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  1. If two stations tracked the same object, we could immediately compute its speed and altitude.

  2. But it was not easy to compute the multitudes who, from an honorable station and a prosperous fortune, were suddenly reduced to the miserable condition of captives and exiles.

  3. Roderic arrived on the banks of the Guadalete with a formidable army, which most historians compute at one hundred thousand cavalry; although Ibnu Khaldun makes it amount to forty thousand men only.

  4. For that reason they compute the divisions of every season not by the number of days but by nights; they keep birthdays, and the beginnings of months and years in such an order that the day follows the night.

  5. Tacitus pictures a Briton as reasoning to himself "compute the number of men born in freedom and the Roman invaders are but a handfull".

  6. Nothing is more difficult than to compute exactly the population of eastern towns, where registers are never kept, and where even the number of houses can scarcely be ascertained.

  7. How do you compute the difference between the true and apparent course?

  8. How did you compute the resistance of the water to the shot?

  9. By those who compute it at the lowest rate, the mere expense of this transportation has been estimated at $20 per head.

  10. All these expenses combined, the Committee think they estimate very low, when they compute the amount at $100 per head.

  11. When we compute these exclusions, these distinctions in which distinct and exclusive things are offered to us, such as being and not-being, we compute time.

  12. I left my man with great reluctance, seeing the care he took to observe the whole conduct of the persons concerned, and compute the inequality of the chances with his own hands and eyes.

  13. If there are no fresh pamphlets published, I compute that I shall know before the end of next month what has been done in town to this day.

  14. Similarly we may compute average deviations for any other trait which is judged.

  15. But a prudent man, if he quits a certainty or migrates from a distance, will compute his prospects upon this scale of averages, and assuredly not upon the accidents of exceptional luck.

  16. A curve is long in showing its elements of fluxion; we must watch long in order to compute them; we must wait in order to know the law of their relations and the music of the deep mathematical principles which they obey.

  17. And note, that it will not be necessary to compute for every Year singly; but that in most Cases every 4th or 5th Year may suffice, interpoling for the intermediate Years seceundum artem.

  18. And so forth to the 60th Year, when we suppose the elder Life of Forty certainly to be expired; from whence till Seventy we must compute for the First and Second only, and from thence to Ninety for the single youngest Life.

  19. But being desirous to compute the thickness of the Skin of Gold, by means of the specifick Gravities of the Metals, viz.

  20. He that is able to compute the weight of a Column of Air, equal to the Surface of the whole Body, will readily grant it a power sufficient for the Effects, which are here ascrib'd to it.

  21. The first thing I saw was this: "A meteorologist should compute the approximate energy required to evaporate as much cloud as shown in the incident 26 photographs.

  22. Force engineers did compute the probable speed and lift of the mystery craft.

  23. Such accumulation of treasure is rejected by the theory and practice of modern policy; and we are more apt to compute the national riches by the use and abuse of the public credit.

  24. In the field and in close onset, they press to the front, and rush headlong against the enemy, without deigning to compute either his numbers or their own.

  25. So by compute of Scripture Adam lived unto the ninth generation, unto the days of Lamech the Father of Noah; Methuselah unto the year of the flood; and Noah was contemporary unto all from Enoch unto Abraham.

  26. For the Jews they agree not in their accounts, as Bodine in his method of History hath observed out of Baal Seder, Rabbi Nassom, Gersom, and others; in whose compute the age of the World is not yet 5400 years.

  27. The key to the controversy seems to lie in Kroeber's decision that house sites and pits must be reduced by a factor of one-third in order to compute population.

  28. Hence it is relatively useless to compute population from the sites which in recent years have been remembered by Indian or white informants.

  29. Upon these suppositions it would be easy to compute all the parliamentary grants, taking the list as they stand in Tyrrel, vol.

  30. Who shall compute what bright natures suffer in an environment like this?

  31. Can we e'er forget our boyhood, And the days we spent at school, With the jolly youths and maidens Who with pencil for a tool, Squared the area of a circle, And minutely did compute The interest and discount On a promissory note?

  32. For several days the columns passed with their interminable teams, batteries, and adjuncts, and the old gentlemen were loth to compute us at less than several millions.

  33. They were in all not above twenty-five thousand foot, and six thousand horse; but it was impossible for me to compute their number, considering the space of ground they took up.

  34. We compute the Tramecksan, or high heels, to exceed us in number; but the power is wholly on our side.

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