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  1. Yes; a very agreeable and eloquent gentleman," replied the lady, wishing to correct the skipper's statement while seeming to assent to it.

  2. To supersede meant to set aside: he could not bring himself to assent to this statement.

  3. This assent must be given in such wise as the assenting and dissenting voices may not be distinguished (i.

  4. The vice or the passion will enlarge itself by degrees until all power of resistance is removed; and the heart becomes a victim to the impetuosity of an evil principle to which no assent of the will ever should have been given.

  5. Phelim, she concluded with all the sagacity of a woman thinking upon that subject, had winked at her to assent only for the purpose of getting themselves out of the scrape for the present.

  6. Mrs. Doran could not, with any regard to the delicacy of her sex, give an assent without proper emotion.

  7. Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, / And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer.

  8. Knowledge being to be had only of visible and certain truth, error is not a fault of our knowledge, but a mistake of our judgment, giving assent to that which is not true.

  9. Tract, and in closing the series; but, not only did I not assent inwardly to any condemnation of it, but I opposed myself to the proposition of a condemnation on the part of authority.

  10. I considered that Mr. Keble met this difficulty by ascribing the firmness of assent which we give to religious doctrine, not to the probabilities which introduced it, but to the living power of faith and love which accepted it.

  11. He would not dare to do this, if he knew an authority, which was supreme and final, was watching every word he said, and made signs of assent or dissent to each sentence, as he uttered it.

  12. With the assent of the President, and at the request of the General, the headquarters of the armies of the United States will be established at St. Louis, Missouri, in the month of October next.

  13. We discussed all the probabilities, among which was, whether, if Johnston made a point of it, I should assent to the escape from the country of Jeff.

  14. Wilamowitz-Möllendorff, are admittedly hopeless unless we assent to the hypothesis that the person responsible for the final form of the poem possessed a written text; and we have seen that this hypothesis is open to grave objections.

  15. It is surprising to see how this principle appears to have commanded the assent of Homeric scholars.

  16. But I cannot assent to the proposition that the Catalogue of Ships in itself must come from a written source.

  17. That is a view which would probably gain the assent of few scholars--even of those who believe that the Doloneia is not much later than the rest of the Iliad in its final form.

  18. And where a solution appears possible, the new logic provides a method which enables us to obtain results that do not merely embody personal idiosyncrasies, but must command the assent of all who are competent to form an opinion.

  19. To the early Greeks, to whom geometry was practically the only known science, it was possible to follow reasoning with assent even when it led to the strangest conclusions.

  20. She made a gesture of assent with her hand.

  21. This decided me, and nodding assent from the window, I hastened to prepare her for the ride.

  22. Entirely forgetful of the newness of his pants he knelt before her, and in heart-rending tones besought her to be gracious to his suit; and when she nodded assent to his wishes, rapturously kissed her hands.

  23. In political life he may sometimes have given too ready assent to the wishes of powerful politicians.

  24. Faith is, by some, only held as a bare assent that Jesus Christ came in the flesh.

  25. This first subject regards the degrees of evidences which are required in different cases, and the moral propriety of withholding the assent of the mind in the case of a want of evidence.

  26. You sincerely and cheerfully assent to the above proposition viz.

  27. But notwithstanding you cheerfully assent to this proposition, and can pronounce it most excellent!

  28. In 1030 Conrad waged a short war against Hungary, but here also he was obliged to assent to a cession of territory.

  29. Having supported Austria in the diet of the German confederation in June 1866, he refused, contrary to the wishes of his parliament, to assent to the Prussian demand that Hanover should observe an unarmed neutrality during the war.

  30. The Municipal Reform Bill passed on September 8th, and received the royal assent on the following day.

  31. The assent reached them in the autumn, authorizing them to form a church at Norwich or other place.

  32. I record this to show how little he was actuated by arrogance or presumption; I by no means assent to his opinion, on the contrary, I think he would have waited a very short time for occasion to exert his prominent talents.

  33. This, and the desire to lure the Poles into the creation of a national army which could be utilised by the German machine, were the reasons for the creation by Germany (with the assent of Austria) of the new country of Poland.

  34. Therefore, in practice, the Bundesrat makes the laws with the assent of the Reichstag.

  35. And when 'twas fated that he fall With a wide geographical sprawl, They signified assent by sounds Heard (faintly) at its utmost bounds.

  36. With your assent I've shown abundant precedent For introducing now, though late, New evidence to exculpate My client.

  37. To which I answered requiring her Grace to be contented, for I neither could nor would assent to any such her request.

  38. In the following years entries occur of works on Civil Law, and of some others being lent to the Master of King's College, Cambridge, and of their subsequent presentation to that house, with the assent of the Lords of the Council.

  39. So soon, then, as we see a miracle, we must either assent to it, or have striking proofs to the contrary.

  40. It is your own assent to yourself, and the constant voice of your own reason, and not of others, that should make you believe.

  41. The chiefs listened with the most apparent eagerness, and expressed their unanimous assent to the proposed plan, assuring General Brock that their co-operation, as pointed out, might be depended on.

  42. Less than your assent to this, no proposal will I accept of.

  43. In civil matters, such as the making of a contract, where the law requires the free assent of the person who undertakes the obligation, coercion is a ground for invalidating the instrument.

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