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Example sentences for "congeniality"

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  1. In consequence of this condition in the early school, the teacher was held in almost universal awe, with no touch of congeniality with any pupil.

  2. Among those with whom he was brought by reason of scientific congeniality into touch were Agassiz, James Hall, state geologist of New York, Professor Bache, Professor Dana, Dr.

  3. She was to Claiborne an admirable wife, but there was little congeniality between her and Grymes.

  4. There is no congeniality between herself and brother; indeed, very little between her and any of her family.

  5. Though all were affectionate and social in their intercourse with each other, yet each had his favorites, because of greater congeniality in nature, more intense sympathies, and more continual intercourse.

  6. Congeniality to a Good Character the Right Measure.

  7. It is in these moments that men find in Nature that congeniality of spirit which they seek for in vain in their own species.

  8. But, my daughter, there would be hardly such a thing in the world as a happy couple, if happiness could not exist without that perfect congeniality of taste and opinions which you imagine to be so necessary.

  9. He formed acquaintance with those with whom Jane could not only have no congeniality of taste, but who must have excited in her emotions of the deepest repugnance.

  10. Never before had she ventured in the remotest way to allude to the total want of congeniality which she could not but perceive existed between her father and her mother.

  11. But this was sufficient, and served to conciliate the good will of the natives, with whom our congeniality of sentiment on this point did more towards inspiring a friendly feeling than anything else that could have happened.

  12. I had on more than one occasion got him out of scrapes into which this had led him; and I know not whether it was from this cause, or a certain congeniality of sentiment between us, that he had always shown a partiality for my society.

  13. There were many principles of congeniality at work to cause Franklin to open his heart so familiarly to Eliot, but one of the most active doubtless was their common love of good stories.

  14. They illustrate very strikingly how little dependent upon intellectual congeniality married happiness is, provided that there is a mutual sense of duty, mutual respect and a real community of domestic interests.

  15. Though weak in intellect and very vain, she was as obstinate as a mule, and, though moving in a different position from Martha Wood, there was a great congeniality of disposition between them.

  16. My colleague (Mr. CLAY) has asked for the congeniality between a bank and the collection of our revenue?

  17. At the foundation of all friendship lies congeniality of heart--a kindred feeling of which one often becomes conscious by instinct at first sight.

  18. What depths of congeniality the two young men must have discovered in one another; in what wonderful agreement they must have found themselves respecting the duty and destiny of the Hebrew people!

  19. How sad when hearts, otherwise congenial and loving, are severed on the one point on which congeniality is of deepest moment!

  20. It is remarkable, that notwithstanding their congeniality in politicks, he never was acquainted with a late eminent noble judge, whom I have heard speak of him as a writer, with great respect.

  21. Nothing wears better than good sense, and nothing is more essential to permanent congeniality and usefulness.

  22. The beginning is true, when the bond is sincerely assumed, and spirit and truth go fully together when the whole mind and heart agree in a congeniality without alloy and without misgiving.

  23. This cannot well be, unless the second principle named be observed, and due congeniality be found between the orphaned and the protector.

  24. This amazing congeniality of climate is supported by local advantages of equal if not greater importance.

  25. There is in its climate alone, a peculiar congeniality for the amelioration of wool, which has been found of itself to occasion in a few years, a very perceptible improvement in the fleeces of the coarsest description of sheep.

  26. The happy change, too, in his religious character, which had now taken place, led to a strong congeniality of feeling in the intercourse between him and his worthy host and hostess.

  27. And there was a passive congeniality between them, besides this active one.

  28. Andre and Julienne had long loved each other, and congeniality of disposition, parity of years, and health and strength, as well as a tolerably comfortable setout in the world, seemed to promise for them many years of happiness.

  29. He was gratified by my admiration of it, and this congeniality of taste soon led him to treat me with the confidence of an old friend.

  30. It denotes a state of affairs in which the interest of each in his work is uncoerced and intelligent: based upon its congeniality to his own aptitudes.

  31. Familiarity, common repute, and congeniality to desire are readily made measuring rods of truth.

  32. But in this Stranger's Head by the Unknown Hand, the abstract general excellence united with the all-surprising, accidental congeniality in producing an accumulated impression of power upon both Pierre and Isabel.

  33. What congeniality is there between those girls and myself?

  34. I have been but a poor companion for you; intellectually, you are far beyond me, and there has been little congeniality in our tastes and pursuits.

  35. Yet they will laugh to-day at the same things you will, and consequently there would be a most flattering congeniality between you.

  36. I claim that congeniality with you which I have found not among my own coevals.

  37. Madame Delong, though without fortune, had been extremely well educated, and the congeniality of their minds and characters had established between them the most tender and perfect union.

  38. This social employment, this active tranquillity, was the more striking from its contrast with the former habits of those present, and its congeniality with his own tastes.

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