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Example sentences for "impeccable"

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  1. But an impeccable poet is not necessarily an impeccable plot- and character-monger either in tale-telling or in drama.

  2. In the few remarks of this kind made here I am not, I need hardly say, "going back upon" my lifelong estimate of Tennyson as an almost impeccable poet.

  3. The shimmering face of the big, dark, mahogany table reflected many a perplexed expression, and its substantial supports found their impeccable varnish menaced by a number of restless and uneasy boots.

  4. And let me urge that impeccable mundane splendor, despite facile arguments to the contrary, is a very real and worthy achievement.

  5. His courtesy and affability were impeccable and charming.

  6. He observes men and women with an impeccable realism; but no sooner does he close his eyes than his dreams resume their sway; his dreams and his love of mankind.

  7. All the more admirable is his impeccable observation--a faultless mirror.

  8. Yesterday I had been a staid spinster, attended by a maid, in a hotel of impeccable propriety.

  9. The material in which he built them was music itself, enchanting the ear as much by the quality of the tone as by the impeccable elegance of the form.

  10. Almost as soon as her finger had pressed the bell the door was opened by Van himself, Van in a black and maroon silk dressing gown over impeccable trousers and shirt.

  11. Second—Infallibility does not mean that the Pope is impeccable or specially exempt from liability to sin.

  12. I do not mean, of course, that the Pastors of the Church are personally impeccable or not subject to sin.

  13. I," said Commodus in a loud voice, "as Emperor and as Pontifex Maximus, here certify before all men that the water now supported by the web of that sieve is enough to demonstrate the favor of Vesta towards you and your impeccable integrity.

  14. In this simple form of assent to his will lies the whole gist of the situation; their creed, his truth; and the testimony to that faithfulness which made him in his own eyes the equal of the impeccable men who never fall out of the ranks.

  15. One wonders whether this was perhaps that supreme opportunity, that last and satisfying test for which I had always suspected him to be waiting, before he could frame a message to the impeccable world.

  16. I breathed deeply, I revelled in the vastness of the opened horizon, in the different atmosphere that seemed to vibrate with the toil of life, with the energy of an impeccable world.

  17. They treated me with the most impeccable respect--for the first time in my life I hated the word--and liked my society because I was an amusing caustic old woman.

  18. In style as in structure they bear witness of a power less perfect, a less impeccable hand.

  19. In the impeccable and altogether admirable desolation of La Ferté and the Normandy Autumn Celina, easily and fiercely moving, was a kinesis.

  20. And the upshot of all this heart-burning is most succinctly given in my own far from impeccable verse, as Bettie Hamlyn heard the summing-up one evening in May.

  21. What could be the matter with the impeccable Mrs. Marteen?

  22. James, an impeccable English valet, waited on "his lordship," and never spoke unless spoken to.

  23. The most conscienceless gossips in this world are to be found always among the thoroughly-upright, meanly-impeccable members of any and every church.

  24. The impeccable truthfulness of a Meissonier stubbornly adheres to that modest harmony which the others leave behind them in a soaring flight that sometimes verges on folly.

  25. The impeccable man who has never done a cowardly thing, nor a mean thing, is no kinsman of mine!

  26. So why should we expect the orator to be the impeccable man of perfect parts?

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "impeccable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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