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Example sentences for "gusty"

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gustatory; gustibus; gustily; gusto; gusts; gut; gute; guten; guter; gutes
  1. The wind was not so gusty now and blew steadily, but it was very light, and the Starlight moved slowly.

  2. Her hand trembled as she pointed out into the night, and the gusty winter's breath caught and whipped her calico skirts about her ankles.

  3. They had silently watched titanic battallions of thunder-clouds riding the skies in gusty puffs of gale, and raking the earth with lightning and hail and water.

  4. Unhinged the iron gates half open hung, Jarr'd by the gusty gales of many winters, That from its crumbled pedestal had flung One marble globe in splinters.

  5. No murmur of the gusty sea, No tumult of the beach, However they may foam and fret, The bounded sense could reach-- Methought the trees in mystic tongue Were talking each to each!

  6. Chemanitou veiled his face for many hours, and the gusty wind swept by, but he did not stir.

  7. A gusty wind swept in from the ocean, and passed over the island of Metowac, casting the light sand to and fro.

  8. She stood thus for a moment motionless and silent, with the rising wind whispering without and flecking her white morning dress with gusty shadows from the arbor.

  9. But their talk was fitful, and had long pauses in which they listened to the gusty night, which had so much more to say than they.

  10. But the heedless youth, flying away, beats the waves with his oars, leaving his perjured vows to the gusty gales.

  11. The slope was steep and very icy; a gusty wind whirled me about.

  12. The day was a cold one, and the high, gusty wind was tossing and playing with the last snow-fall.

  13. A heavy and unpleasantly gusty wind was still blowing, but a pilot and machine were picked for the job and presently made the attempt.

  14. He had ridden crooked trails through all his gusty lifetime.

  15. Never in his gusty lifetime had Jack Roberts been more master of himself.

  16. He wished to compute the years, but she drove him out with an imploring cry, and he went down to a very gusty dining-room on the ground-floor, where he found himself alone with a young English couple and their little boy.

  17. When the Wind saw him coming he laughed a big, gusty laugh, "Ho, ho!

  18. Pilots, too, have made a scientific study of air eddies, gusts, and so on, and the danger of flying in a strong or gusty wind is comparatively small.

  19. In the dark moons, they have here much gusty weather with rains.

  20. Before the day had far declined the heavy flakes ceased, and the gusty wind died away.

  21. Gusty said, only yesterday, that you had more courage than us all.

  22. I hope it is such a note as Gusty would have approved of, and that my eagerness to succeed has involved me in no undue humility.

  23. I suspect he 'll not make a long halt after he has a talk with Gusty to-day.

  24. A wind cried restlessly amid the trees, gusty at intervals, but tuning its mood to a desolate and constant moan.

  25. The door quivered a moment as though shaken by a gusty wind.

  26. Upon yon tuft of hazel trees, That twinkle to the gusty breeze, Behold him perched in ecstasies, Yet seeming still to hover; There!

  27. Thy proper blood dost thou not give, That Earth, the gusty Maenad, drink and dance?

  28. In the dead calm morning air they maintained an even flight, but the slightest breeze from the banks whirled them confusedly about, like light snow particles on a gusty day.

  29. She and Kate sat between the newly lighted lamp and the fire of wood which Maisie had insisted on making in order to keep out the gusty chills of the night.

  30. Yea, he bides within," said a stern-visaged sergeant, in the gusty outer port.

  31. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gusty" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    agreeable; airy; ambrosial; blowy; blustering; boreal; breezy; brisk; dainty; delectable; delicate; delicious; delightful; drafty; exquisite; fresh; good; gusty; juicy; likable; luscious; lush; nectarous; nice; palatable; pleasing; puffy; sapid; savory; scrumptious; squally; stiff; succulent; tasty; toothsome; windy