, that the first glaziers were directly inspired by mosaic, whether of marble or of opaque glass.

  21. As a result of our sightseeing we will learn that the best of the early glaziers realised that to compensate for the dim light yielded by the medallion windows below, it was necessary to have better illumination from above.

  22. Neither have the repairs effected by the eighteenth century glaziers hurt it much--pieces of clear coloured glass put in to fill up holes, and on which the glazier has usually scratched his name and the date with his diamond.

  23. I have often thought that thirteenth century glaziers sometimes kept this mosaic filling in stock, and perhaps the artist of Merton had some left on his hands and used it up here.

  24. From the fabric rolls we know the name of the master-glazier, Lawrence, presumably an Englishman, and the weekly accounts show wages paid to fourteen glaziers in all.

  25. Most glass of which we have any account was bought through the glaziers of the larger towns; but to what extent they made their own glass we cannot say.

  26. About a dozen glaziers were employed at 7d.

  27. The glaziers might have said with Isaiah, "And I will make thy windows of agates and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.

  28. The glazing has gone on through centuries; even to-day the glaziers at Leon are busy in their shops, making the sheets of sunset glow for their own and other Spanish cathedrals.

  29. It was executed by Alberto Holando, one of the great Dutch glaziers of Burgos, who was given the entire contract in 1520 by Bishop Francisco Ruiz, a nephew of the great Cardinal Cisneros.

  30. Her glaziers too are quite benighted, [3] Nor can any prig-star charm.

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