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concomitance; concomitant; concomitantly; concomitants; concord; concordances; concordant; concordats; concords; concours
  1. Cooper: A Concordance to the Poems of W.

  2. Ellis: A Lexical Concordance to the Poetical Works of S.

  3. In the time of this Riuals reigne was the citie of Rome builded, after concordance of most part of writers.

  4. Hence always is there more or less opposition between the church and what is called the spirit of the age, and their mutual concordance is never to be looked for so long as the world stands.

  5. And the concordance is not an ordinary one of words and names.

  6. True, I have not for these things fished in other men's waters; my Bible and Concordance are my only library in my writings.

  7. Her dream life seems in complete concordance with her waking condition; but this imaginative factor must be constantly borne in mind in reading her report of her dream life.

  8. Our Cambridge copy of the Concordance is bound up in 44 thick volumes.

  9. A most wonderful literary feat was achieved under the direction of the before-mentioned Emperor K'ang Hsi, when a general Concordance to the phraseology of all literature was compiled and published for general use.

  10. Word-concordances to the Bible and to Shakespeare are generally looked upon as no small undertakings, but what about a phrase-concordance to all literature?

  11. Concordance to phraseology of all literature, 65-69.

  12. The John Ferrar referred to as giving the Concordance to Charles II.

  13. It must not be thought that in the Concordance these extracts are printed straight off, as they read here.

  14. Until this unfinished Concordance was brought to light, it was always difficult to explain why four works were dated the same year.

  15. The Concordance was, however, rescued from an untimely fate.

  16. There does not appear to be any evidence to show that the King knew Nicholas Ferrar personally, before he first heard of the Concordance which was in daily use at Gidding.

  17. Nay,' answered Barnabas, 'the dog refused me a concordance in exchange.

  18. Now one might consult Cruden's 'Concordance of the Holy Scriptures' in vain for any hint of these idiosyncrasies of the author.

  19. It selects one definite system of congruence embracing both space and time, and thus explains the concordance as to measurement which is in practice attained.

  20. The object of this Concordance is to present the entire Scriptures under a certain classified and exhaustive heads.

  21. No tree of all the forest is more enduringly established in concordance with climate and soil.

  22. Hatch and Redpath have compiled a new Concordance to the Septuagint; but a modern grammar and lexicon are still "felt wants.

  23. Solomon Mandelkern has published a new Concordance to the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament.

  24. Authors of "The Concordance to Shakespeare," &c.

  25. Forming a Companion to "The Complete Concordance to Shakespeare.

  26. He was the first to publish a concordance of the Bible,[17] to be followed nearly two centuries later by the work of Alexander Cruden, whose name has almost become a synonym for a concordance.

  27. A charming appendix to the index consists of "Dicta Philosophi: A Concordance of Johnson's Sayings.

  28. In the latter, it is impossible to be otherwise, since friendship is founded on an harmony of temper, on a concordance of sentiments and manners, on habits of confidence, and a mutual exchange of favours.

  29. Another important work of modern scholarship is the Concordance to the Greek Testament, edited by the Rev.

  30. The Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament, and the Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance, are books intended to put the results of the above-mentioned works at the service of those who know little Hebrew or Greek.

  31. London bookseller, born and educated in Aberdeen, published his Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, to which is added a concordance to the books called Apocrypha.

  32. The Hebraischen und chaldaischen Concordanz zu den Heiligen Schriften Alten Testaments (Leipzig, 1840) carried forward the development of the concordance in several directions.

  33. In 1550 also appeared Walter Lynne's translation of the concordance issued by Bullinger, Jude, Pellican and others of the Reformers.

  34. This concordance was the basis of two which succeeded in time and importance, one by Conrad of Halberstadt (fl.

  35. A Concordance to the Septuagint was published at Frankfort in 1602 by Conrad Kircher of Augsburg; in this the Hebrew words are placed in alphabetical order and the Greek words by which they are translated are placed under them.

  36. The Interpreting Concordance to the New Testament, edited by James Gall, shows the Greek original of every word, with a glossary explaining the Greek words of the New Testament, and showing their varied renderings in the Authorized Version.

  37. It is a black-letter volume entitled The Concordance of the New Testament most necessary to be had in the hands of all soche as delyte in the communicacion of any place contayned in ye New Testament.

  38. The first concordance to the English version of the New Testament was published in London, 1535, by Thomas Gybson.

  39. This was followed by Stephen's concordance (1594) planned by Robert Stephens and published by Henry, his son.

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