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Example sentences for "bail"

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  1. They were then taken to Lord Mansfield's chambers, who expressed the same sentiments; stating that he could neither take bail nor discharge them while parliament was sitting.

  2. Later, this was changed for two stumps, first of 1 foot and then of 22 inches high, 6 inches apart, with a bail and a popping crease.

  3. A second application for release on bail was made for us to the court of Queen’s Bench, in April, but it was refused.

  4. Bail was offered for us by our counsel, but no bail would be taken.

  5. Downing and others who were out on bail were put in the dock too.

  6. Bail has been given for costs and everything is right.

  7. We have all signed the bail bonds for costs in your suit with C.

  8. Since Willoughby persistently neglected to send Pepperell's bail bonds to England, the Royal Company finally reported the matter again to the king.

  9. The company's factors at once went bail for Pepperell.

  10. The bail bonds against Pepperell were not withdrawn, and therefore he stood in as great danger of prosecution as ever.

  11. I will give you as good bail as any man; give me leave to speak with Mr. Tryon.

  12. Philip and Mary, regulating bail so as to prevent justices admitting prisoners to bail collusively.

  13. As soon as the bail was given, Appius also sent a message to the decemvirs in command of that army, ordering them to refuse leave of absence to Virginius.

  14. But he wouldn't bail 'Arry, and I couldn't blame him.

  15. I told him I was Mrs. Rodman, and then he said a young man called Henry Mutimer had got locked up for making a disturbance outside a music hall, and he'd sent to my husband to bail him out.

  16. We might as well bail now as after daylight.

  17. Of course some water will still leak in around the bottom cot, but we can bail out down to that point.

  18. I fell out and had to roll it over and bail it out two or three times.

  19. Didn't you have your hat with you to bail with?

  20. Cracky, but we had Pee-wee so crazy that he'd bail up a can of water out of one end of the boat and empty it in the other end.

  21. When the tide begins turning you won't have to bail so fast.

  22. On the contrary, he had taken the law into his own hands, and must therefore find bail to answer the assault at the Quarter Sessions.

  23. The magistrate said he did not understand the word frisking as applied in this case, and ordered the ungallant linendraper to find bail for his appearance at the sessions.

  24. Simeon Buck and Bob Briggs were then ordered to find bail for the general riot; and Mr. Frederic W.

  25. She was ordered to find bail for her appearance at the Sessions, and Mr. O'Flinn said he should certainly prosecute her; but the magistrate told him he thought it would be better to let such an affair pass over without further notice.

  26. Their worships, however, commented severely upon their misdeeds, and ordered that they should put in good and sufficient bail for their appearance at the Quarter Sessions, there to answer to five distinct indictments for assault.

  27. The gallant Turncock persisted in this generous forbearance, and he was held to bail to answer for the loving assault at the ensuing Sessions.

  28. His worship had no faith in the honour of Mr. Walters, and he was ordered to find bail for the assault, in default whereof he was handed over to the gaoler.

  29. The magistrate, however, was of a different opinion, and ordered him to find bail for his appearance to answer it at the sessions.

  30. The magistrate laughed at this curious distinction in Patrick Saul's Irish law; and, after some further investigation, he was ordered to find bail for the assault only.

  31. They were nevertheless held to bail for their appearance at the sessions; and, doubtless, should they ever be taken with an oyster fit again, they will try to get it over earlier.

  32. And, though Niles held a long conference with Holmes and his party before the bail bond was signed, it proved to be impossible for the court to decline to accept it.

  33. Once he was free, as he was when the bail bond was signed, Jamieson wasted no time.

  34. Then we'll get the judge to sign the bail bond, and I'll get out.

  35. Theoretically, he is a prisoner, although of course he will be able to arrange for his own release on bail as soon as he finds some friend who owns property in this county.

  36. Minister here that bail has been accepted; my father being bound to appear before the "Court of Correctional Police" on Monday next.

  37. He was held to bail before the Chief Justice of the King's Bench, not to fight Mr. Peel; and since that time declined any further meetings of the sort.

  38. If I will you go bail that the master will never put me into any other field but that?

  39. He even tendered his own bail for his reappearance to be hanged, as soon as, by performing an act of signal justice towards the plagiarist, he had vindicated that fame which, he said, was of more value to him than life.

  40. Then addressing Mary: "This is the gentleman who is going to bail Mr. Marshall.

  41. I signed your name to some kind of a bail bond!

  42. Sommers had retained Mr. Bollman, the attorney for Bucholz, for the purpose of having his bail reduced in order to effect his release from imprisonment.

  43. A short time after this, Sommers complained of the length of his confinement, and wished that he might have his bail reduced, in order to effect his deliverance.

  44. Active measures were at once begun, the friends of Sommers were written to; another interview was had with the State's attorney, and sufficient reasons were offered for a reduction in the amount of the bail under which he was held.

  45. Pickering didn’t see me, for one thing; and for another he wouldn’t go bail for you or me if he did.

  46. I’d like to make the acquaintance of a few representative Americans,—I may need them to go bail for me.

  47. The rest were to bail out the boat, for it was needful to keep bailing nearly all the time.

  48. Above the ceaseless din and thunder of the roaring water Jack Baldwin’s voice could be heard singing out his orders to the oarsmen, and now and then to the others: “Bail her out smartly, lads!

  49. On May 6th a rule nisi was granted in the Bail Court to compel the Company to proceed with the works in accordance with their original contract with the public.

  50. In the Bail Court on the same date Mr. Kelly obtained rules nisi calling upon fourteen persons to show by what authority they took upon themselves to act as Aldermen.

  51. They seemed very angry and asked who I supposed would "go my bail or pay my fine.

  52. When they explained these things to me, I said I had done nobody any harm, and why should I need to have bail or pay a fine?

  53. Also the canoe was leaking till she was dead logy, and the gusts were so fierce I could not stop paddling to bail her.

  54. I was just going to say I could not see where it had come from, seeing I had packed the wagon myself, and I would have gone bail there was no bottle in it.

  55. I can afford to dress my little wife in the best that comes.

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