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Example sentences for "impeached"

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impatient; impatiently; impe; impeach; impeachable; impeaches; impeaching; impeachment; impeachments; impeccability
  1. He thought that the remarks which had fallen from gentlemen, on what he had said, were illiberal, as they had virtually impeached his candor, when he was not conscious of deviating from its dictates.

  2. Indeed, it appears hard to me, that after an officer has become old in an honorable service, he should be impeached for this infirmity.

  3. In February, 1803, the House impeached John Pickering, district judge in New Hampshire; his offence was drunkenness and violence on the bench; but the purpose to intimidate the other judges was unmistakable.

  4. The objection indeed was so novel, that Chief-Justice Scroggs, having been impeached for treason in the last parliament, though he applied to be admitted to bail, had never insisted on so decisive a plea to the jurisdiction.

  5. The Commons impeached this man of high treason.

  6. The inadvertent position therefore of Blackstone,[784] that a commoner cannot be impeached for high treason, is not only difficult to be supported upon ancient authorities, but contrary to the latest determination of the supreme tribunal.

  7. The 34th allows the parties impeached or indicted for crimes and misdemeanors to have counsel.

  8. Nor shall I ever consider it an act of condescention when impeached in my public conduct, or character, to vindicate myself at your bar, and to submit myself to your decision.

  9. In our own state, if a civil officer is impeached he will not be tried by a jury, but by that branch of our legislature styled the senate.

  10. Men who formerly occupied places of dignity, power and trust were now regarded as objects of suspicion, whose loyalty was impeached and whose actions it was necessary to watch.

  11. He has impeached Wilkes for a blasphemous poem, and has been expelled for blasphemy himself by the Beefsteak Club at Covent-garden.

  12. The temper with which the new reign has hitherto proceeded, seems a little impeached by this sudden act, and the Earl now stands in the direct light of a minister-, if the House of Commons should cavil at him.

  13. Duke of Kingston; for which offence she was impeached before the House of Peers, and the marriage declared illegal.

  14. In consequence of this he was accused of having been bribed by Alexander, the king of Macedonia, and his enemies at home impeached him on that charge.

  15. They repudiated their alliance with the Thebans, and impeached those who had shown BÅ“otian sympathies; some of these men were put to death, others fined and banished.

  16. In this point Lucullus and Kimon are alike; for Kimon was often impeached by his countrymen, who at last banished him by ostracism, in order that, as Plato said, they might not hear his voice for ten years.

  17. A day was fixed; the people assembled in the Circus Flaminius; Bibulus rose and impeached him.

  18. And this was not the end of his litigations, for four years later, when at the age of ninety, he impeached Servius Galba.

  19. After eight long years of incarceration, in the course of which two of the impeached Jews committed suicide, the principal "perpetrators" were found to be physical wrecks and no longer able to discharge their penal servitude.

  20. He was impeached for issuing license to a colored Cuban man to marry a white Cuban woman.

  21. Dean was impeached on ground that he had issued license to Negro to marry a white woman.

  22. Strafford had come to London in November, having been assured by Charles that he "should not suffer in his person, honour or fortune," but was impeached and thrown into the Tower almost immediately.

  23. The work of the Good Parliament was undone, and the Commons petitioned for the restoration of all who had been impeached by their predecessors.

  24. The threat secured Suffolk's removal; he was impeached for corruption and maladministration, and condemned to forfeiture and imprisonment.

  25. Archbishop Arundel was impeached and banished from the realm, he was transferred by the Pope to the See of St. Andrews, and the Primacy given to Roger Walden.

  26. The same vengeance was wreaked on the Treasurer and the Chief Commissioner for the levy of the hated poll-tax, the merchant Richard Lyons who had been impeached by the Good Parliament.

  27. Under William and Mary, the ministers were first chosen by them but could be impeached by the Commons and then removed by the Parliament.

  28. The freedom of speech or debates or proceedings in Parliament should not be impeached or questioned in any court or place outside of Parliament.

  29. The eleven impeached members were recalled, and the vote by which they were expelled was reversed.

  30. On the 18th of December he was impeached by the Long Parliament, and on the 1st of March imprisoned in the tower.

  31. Shortly after the meeting of the Long Parliament in 1640 Laud was impeached of treason by the House of Commons, and committed to the Tower.

  32. They are conscious that it is not a bona fide transaction when their sins are impeached by men whose consciences endure with equanimity the reign of meanness, duplicity, pride, hypocrisy, self-complacency.

  33. I can not think that the official statements referred to, and which militate so strongly against the merits of the claimant, should be impeached or set aside by any of the other testimony which has been brought to my attention.

  34. The lords Powis, Stafford, Arundel, Peters, and Bellasis were committed to the Tower, and were soon after impeached for high treason.

  35. Other charges of oppression and corruption were then gone into and affirmed, and in May, by order of the House, Burke formally impeached Warren Hastings of high crimes and misdemeanours at the bar of the House of Lords.

  36. The duke had been impeached of high treason, and condemned to this term of banishment, through the king's interposition, to save him from a worse fate.

  37. Wharton concluded by moving that Leeds should be impeached of high crimes and misdemeanours.

  38. One great debt we generously cancelled; but the manner in which our generosity has been requited forces us to remember that he was long ago impeached for receiving money from France.

  39. On the trial of a peer impeached of high treason, the prelates always retire, and leave the culprit to be absolved or condemned by laymen.

  40. Hugh himself impeached the Bards for their licentious and lawless lives.

  41. Pierre Bedard, Esquire, Judge for the District of Three Rivers, was impeached by Mr. C.

  42. Mr. Chief Justice Monk was impeached as an accessory.

  43. He was impeached for his pains later on by the Whigs, whose moral indignation was sharpened by resentment at the use of Anglo- Indian gold to defeat them at the general election of 1784.

  44. A writer like Story with the training of a lawyer and a judge on finding the authenticity of the copy impeached in part would be almost certain to exclude it wholly from the consideration of the jury.

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