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Example sentences for "gut"

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gustibus; gustily; gusto; gusts; gusty; gute; guten; guter; gutes; guts
  1. A gut betune two hills, as black as a bucket, an' as thin as a girl's waist.

  2. Abscesses may form at some portion of the diseased gut and result in an external fistula.

  3. Treves says: "The colon being the part of the bowel involved in obstruction due to fecal accumulation, it may be further assumed that the blocking of the gut will most usually concern its lower or terminal parts.

  4. In the normal gut the sacculi and bands act as valves to control the descent of the feces.

  5. With many persons a certain amount of undue accumulation of feces will excite a sufficient muscular effort of the gut to force the dried mass through the proctitis- and colitis-strictured bowels.

  6. The injected water dilates the constricted portion of the gut and arouses a revulsive impulse to expel the invading water.

  7. If there are large carp about, fine gut will be better; but carp do not feed after October.

  8. Beginners often use hooks three times too big for the fish they are after, and it goes without saying, that the smaller the hook the finer the gut should be; for a small hook on thick, coarse gut is not to be thought of.

  9. A strong rod with rings is useful, and the gut and reel line may be stout.

  10. The gut is placed in a brass receiver and boiled for three-quarters of an hour in a solution consisting of 85 per cent.

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