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Example sentences for "impatiently"

Lexicographically close words:
impassiveness; impassivity; impasto; impatience; impatient; impe; impeach; impeachable; impeached; impeaches
  1. The wind again played mad pranks with Lottie's hair as she at last stood impatiently on the piazza, and then dashed off through the snow to meet them.

  2. Lottie after a moment, tapping the floor impatiently with her foot.

  3. At last she impatiently sent it flying across the room, and went to the window.

  4. Lottie, impatiently tapping the floor with her foot.

  5. Tessier impatiently how long her state might continue.

  6. Not at all, little one," rather impatiently exclaimed the other.

  7. Now Citrinus and Mary and I are all waiting impatiently for the day when he shall get his beautiful wings and his two pairs of eyes.

  8. He strode impatiently to the table and took up one of the illustrations Katherine had been working at.

  9. Meanwhile Hardy was striding up and down the drawing-room, waiting impatiently for Audrey.

  10. The little Doctor rubbed his nose impatiently and seemed sorry he had spoken.

  11. When she had gone, he lit a cigarette and walked impatiently up and down the terrace, a heavy frown wrinkling his brows.

  12. These reflections darted through his brain with the speed of lightning, and still stirred his heart when he was ushered into the impluvium, where the magistrates were impatiently awaiting the owner of the house.

  13. I meant to commit a crime, and you know how impatiently passion sweeps me along.

  14. The horses are stamping impatiently outside; duty summons the most faithful of men, and he stands like a prophet, indulging in mysterious sayings!

  15. Impatiently he turned from the spot, with that gnawing sickness of the heart which none but the jealous know.

  16. After a brief examination, he tells himself impatiently that they are somewhat muddled, or have, at least, been attended to in a most slovenly manner.

  17. Roger, impatiently staring up from the sward beneath at Dulce's charming, wicked little face.

  18. She is looking down now, and is tapping the ground impatiently with her foot.

  19. He moves his head impatiently from side to side, but gains nothing by this, as the cobweb is apparently of an affectionate disposition, and goes with him wherever he listeth.

  20. What the people had desired and impatiently demanded forty-eight hours before, they now feared, and that was the arrival of the instructions due from Rio de Janeiro.

  21. He laid his hand lightly against the rose-flush of her cheek, but she jerked it impatiently aside.

  22. Himself an expert flier, he was fuming impatiently at his helplessness.

  23. The stick waggled impatiently as though signalling Tim that his attention was needed.

  24. We dry the sand, and then blow it away," he explained; and strode back to where his companion was impatiently waiting.

  25. We snapped at each other impatiently at times; and once or twice came near to open quarrelling.

  26. We hunted up Johnny, still at his faro game; but he positively and impatiently declined to accompany us.

  27. Tom and Bob were waiting impatiently when Henry Burns arrived at the tent.

  28. Joe and Arthur Warren were waiting impatiently to trim the jib-sheets, and then--and then George Warren took their breaths away.

  29. He stopped and looked impatiently as he heard the postman call after him.

  30. Culver waved his hand towards a drawer in the office table, and moved impatiently over to a window, the view from which commanded a section of the street, including the bank.

  31. They were late in arriving at the theatre because the cab could not get through Piccadilly, and Harry was impatiently expecting them in the foyer.

  32. Why,' Leonora exclaimed, her excitement straining impatiently in the leash, 'The Blue Danube!

  33. He thought of it impatiently the next morning, while trying a horse on the Champs Elysees--when he suddenly found himself face to face with his former secretary, Vautrot.

  34. Near the end of May, one of these occasions, always impatiently awaited on both sides, presented itself, and M.

  35. Esther impatiently called her a blockhead, and entreated me to let her ask another question.

  36. Absorbed in my thoughts, and having resolved in my own mind on rendering brilliant homage to her charms, I waited impatiently for the end of the mass.

  37. She wrote to say that she was impatiently expecting me.

  38. I feel certain that you will answer me, and that you will guess how impatiently I am waiting for your letter.

  39. It proved a very lucky inspiration of mine, for, when I arrived home, I found the three friends waiting impatiently for me in order to impart to me wonderful news which M.

  40. I called on Madame R----, who had been awaiting me impatiently ever since Victorine had brought news of me.

  41. Knowing Goudar to be a greater rascal than Medini, I did not believe a word he said; and I waited impatiently for the end of the game.

  42. She turned impatiently away and walked to the other end of the terrace.

  43. She shook her head impatiently and came near enough to lay her fan on his arm with a strong pressure.

  44. She spoke impatiently and with severity; this was the first allusion she had made to the party of tomorrow.

  45. Evgenie Pavlovitch was silent, but Hippolyte kept his eyes fixed upon him, waiting impatiently for more.

  46. Some of her guests suspected that she must be ill; but concluded at last that she was expecting something, for she continued to look at her watch impatiently and unceasingly; she was most absent and strange.

  47. He did not seem to understand, though I impatiently repeated the pantomime.

  48. I last saw George striding impatiently up and down the platform of the Rochester station, watch in hand.

  49. An officer, the same who had just spoken, again impatiently demanded, this time in a higher and more threatening key, "A last time!

  50. Therefore, in all his plans for revenge upon those who he was determined should feel the weight of his wrath, Ah-mo was included; and he impatiently awaited a fitting time for the carrying out of his evil designs.

  51. So they impatiently watched the passing of the hours that brought him nearer to them, and beguiled the time by talking of him.

  52. Already fires were lighted on the bank above, and the earlier arrivals were impatiently awaiting the liquor for which they had been willing to barter a highly prized captive.

  53. But even then they were not satisfied, and men crowded the wharf, impatiently awaiting the arrival of the evening boat from the city, that they might obtain the latest news.

  54. That they were determined to stand by Jake was most evident, and they impatiently waited for word that would stir them to action.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "impatiently" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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