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Example sentences for "glossy"

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glossed; glosses; glossiness; glossing; glossopharyngeal; glottal; glottis; gloue; glove; gloved
  1. The pure licorice extract, prepared as indicated above, is a glossy black, very brittle, with a glassy fracture.

  2. People wondered why the smartly dressed City man stopped short and removed his glossy hat to rub one ear.

  3. He was scrupulously attired in glossy black with tie to match, grey check trousers, and faultless shirt front, while his hat was of the most glossy.

  4. The degradation did not seem to affect the others, for Brother William's cheeks quite shone, and the high lights on Martha's two glossy smooth hands of hair seemed to be brighter than ever.

  5. They strolled down between two great banks of the grand flowering shrubs, now rich with the glossy green of their summer growth, and sat down, when a new trouble assailed Scarlett, and he sprang up impatiently.

  6. The full-grown caterpillar is bluish-grey, dotted with glossy black warts, from each of which there is a short blackish hair.

  7. The head is glossy black, and, like the body, hairy.

  8. The egg is pale greenish, finely reticulated; as the caterpillar matures within, the shell becomes less glossy than at first, and the upper part is blackish.

  9. Afar down the gorge one might catch glimpses of a glossy lustre where the evergreen laurel, white with frost, moved in the autumn wind.

  10. At intervals the telescope was deserted; the motionless trees were bright with the moon and glossy with the dew.

  11. The hair seems softer and more glossy than that of our water-rat: but they are perfectly alike in every other respect, and no doubt are of the same species.

  12. The muzzle is short, the eyes are distant from each other; the ears are large; his hair is of a beautiful silver white colour, and of a glossy brown on the tail.

  13. The hair on its body was of the most beautiful silvery white colour: and that on its tail was of a glossy chesnut approaching to black.

  14. Grasping this death unto the chamber where Slept innocent her spouse she moved--an air Twined in soft, glossy sendal; or a fit Of faery song a wicked charm in it, A spell that sings seductive on to death.

  15. Mounted on her own little bright bay, Etoile-Filante, with tricolour ribbons flying from his bridle and among the glossy fringes of his mane, the Little One rode among her Spahis.

  16. His long coat, which formerly had hung in foxy dry tufts on his back and on his belly, which had been covered eternally with dried mud, now became clean, and grew black, and became as glossy as velvet.

  17. Vladimir Mikhailovich, as he stroked the black, glossy coat.

  18. Before bathing he had undone his pigtail, and his long, glossy black hair hung in thick, wavy masses down to his waist.

  19. She took a handful of glossy locks out of her bosom and shook them in Cooper's face.

  20. To crown all this, a head, overflowed by ripples of dark brown hair, sat with heroic grace upon his solid white throat, like some glossy falcon new lighted on a Parian column.

  21. With thy proudly arched and glossy neck and dark and fiery eye.

  22. But she had beautiful braids of glossy brown hair that came below her waist.

  23. Maida and Rosie used to shuffle along the gutters gathering pocketsful of glossy horse-chestnuts and handfuls of gorgeous leaves.

  24. She packed it neatly away in the glossy box in which the jeweler had done it up.

  25. Her eyes seemed almost black, and her glossy hair was as black as ebony.

  26. They were bare-headed, and both had thick golden hair that fell down over the black velvet in heavy, glossy curls.

  27. Her face was round and broad, and her dark, glossy hair was smoothly plastered to her forehead.

  28. A fine mist rose up from the splashing water, and, crowned with an exquisite arc of color, remained suspended amidst the glossy green myrtle and magnolia.

  29. There, too, were chestnut-trees, and at this season he always went to find the glossy nuts.

  30. In some ways it was very like the room they had left, being low, large, and square, and having floors, walls and ceiling paneled with glossy black oak.

  31. The shining, jetty curls were smoothed, and fell in a glossy shower, trained with jewels--the pearls Leoline herself still wore.

  32. Prints on semimat velox and glossy haloid papers are regarded as the best photographic copy for reproduction.

  33. The best prints for use as illustrations are those made on "regular" or "special" semimat velox and glossy haloid papers.

  34. Round my heart her glossy ringlets Were mysteriously entwined-- And her soft voluptuous glances All my inmost thoughts divined.

  35. Thy wretched fingers now no more shall deck, And tie the favorite ribbon round his neck; No more thy hand shall smooth his glossy hair, And comb the wavings of his pendent ear.

  36. The juicy tints and glossy handling are those of Titian's Palmesque period; and St. Bridget is the same lovely girl whose features Palma painted with equal fondness and skill in the panel called Violante, at the Belvedere of Vienna.

  37. It seemed more like a tropical than a northern forest, there were so many glossy evergreen leaves.

  38. It has glossy evergreen leaves, and bright red berries, that look very cheerful in contrast with the snow.

  39. She lay curled up in the straw against her pet horse, Etoile Filante, with her head on the beast's glossy flank and her hand among his mane.

  40. Mounted on her own little, bright bay, Etoile-Filante, with tricolor ribbons flying from his bridle and among the glossy fringes of his mane, the Little One rode among her Spahis.

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