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Example sentences for "impatience"

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impassive; impassively; impassiveness; impassivity; impasto; impatient; impatiently; impe; impeach; impeachable
  1. He bore with impatience his subjection to the Duke of Burgundy, and in endeavouring to shake it off, his first step was to rebuild his old castle, and put it in a condition to defy every attack.

  2. My rude impatience met with a rebuke that it perhaps deserved.

  3. Adolphe said nothing; and when he was baiting his hook, Theophrastus said, with a touch of impatience in his tone, "Well?

  4. In spite of the horror with which the relics of a man who had committed so many crimes should have inspired me, I could hardly contain myself in my impatience to see and touch them.

  5. The color in the older man's cheeks grows a shade deeper, and a gesture, as full of impatience as of displeasure, escapes him.

  6. She beats her foot with quick impatience against the ground.

  7. I am all impatience to learn the wonderful accident which has procured the pleasure of your arrival, and that is why I have come to you here, where no one can intrude upon us.

  8. I am burning with impatience to test its charms.

  9. With the utmost pleasure," replied the Sultan; "and as I am all impatience to see the sister of such accomplished young men you may expect me the day after to-morrow.

  10. She feigned an angry impatience with the condition of things; but when her father went out, she joined her mother in earnest conjectures as to what Ben had on his mind.

  11. I've hurried to your office in all the impatience of friendship.

  12. Come in," she whispered, coloring with pleasure under his gaze; and she made haste to shut the door after him, with a luxurious impatience of the cold.

  13. My friend," she said, "I have observed your impatience about your book.

  14. He was conscious of a little contempt for this dilettante sort of Labour Unionism, and he was further conscious of a feeling of impatience and embarrassment at Captain Jack's presence.

  15. Under the strain Mr. Maitland's boring eyes and increasing impatience the Doric flavour of McNish's speech grew richer and more guttural, varying with the intensity of his emotion.

  16. The Count waited with impatience for the period of this terrible interview.

  17. But Barbara, having a fierce impatience of nonentities in general unless they chanced to be animals instead of human beings, felt critical when her eyes fell upon the good lady's expansive red bosom.

  18. I see he's dying with impatience to go and find her, and claim a champion's reward!

  19. None the less, a wretched heartless impatience fretted me at being thus helplessly hemmed in by my fellow creatures.

  20. But neither their beauty nor their impatience had the least effect with the waiter, who prolonged the dinner at his pleasure, and alarmed the Marches with the misgiving that they should not have time for the final palace on their list.

  21. The baron suppressed a movement of impatience and continued: "Listen to me, Lupin.

  22. Valenglay stamped his foot with the impatience of a man who likes to see his wishes realized on the spot: "And yet .

  23. Without knowing it, she showed her impatience to be alone, and in a few minutes Dawson Farley discreetly took his leave.

  24. There was a shade of impatience in his manner, though it was fairly polite.

  25. An instance of General Toombs' impatience under red-tape rules may be recalled.

  26. This letter betrays the impatience of General Toombs over any mismanagement.

  27. Belle joined her sister, and greeted her with great effusiveness, looking ready to champion her against the world; but they at last quieted her, and waited with trembling impatience and wonder for the outcome of Roger's mission.

  28. Mildred Jocelyn knew that all were waiting for her; she instinctively felt the impatience she did not see, and yet could not resist listening to some honeyed nonsense that her "friend" was saying.

  29. In his impatience to secure this four-wheeled compendium of happiness he had mortgaged his future, and had promised his father to plant and cultivate larger areas.

  30. More than once Roger heard her speak to Belle and the children with a sharpness and impatience which proved her not angelic.

  31. As the days passed without orders for the front, impatience and disappointment grew.

  32. He smiled, rather foolishly, at his visitor; and Chandler felt a sharp wave of irritation, of impatience sweep over his good-natured soul.

  33. The sleepy, old-world atmosphere cast its spell about them; Marcia's tantalizing humour and Paul's impatience fell away.

  34. She looked down at her plate with a little shiver, and she sat through the rest of the meal in an agony of impatience to get up and move about.

  35. There was, this time, a suggestion of impatience in her touch.

  36. The remark Johnson absurdly made of Richardson's masterpiece is exactly true of his own Rasselas: "If you were to read it for the story {197} your impatience would be so fretted that you would hang yourself.

  37. When you expressed your impatience to be informed of the dramatic amusements in Paris, I promised to satisfy you as soon as I was able; for I knew that you would not be contented with a superficial examination.

  38. I have therefore to check my impatience for a week longer.

  39. Shortly after, however, he thought it so important, that he urged its execution with the only movement of impatience he exhibited during the whole of that day.

  40. In their impatience they insulted the minister of Napoleon; they sharpened their swords on the threshold of his gate.

  41. His star at that time enlightened his path: happy had it been for him, if he had not afterwards mistaken the movements of his impatience for the inspirations of genius.

  42. The anxiety of the emperor increased; the impatience of the soldiers became more difficult to be repressed.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "impatience" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    alacrity; animation; anxiety; appetite; avidity; eagerness; elan; excitement; flower; fretfulness; fretting; gust; gusto; haste; hastiness; impatience; impulsiveness; keenness; lather; life; liveliness; precipitation; promptness; qualm; quickness; rashness; readiness; recklessness; restlessness; spirit; stew; suddenness; sweat; uneasiness; verve; vitality; vivacity; zest