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accumulations; accumulative; accumulator; accumulators; accuracy; accurately; accursed; accurssed; accurst; accusation
  1. For my part, I do not imagine it so difficult to come at a pretty accurate decision of the truth or falsehood of this story.

  2. I can, however, by this declaration, tell you the exact number of my Spades, and I expect you to make the best possible use of the exceptionally accurate information with which you are furnished.

  3. It is also important that the bid be limited to the one case mentioned, as in that way it gives the most accurate information.

  4. The explanatory remark so often heard after an unsuccessful double, "It could not cost anything, as they were out anyhow," is not an absolutely accurate statement.

  5. It is now conceded that the best results are obtained by that character of bidding which gives the partner the most immediate and accurate information regarding the strength of the Declarer.

  6. Such a declaration certainly gives very accurate information, and should be used whenever such a hand occurs, but not under any other circumstances.

  7. It must not be understood, however, that the ability to give accurate information comprises the entire skill of the bidder.

  8. When the Third Hand has other than Spade strength, he will, of course, bid in accordance with his holding, but it goes without saying that he should make the best possible use of the accurate information he has received.

  9. In certain relations of daily life the savage is as quick to learn, and as accurate in his judgment, as civilized man; mention need only be made of his skill in the hunt, and his intimacy with the forest.

  10. These columns are in the interest of no class, clique, sect, or section, and we earnestly request accurate data of woman's work.

  11. Miss Becker's accurate legal knowledge and masterly presentation of facts and arguments; to Miss Helena Downing's eloquence marked by the humor, pathos and power which were hers by national inheritance.

  12. To obtain accurate statistics as to the professions and industries is extremely difficult, as the year 1881 was the first in which the State considered women at all.

  13. I could not answer your questions without a search among old letters and papers, which have been packed away for years, and I have not time to make the search, and cannot be accurate without.

  14. There is a tradition of a convention at Galesburg some years later, but we have failed to find any accurate data.

  15. But without this Presence great gifts and profound and accurate learning are without avail in the salvation of men.

  16. Again, the most accurate and complete knowledge of the doctrine, and the fullest possession of the experience, will fail us at last unless we carefully guard ourselves at several points, and unless we watch and pray.

  17. This led him to suspect, that Sanga was perhaps more accurate in his suspicions, than he himself imagined; and that something might be in progress here, against the republic.

  18. A more accurate examination of the subject, and five years of further meditations, have not diminished my apprehensions, but they have changed the object of them.

  19. An accurate distinction must be taken between ideas of this kind.

  20. In the next chapter I present, a fairly full and accurate account of the art of blanket-weaving, for which the Navahoes are now so noted.

  21. This is the basis of comparative anatomy, which is only an accurate study of facts that are superficially obvious to everyone.

  22. It would have been more accurate to have stated that the chief effect of the factor was observed in a particular part of the body.

  23. The descriptions of terrain and physical features in the log were accurate enough.

  24. He made an accurate map of the original settlement, superimposed over a modern one.

  25. On leaving the museum I compared the tiger skulls in my possession with accurate anatomical drawings which I have of the osteology of the lion, and the result was the same.

  26. I have been unable to trace any accurate description of this rat, which Blyth says "conducts from the long-tailed arboreal rats to the ordinary house mice.

  27. I have heard of a tusker at Hyderabad that is over eleven feet, but we must hold this open to doubt till an accurate measurement, for which I have applied, is received.

  28. Therefore it is only in the case of the adult that accurate results can be calculated upon.

  29. Kellaart, usually a most accurate observer, mentions in his 'Prodromus Faunae Zeylanicae' his having measured a Ceylon elephant nearly twelve feet high, but does not say how it was done.

  30. It is useless to lay down, as in Jerdon, a very accurate description of the markings of this cat, for it varies to such an extent as to have given rise to at least sixteen synonymous names, if not more.

  31. Jerdon's description is a very good one, but it must not be taken as an accurate one, spot for spot, for the animal varies somewhat in colour.

  32. I regret I cannot give accurate measurements just now of horns, as I am writing on board ship, with all my specimens and most of my books boxed up, but I should say 30 inches an average good horn.

  33. Anderson only got skins of this beautiful squirrel, so accurate dimensions cannot be given, but the largest skin measured from muzzle to root of tail 24 inches, the tail being the same.

  34. How can they be otherwise, if Mr. Browning set them forth--a genius as accurate and penetrating as he is wise and pure?

  35. Paget, a physician of note in London, and he, with John Milton, a gentleman of great note for learning throughout the learned world, for the accurate pieces he had written on various subjects and occasions.

  36. Everyone at the beginning of the term paid twopence to the general account with which Ruddock bought some Short Steps to Accurate Translations.

  37. In the course of 1912 there was a good deal of fresh coinage, of which, at the time of writing, accurate statistics are not yet available.

  38. As to the proportion of these deposits which were held for long periods there is no accurate information.

  39. But the country was so extensively disaffected that Sir William Howe received accurate accounts of his position and of his force.

  40. That in Niebuhr, which was copied from an ancient Arabic drawing, is less accurate than d'Ohsson's.

  41. To those who seek the most accurate information respecting places but little known, this work is sufficiently recommended by the name of its author, and of the country which it describes.

  42. I was present at the capitulation of Camp Colorado at the request of a number of Union men, who desired to obtain accurate information regarding the nature of the proceeding.

  43. I did not see this machine, because I never got up there; but managed to draw an accurate description of it from Luck, a negro, who was undergoing sentence upon it, and had been whipped upon it repeatedly.

  44. For an accurate appreciation of the political balance of the day, you must go to Brooks's.

  45. I keep the most accurate record of all such things, Mr. Finn.

  46. But although they are remarkably accurate in their knowledge of the proper direction in which to travel, in order to reach a given point, yet they are often lost during foggy days, or during heavy snow storms.

  47. Arrived at the big building she asked to see the list of patients taken in on the day of Betty's wedding, and succeeded in getting a pretty accurate description of each one, sufficient at least to satisfy her that Betty was not among them.

  48. Pocock, when he took these copies, had not time to be precisely accurate in this article.

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