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  1. In fact, there is a kind of congruity and method even in fooling.

  2. These forms, selected by their congruity with gravity, are therefore fixed in nature, and become types.

  3. The cause of this congruity is the universal prevalence of the paternal system of descent.

  4. In the social organisation of all these peoples there is {220} thus originally a general congruity between the principle of local proximity and the principle of descent.

  5. Congruity pretends only to a sort of imperfect qualification for the gifts and reception of God's grace.

  6. If you carry grace of congruity to the gates of Heaven, I warn you it shall never bear you one step beyond.

  7. Grace of congruity is simply a variety of the old heresy of human merit.

  8. At the height of scholasticism realism gained its victory by syllogistically showing the congruity of its premises with certain fundamental dogmas of the Church, especially with the dogma of the unity and reality of the Godhead.

  9. This interpretative power of thought or congruity with reality is translated by metaphysical logic into identity.

  10. The congruity of thought with itself, judgments, conclusions, analyses, etc.

  11. What marvellous congruity and beauty is in the ways of God?

  12. And if worship in prayer carry not this character, and express not this honourable and glorious Lord, whom we serve, it wants that congruity and suitableness to him that is the beauty of it.

  13. The pleasure which strikes the soul must be derived from the beauty and congruity it sees or conceives in those things which the sight or imagination lay before it.

  14. For a moment his fantastic foppishness and his pretensions to ideal [87] vision seemed to fall into some intelligible congruity with each other.

  15. Thus the apocalypses passed out of use among the Jews, and, in some cases at least, have been preserved only by the Church, and only because of their congruity with Christian views.

  16. Mere congruity with a plausible theory of development will not serve to justify it.

  17. We simply note the studies which are most congruous with the special line selected, and by this congruity we shape our group.

  18. In the new aim, congruity of studies, adaptation to a professional purpose, takes precedence of harmonious development of powers.

  19. In this, as in other cases, the law of congruity is supreme.

  20. The chief cause of its success was the congruity of its teaching with the spiritual nature of mankind.

  21. One has such respect for the sublime imaginations which one knows are lurking behind "that cliff-like brow" that one struggles to find some sort of congruity in these strange gestures.

  22. Leisure first, and after leisure a certain pleasant congruity of background.

  23. When a man keeps his word, there is a certain congruity or consistency between the action and the occasion, between the making of a promise and its fulfilment; and wherever such congruity is discernible, the action is right.

  24. Fitness and Unfitness denote Congruity or Incongruity, and are necessarily a perception of the Understanding.

  25. For the purpose of effect he adapted proportions, realizing that perfect congruity and reality are irreconcilable.

  26. Thus, at the very first step, the alleged congruity between the order of generality and the order of evolution does not hold good.

  27. The alternative rendering "ambassador," while quite possible, has not congruity in its favour, and would be a recurrence to that very motive of official authority which he has just disclaimed.

  28. Nor is there in this principle anything inconsistent with the need for continual growth in congruity of nature with that land of light.

  29. The eager haste of the explanation destroys the congruity of the sentence, but he does not mind that.

  30. Only, if the result is to be a good picture, the subject must be in strict congruity with the talent employed upon it, and in the majority of these works this conformity is lacking.

  31. She is attired in transparent gold-inwoven robes, which have a caressing congruity with the resplendent texture of the background.

  32. For truth in the ordinary and scientific sense is received by a spontaneous, rather than chosen by a voluntary, act; and the apprehension of the same (belief) supposes a position of congruity rather than an act of obedience.

  33. So many and so remarkable are the coincidences, and these in parts of his works that I could not have seen--and so uniform the congruity of the whole.

  34. Logical congruity with the apprehended propensity is, in this view, adequate ground of procedure in building up a scheme of knowledge or of development.

  35. The notion of congruity works out in laws of resemblance and equivalence, in both of which it is plain to the modern psychologist that a metaphysical ground of truth, antecedent to and controlling empirical data, is assumed.

  36. But Manfred and his family are so essentially human, and their surroundings are so realistic, that the reader's sense of congruity is shocked by the introduction of a bleeding statue or a skeleton monk.

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