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Example sentences for "eagerness"

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  1. At last it became necessary to subdue the enemy's eagerness somewhat, and the leading lines dropped down on the veldt and opened fire on the invisible Boers.

  2. About L1,500 worth had been bought in Kroonstad, the traders this time, all smiles and bows, tumbling over each other and quoting lower and lower prices each day, in their eagerness to sell.

  3. Captain Maguire joined us here from England, looking very cheery, and full of keenness and eagerness to see some of the show before it was all over.

  4. Since obviously you are all eagerness to tell, why should I ask?

  5. You conceive, of course, my eagerness to do so.

  6. Soon the president came, others following, crowding out into the portico, jostling one another in their eagerness to hear the news.

  7. As she began to realize how much she had been swept into saying by her eagerness to make him realize his error, a sudden fear came creeping into her eyes.

  8. That next day they knew they would reach the river town, and had to time themselves so as not to get there before dark, in spite of the eagerness for news.

  9. Polly was all eagerness at once, and her hostess was no less interested.

  10. In his mind he saw it all--saw his brother come running in his eagerness to the gates of Godolphin Court, and then dark forms resolve themselves from the surrounding darkness and fall silently upon him.

  11. Meanwhile Rosamund in her eagerness had advanced until she stood at Sakr-el-Bahr's elbow.

  12. Impatiently he awaited the morning and the coming of Sakr-el-Bahr himself, but he no longer awaited it with the ardent whole-hearted eagerness as of a father awaiting the coming of a beloved son.

  13. But he felt it his duty to guard her against any possible results of indiscretion into which her eagerness and her theory of the equality, almost the identity, of the sexes might betray her.

  14. In his eagerness to help and solace, the Abbot even sent forth messengers to bring in the fugitives to refuge.

  15. Indeed his eagerness became a visible disorder, and, seeing him mingle freely with the other dragomans, Iskender went in hourly fear of indiscretions.

  16. Once on horseback, his eagerness again became active, and, in a measure, practical.

  17. In his eagerness he opened the breech of his gun to substitute fresh cartridges containing the smallest shot he had, but Panton arrested him.

  18. They hurried across this desolate band, for the wall of mist was but a short distance in advance, and a curious feeling of eagerness attacked the party, even to the two sailors.

  19. The whole army are looking forward with the greatest eagerness for the order to retire.

  20. It is all very well to order men to fire slowly, a soldier's natural eagerness when he sees his enemy opposite to him will impel him to load and fire as quickly as possible.

  21. Indeed, it is a wonder that serious accidents have not occurred owing to the eagerness with which the maddened animals struggle and fight to get to the water.

  22. When a shark was caught and hauled up, "Bonaparte with the eagerness of a schoolboy scrambled on the poop to see it.

  23. But it was just this eagerness of the Czar and the Prussians to reach Paris which kept alive Austrian fears.

  24. He very properly refused to do this; and, despite his eagerness to come to an arrangement and end the misfortunes of France, referred the matter to his master.

  25. Leaving the precious cargo with him, and telling him that I purposed immediately visiting the public library, he seemed astonished at my eagerness about books--and asked me if I had ever published any thing bibliographical?

  26. On my second call, I found him busied in unpacking some baskets of seaweed, yet reeking with the briny moisture; and which he handled and separated and classed with equal eagerness and facility.

  27. Hope and eagerness sprang up in her eyes then.

  28. But then, again, a bewilderment seemed to take hold of him, for even as he touched Valentine's hand he looked at him askance, and the eagerness died away from his face.

  29. The eyes, that looked at the doctor and looked away by swift turns, burned with a haggard eagerness unutterably different from their former bright vivacity.

  30. She had lost all self-consciousness now, and in her eagerness of fear, wonder, and curiosity seemed tormented by the veil of yellow hair that was flopping in frizzy strands round her face and over her eyes.

  31. This manipulator had kept her long to one set of motions, stiff pleading arm, anxious head, interrogative joints, and a strut of wolfish eagerness and hunger.

  32. The stranger showed eagerness at once, and putting up the cash went at it.

  33. Slight as the incident was, it showed that inborn chivalry to women, that desire for the Perfect Life, that intense eagerness to incarnate Christianity in modern society, which afterward distinguished him.

  34. His pent-up eagerness to denounce the present methods of Christianity, his fullness of utterance, defeated his purpose.

  35. With great eagerness she had paid her fee and entered the express elevator to go shooting upward toward the stars.

  36. In her eagerness Jeanne had her hand on the little man's shoulder.

  37. It had the contours and the bloom of a peach, and under her slouch hat her eyes, large and wonderfully wide apart, shone out with candour and young eagerness for life.

  38. Young Mr. Ellerton was all eagerness to see Miss Howel-Jones all the way home again.

  39. This is evidenced by the eagerness with which our annual tourists leave their ceiled chambers, in the luxurious cities, to encamp in the wilderness of the Adirondacks or the Rocky mountains.

  40. The Indians, by their gestures and shouts of defiance, gave unmistakable evidence of their eagerness for the fight.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "eagerness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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