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Example sentences for "impeachment"

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  1. As to the procedure the Supreme Court should adopt for the impeachment case stated in clause 9 of article 31, special rules will be made by law.

  2. The Secretary of State or any of the Ministers when they commit a breach of law shall be liable to impeachment by the Censorate (Suchengting) and trial by the Administrative Court.

  3. Should the House of Representatives consider that the Cabinet Ministers have violated the law, an impeachment may be instituted with the approval of over two-thirds of the members present.

  4. For now there came raining into Parliament imperative demands for the impeachment of the fallen Minister.

  5. Politics to them were embodied in one controlling idea; how to compass the fall, the ruin, the impeachment of Walpole.

  6. Instructions from counties and boroughs were coming up as in the days of the impeachment of Walpole.

  7. The Senators shall hold their places during good behaviour, removable only by conviction on impeachment for some crime or misdemeanor.

  8. There shall be a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who together with the other Judges thereof, shall hold the office during good behaviour, removable only by conviction on impeachment for some crime or misdemeanor.

  9. An impeachment he said would be no cure for this evil, as an impeachment would reach misfeasance only, not incapacity.

  10. He shall hold his place during good behavior, removeable only by conviction upon impeachment for some crime or misdemeanor.

  11. We all know, also, that after the Impeachment Trial a witness was taken into custody; but it was simply the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House.

  12. Any biography that does not develop the traits, the qualities, of this invisible entity is of no value.

  13. Impeachment proceedings from the trial of Warren Hastings to the present time have proved unsatisfactory.

  14. But, however individuals differed on the question of impeachment proceedings, the general attitude was that the Attorney-General should take steps, if such course were practical, to have the order granting Ruef a rehearing set aside.

  15. That is why impeachment proceedings will not be instituted.

  16. Some of the ablest men in the State urged impeachment proceedings.

  17. Cartwright of Fresno introduced a resolution requesting the Assembly--where impeachment proceedings must originate--to take such steps as might be deemed necessary for investigation of the Supreme Court's conduct.

  18. They were intended as the foundation for an impeachment of a part of the commissioners of the land office.

  19. Pen's impeachment was brought into the House of Lords to-day; and spoke with great kindness of him: and that the Lords would not commit him till they could find precedent for it, and did incline to favour him.

  20. Harman set at liberty; and Brouncker put out of the House, and a writ for a new election, and an impeachment ordered to be brought in against him, he being fled!

  21. There is no impeachment of his honour in the supposition.

  22. Towards the end of February articles of impeachment were drawn up against the Lord Chancellor, Bolton, Dr.

  23. The impeachment and attainder of Strafford occupied the great part of March and April, 1641, and throughout those months the delegates from Ireland assisted at the pleadings in Westminster Hall and the debates in the English Parliament.

  24. After a single indecisive campaign, the King entertained the overtures of the Covenanters, and the memorable Long Parliament having met in November, one of its first acts was the impeachment of Strafford for high crimes and misdemeanors.

  25. The first we hear of him is a sudden appearance in the Parliament of January 1435, when he made a fiery and violent speech, ending by an impeachment of the King himself for injustice and robbery.

  26. Sir, I look back with pleasure to the time when we unanimously declared our disapprobation of the impeachment of the Earl of Strafford.

  27. Now, sir, with regard to the impeachment of the five members, it is really a little extraordinary to hear the honourable opener talking of the violence offered by the king, and the terror of the parliament.

  28. And this, indeed, was the crime charged upon Cicero, and this impeachment he was summoned to answer.

  29. An aged delegate moved to lay that proposal on the table, saying: My understanding is that impeachment is a judicial proceeding and that Senators are acting under an oath.

  30. District Court of Kansas--His subsequent impeachment and resignation--Letters of General John M.

  31. Trumbull received his quota of abuse and vilification for his vote against impeachment from small-minded newspapers and local politicians.

  32. Stanton wrote a note to the President saying that inasmuch as impeachment had failed he had relinquished the War Department and had left the contents thereof in charge of the senior Assistant Adjutant-General.

  33. If four more should join with the three, impeachment would fail.

  34. The other was that impeachment was a political proceeding which the whole people were as competent to decide as the Senate.

  35. This was a direct and palpable bribe; but there was no troublesome and meddlesome Opposition in the House of Commons in those days to demand the production of papers, and the impeachment of corrupt ministers.

  36. Charles went so far as to send the Lord Keeper Coventry, a most pliant courtier, to inform the Lords that he would of his own knowledge clear the duke, the duke himself reserving his defence till after the impeachment by the Commons.

  37. But now the impeachment of Buckingham by the Commons was brought up to the Lords.

  38. The Government, to divert the attention of the people from this flimsy pretence of eventual restoration, ordered the impeachment of Lord Wentworth, the late governor of the castle and of the Rysbank, on a charge of cowardice and treason.

  39. It may surely be assumed that the impeachment of Warren Hastings would have been made even if Major Scott had been as wise and discreet as he proved himself to be unwise and indiscreet.

  40. Burke was, somewhat incomprehensibly, anxious that the name of Francis should be placed upon that Committee of Impeachment to which Burke had already been nominated as the first member by Pitt.

  41. Burke entered upon the impeachment of Warren Hastings at the zenith of his great career, at the moment of his greatest glory.

  42. The only method of preventing him from resisting impeachment by force, is an awakening of the people to the fact that the final battle against reviving rebellion is yet to be fought at the polls.

  43. Before Congress meets in November, he will doubtless have followed it up by others which will make his impeachment a matter of certainty.

  44. His advisers are conspirators, and they have so wrought on his vulgar and malignant nature that the question of his impeachment has now come to be merged in the more momentous question whether he will submit to be impeached.

  45. He was one of the managers on the part of the House of Representatives in the impeachment proceedings which were instituted against Johnson.

  46. There was but one method and that was by impeachment and removal of the President.

  47. There were no less than five attempts at impeachment during the next year.

  48. At first it seemed to the public that the impeachment proceedings were merely the culmination of a struggle for the control of the army.

  49. The drift toward impeachment was due in part to the legislative reaction against the executive, and in part to Johnson's own opposition to reconstruction and to his use of the patronage against the radicals.

  50. The desired occasion for impeachment was furnished by Johnson's attempt to get Edwin M.

  51. The impeachment was rushed to trial by the House managers and was not ended until the decision was taken by the votes of the 16th and 26th of May.

  52. The eleven articles of impeachment consisted of summaries of all that had been charged against Johnson, except the charge that he had been an accomplice in the murder of Lincoln.

  53. As the trial went on, the country began to understand that the impeachment was a mistake.

  54. The presidential campaign was beginning to take shape even before the impeachment trial began.

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