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Example sentences for "concord"

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concolorous; concomitance; concomitant; concomitantly; concomitants; concordance; concordances; concordant; concordats; concords
  1. From St. Paul's School in Concord he migrated to the Sorbonne in Paris, and thence to Heidelberg and Munich, where he bathed in the newer Germanic philosophies.

  2. Successful at drawing forth a concord of sweet sounds, he continued to experiment upon everything which would emit musical vibrations.

  3. Over the turnpike went four-horse Concord stages, with berailed top and slanting boot in the rear for trunks and other baggage.

  4. He not only served at Concord but during the war; and his love of country shone as bright in the evening as in the morning of his days.

  5. The resolutions of Acton and Concord are full and explicit on this point.

  6. That he did in this manner: "Concord Fight.

  7. Of Concord it was alleged that not a drop of blood was lost on the occasion.

  8. That article was printed in the Yeoman's Gazette or the Concord Freeman.

  9. A feud had existed for many years between the towns of Concord and Acton each claiming the honors of the battlefield on that date.

  10. The resolutions of the neighboring towns of Concord express the views of Massachusetts towns.

  11. Early in the day Captain Davis with his company, enrolling about forty men, reached the northerly side of Concord River and took his proper position on the left of the line under command of Colonel Barrett.

  12. His speech at Concord was not of his best, and there are indications that his estimate of Emerson's supremacy as a philosopher and thinker subjected him to a degree of restraint which he could not overcome.

  13. The preceding year the town of Concord had celebrated the seventy-fifth anniversary of the battle.

  14. Concord furnished the ground, and Acton the men.

  15. It began in the Forties, when he honored me with his presence at the Concord Lyceum, where, for a period, I had an opportunity to speak.

  16. But even admitting the purpose of the Americans to make an attack, the village of Concord was most unfavorable.

  17. In 1836 Concord had erected a monument which Emerson has immortalized in his dedication hymn.

  18. A doubtful truce restored the appearances of concord till the death of Abu Taleb abandoned Mahomet to the power of his enemies, at the moment when he was deprived of his domestic comforts by the loss of his faithful and generous Cadijah.

  19. The Jews and Christians were the people of the Book; the Bible was already translated into the Arabic language, and the volume of the Old Testament was accepted by the concord of these implacable enemies.

  20. But the place has occasion for you," replied Abubeker; who expired with a fervent prayer, that the God of Mahomet would ratify his choice, and direct the Mussulmans in the way of concord and obedience.

  21. This important conquest had been achieved by the concord of the East and West; but their recent amity was soon imbittered by the mutual complaints of jealousy and pride.

  22. Sheep, cows and horses graze together in concord and agreement, but ferocious animals are never seen associating in love and fellowship.

  23. As we are agreed upon them, the certainty of unity and concord between Bahá’ís and Theosophists is most hopeful.

  24. After long trial and experience we are convinced of the harmful and satanic outcomes of dissension; now we must seek after means by which the benefits of agreement and concord may be enjoyed.

  25. If they investigate reality, neither enmity nor rancor will remain, and they will attain to the utmost concord among themselves.

  26. The divine purpose is that men should live in unity, concord and agreement and should love one another.

  27. The bond of union is evidenced in this assembly today, where the power of God has brought together in faith, agreement and concord those who are engaged in furthering the development of the human world.

  28. Resembles Concord in type of cluster and general appearance but is superior in the texture and flavor of the pulp.

  29. Underhill, Croton-on-Hudson, New York, from seed of Concord pollinated by Black Prince.

  30. Fruit ripens about with Concord or slightly later, an excellent keeper, in good condition some seasons until February.

  31. Fruit ripens earlier than Concord or in some seasons about with Worden, keeps fairly well.

  32. Miner; a white seedling of Concord with large, juicy, sweet, slightly foxy fruit; ripens shortly after Lady.

  33. One of these seedlings was named Concord and the variety was exhibited before the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in the fall of 1852.

  34. In the Chautauqua grape region there are six distinct types of soil upon which grapes are grown and the Concord is the leading grape on each of them.

  35. The following description was compiled from various sources: Vine hardy, resembles Concord except for foliage being much darker.

  36. The vine was set for a Concord, and is either a bud-sport of that variety or is some other sort that became accidentally mixed with the Concord vines.

  37. A seedling of Concord fertilized by Iona; raised in 1869 by C.

  38. In this age of knowledge our sympathetic imagination, to which alone we can look for the ultimate triumph of concord and justice, remains strangely impervious to information, however correctly and even picturesquely conveyed.

  39. He recovered, but not to serve again as a soldier of England; he returned no more to the red flag, but married Miss Polly and lived quietly in Concord until his death in 1790.

  40. In the "running fight" at Concord he did not fire his musket; but he was shot as he ran from the field and was carried, severely wounded, into a house where the stricken were being cared for.

  41. In the latter city she met Jean Ingelow, Frances Power Cobbe, John Stuart Mill, George Lewes, and others, who had known of the brilliant Concord coterie.

  42. The four sisters lived a merry life in the Concord haunts, notwithstanding their scanty means.

  43. It was a natural, graphic story of her three sisters and herself in that simple Concord home.

  44. Sirs, said Amadis, you rejoice me in what you say; for whatsoever is undertaken with such concord will have good issue.

  45. If it be said because of the inherent concord, we reply that there is a certain concord and consent in evil souls, a conformity of sentiment, in believing (as it is said) that temperance is folly and justice generous ignorance.

  46. And since the parts of the soul are many, in what proportion and synthesis, in what temperament of parts or concord of speculations, does beauty consist?

  47. Talk about a 'concord of sweet sounds,' what could be sweeter than the howls of those baseball rooters when you worked your double shoot on the Rockland batters and kept them fanning the breeze?

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