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  1. The judgment on English impeachments embraces not merely removal from office, as under the National Constitution, but also punishment; and yet it does not appear that the Lords sitting on impeachments are called a court.

  2. When set up for the safeguard of the weak, they are respectable, but on impeachments they are intolerable.

  3. How small was all that Madison imagined, how small was all that was spread out in the successive impeachments of our history, if gathered into one case, compared with the terrible mass now before us!

  4. Sir William Thomson followed:-- “The precedents in impeachments are not so nice and precise in form as in the inferior courts.

  5. Selden, who was himself a great ornament of the Common Law, and who was personally engaged in most of the impeachments of his time, has written expressly on the judicature in Parliament.

  6. In the impeachments of Lord Stafford, Dr.

  7. This point having been settled, in relation to impeachments of the President, the trial of impeachments of all other civil officers of the United States was, for the sake of uniformity, also confided to the Senate.

  8. Resolved, That the jurisdiction of the national judiciary shall extend to all cases which respect the collection of the national revenue, impeachments of any national officers, and questions which involve the national peace and harmony.

  9. The precedents as to time for answer upon impeachments before the Senate to which we have had opportunity to refer are those of Judge Chase and Judge Peck.

  10. He thought therefore that no argument could be drawn from the probability of such a plan of impeachments ag^{st} the motion before the House.

  11. The mode of appointing the Judges may depend in some degree on the mode of trying impeachments of the Executive.

  12. Impeachments of national officers," were struck out on motion for the purpose.

  13. Impeachments of the President and Vice President of the U.

  14. All impeachments shall be tried by the senate; and, when sitting for that purpose, they shall be under oath or affirmation.

  15. All impeachments shall be tried by the senate; and when sitting for that purpose they shall be on oath or affirmation.

  16. The impeachments however were in most respects so ill substantiated by proof, that they have generally been reckoned a disgraceful instance of party spirit.

  17. Impeachments are both political and judicial proceedings, but American constitutions leave them wholly to the legislative department.

  18. The number of judicial impeachments in the history of the country has been comparatively small, and few of these have resulted in convictions.

  19. Her highest court was one "for the trials of impeachments and the correction of errors.

  20. But impeachments by men who knew how to wield the sword of dialectics and the lash of sarcasm as did Gaius Licinius Calvus and Gaius Asinius Pollio, did not miss their mark even when they failed; nor were isolated successes wanting.

  21. They talked even of resuming the democratic impeachments suspended in 664 on the basis of the Varian law.

  22. During the debate, the earl of Anglesea observed, that these impeachments were disagreeable to the nation, and that it was to be feared such violent measures would make the sceptre shake in the king's hands.

  23. A committee of lords was appointed to examine precedents, and inquire whether impeachments continued in statu quo from parliament to parliament.

  24. The commons having carried their point, which was to stigmatize those noblemen and prevent their being employed for the future, suffered the impeachments to be neglected until they themselves moved for trial.

  25. I consider impeachments necessary to be employed in cases respecting an officer who is appointed during good behavior.

  26. In either of these three cases impeachments are necessary.

  27. If that doctrine obtains in America, we shall find impeachments come too late; while we are preparing the process, the mischief will be perpetrated, and the offender will escape.

  28. The clause respecting impeachments was particularly calculated for removing unworthy officers of the other description.

  29. Impeachments alone are permitted; and these would most usually occur for political offences, and be of a character to enlist the passions of many, and to agitate the country.

  30. He said that the decision of these impeachments would often be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties than by the guilt or innocence of the accused.

  31. That same afternoon the Commons resolved to proceed no further with the impeachments of the aldermen, and on the 6th they were set free by order of the House of Lords.

  32. The Lords thereupon ordered (6 June) their discharge and their impeachments to be vacated.

  33. Many impeachments have been for such offences.

  34. But impeachments were so unusual at that time, and the privileges of parliament so little out of dispute, that no great stress could be laid on this precedent.

  35. But he understood that the Lords did not intend to extend the points of withdrawing and committing to general impeachments without special matter alleged; else they did not know how many might be picked out of their house on a sudden.

  36. These instances therefore rather tend to confirm the position, that impeachments did not ipso facto abate by a dissolution, notwithstanding the reversal of the order of 1679.

  37. The impeachments of Lord Finch and of Judge Berkeley for high treason are at least as little justifiable in point of law as that of Strafford.

  38. And, upon consideration had of the matter referred to their lordships concerning the state of the impeachments brought up from the House of Commons the last parliament, etc.

  39. A bill was also introduced for the trial of impeachments by the Legislative Council, but was afterwards relinquished.

  40. He saw the mistake committed by his predecessor with regard to the impeachments and he endeavored to avoid any similar mistake.

  41. There was the revival of the impeachments to be taken in hand.

  42. Again, the matter was tried on the following day, when the House consented not to revive the impeachments but to reconsider the message addressed to the Assembly on the 2nd of February last, by the late Administrator-in-Chief.

  43. During his absence the impeachments were forgotten; his measures were paralysed by sub rosa negociation; Mr. Sewell was recompensed for the ill-treatment he had experienced, and the government was relieved of anxiety.

  44. But the House confidently relied on the communication, contained in the message, that the "arrangement" therein announced with respect to the adjudication of impeachments by the Council was final.

  45. Impeachments alone are the cases cognizable before them, and in what other place could matters of that nature be so properly and safely determined?

  46. But he may pardon after conviction, even on an impeachment; which is an authority not given to our President, who in case of impeachments has no power either of pardoning or reprieving.

  47. III The most popular impeachments of Christianity are mainly these.

  48. Impeachments were now the order of the day.

  49. The trial took place at the bar of the House, and not in Westminster Hall, where impeachments were usually carried on, and it lasted until May 26th.

  50. Impeachments were hurried on against Lord Portland, Lord Orford, Lord Somers, and Montague, who had now become Lord Halifax.

  51. That impeachments ought not to be tried by the senate, or not by the senate alone.

  52. The house of peers in Great Britain try impeachments and are also a branch of the legislature.

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