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compute; computed; computer; computerized; computers; computing; compyled; comrade; comradely; comradery
  1. Smellius computes the ark to have been above half an acre in area.

  2. Bishop Wilkins computes all the carnivorous animals equivalent, as to the bulk of their bodies, and their food, to twenty-seven wolves; and all the rest to two hundred and eighty beeves.

  3. Arbuthnot computes it to have been eighty-one thousand and sixty-two tons.

  4. While no attempt is made to secure all the roots--methods of computing complex roots were invented much later--he computes roots of equations which involve large coefficients and some of them are of a degree as high as the fifth.

  5. To balance this bloody roll, he computes the Spanish loss at two hundred slain in the field!

  6. The most patient Reader, who computes that three ponderous volumes have been already employed on the events of four centuries, may, perhaps, be alarmed at the long prospect of nine hundred years.

  7. Now if the comets are travelling in orbits around the Sun they must be throughout their course within its control, and not within that of some other star; and therefore he computes how far the Sun’s control extends.

  8. L'Etoile computes the number of individuals who lost their lives in these illicit encounters at several thousands; nor did the tardy edicts issued by the King produce a cessation of the custom.

  9. L'Etoile computes them at one hundred and twenty-seven.

  10. Peters, making use of Ainsworth’s estimates as to the amount and rate of alluvial deposit at the head of the Persian Gulf, computes that the seacoast must have been established this side of the site of the city of Ur about 6600 B.

  11. The date of the marriage is usually fixed in consultation with a Brahman, who computes an auspicious day from the ceremonial names of the couple.

  12. He computes by astrological calculations the depth at which water will be found when a cultivator wishes to dig a well.

  13. Starting from the point where the Euphrates passes near to Thapsacus, he computes from thence to the place where Alexander crossed the Tigris 2400 stadia.

  14. Pliny computes the distance from Rhegium to Cape Leucopetra at 12 miles; there is probably some error in the text, as there is no cape which corresponds with the distance of 50 stadia from Rhegium.

  15. In another place he computes half that sum; Quingenties H.

  16. Waldeck computes the age of some of the ruins, but I am unable to tell which are the stones meant, unless they be those already mentioned as elephants' trunks.

  17. Now that computes are made uncertainly with reference unto Christ, it is no wonder, since I perceive the time of his Nativity is in controversie, and no less his age at his Passion.

  18. In which Computes there are manifest disparities, and such as much divide the concordance and harmony of times.

  19. Thirdly, Although we derive the authority of these daies from observations of the Ancients, yet are our computes very different, and such as confirm not each other.

  20. Men therefore have raised different computes of time, according as they have followed their different texts; and so have left the history of times far more perplexed than Chronology hath reduced.

  21. Snellius computes the ark to have been above half an acre in area .

  22. According to the modern prices, the Abbe Barthelemy computes that the brick work and masonry of the Coliseum would now cost twenty millions of French livres, (Mem.

  23. Schweighauser) more accurately computes forty victims of the senatorian rank, and 1600 of the equestrian census or order.

  24. It computes logarithmic and other mathematical tables of a high degree of intricacy, imprinting the results on a leaden plate, from which a stereotype plate is then directly made.

  25. One who computes or reckons: one who estimates or considers the force and effect of causes, with a view to form a correct estimate of the effects.

  26. With an air of strict seriousness he solemnly computes the exact sums obtainable, and impartially divides the amounts with accurate care.

  27. His coinage he computes at sixpence per pound weight; therefore, he laying out only twentypence, and gaining fourpence, he makes per cent.

  28. The state auditor, also, comparing the legislative appropriations with the assessed value of the property of the state, computes the rate of the state tax and reports it to county auditors.

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